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I [F] have a boyfriend, but I orgasm when I get a massage. [25F]

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I’m not sure how regularly this occurs, but every time a man gives me a massage professionally, I catch myself entering in the middle of it. Something about being completely exposed and naked in front of another guy, and while my partner waits to find out, he grabs my ass and tits for a considerable amount of time… I have to cling onto the sheets and bury my head in the massage table to stop myself from crying every time it pushes me past my breaking point.

I usually come home wet because I know the next step will be for my boyfriend and I to strip, for him to thrust inside of me, and for me to tell him while having additional orgasms and moans about how the masseuse squeezed my ass and ran his hands up my legs and left them rest in specific places for too long, as well as what I was thinking and feeling and what I wish he had done to me.

I have massage orgasms with my lover, and we get closer every time. Even while getting massages from other guys is by far my biggest turn on and something we look forward to every week, I don’t want it to go further.

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