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I [F] fucked a pal in a park with my boyfriend and pet to pay off a debt. He then left us in the open for an hour. [23F]

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He had once lent his friend money, but he was unable to pay it back. He then suggested that we repay the debt by taking part in a “game,” which we agreed to.

He is aware of my frequent infidelity and the fact that I have a long-term partner with an abnormally large cock that I trained.

He took his car past our home before taking us to a park in a nearby tiny village.

He instructed us to remove our clothes and place them in the trunk before he arrived. He started physically bullying my lover as soon as he saw the cage I have him wear. I forced him to wait on his knees next to the car.

He forced me to lie down in a small park, well-lit by a street lamp, and then began viciously fucking me outside.

This strange phenomenon made me want to suck our friend’s balls, so I instructed my pet to go over and do it.

He poured cum in my face, wrote “free for all” on the backs of me and my pet, ordered us to obey, and then walked away after enjoying himself. After an hour, he returned, drove us home, and held our clothes up so that our neighbors could see us exit the car in our undies.

Both my partner’s empowerment and our friend’s denigration were combined in it.

He advised me to post this.

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