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I didn’t know that I married a cuckold (Real Arab story), Part 3

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And I would have to do the job! Mr. Karam welcomed me and stood looking at my body with lustful looks and offered me a drink. This was the beginning!
Karam was not shy at all and quickly put his drink on the table and walked over to me. He kissed me and soon his tongue was in my mouth and then he grabbed my breast and started squeezing it through the blouse, after that he untied the knot under my breasts and then pulled the blouse off my body exposing my breasts as he looked at my prominent nipples! I am very proud of my breasts and nipples. They serve to attract the attention of all men.
He started playing with my boobs and suckling on my nipples, then he reached down and put his hand between my thighs while caressing my pussy, he played with me for two minutes, then removed the belt of the mini skirt and threw it on the carpet. I was now naked in front of him and everything was going so fast.
Then he made me clap my hands together above my head to make sure my boobs were showing at the best angle and then started sucking on my nipples again! My nipples were very prominent and he loved to suck on them gently. Then he pushed his face into my armpits and started licking and sucking on it – apparently he had a bit of an obsession with my armpits. I was so glad I applied deodorant and washed under my arms. He found me so excited from licking my armpits and was amazed when he saw my fluids coming out of my pussy.
He told me we were going to eat at the hotel restaurant, but he wanted to have sex with me before we went to eat! I was expecting this and so, I nodded and got back on the bed then opened my legs wide revealing my very wet cunt to him. He didn’t need much effort and quickly undressed, dammit, he had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life, definitely way bigger than the last black dick I’ve ever endured!
He ascended to the bed and moved between my legs and pulled them up until they rested on his wide shoulder, lying down waiting for this huge penis entering! Well, he entered into my cake and although he was very nice, he slided inside me directly with one click and felt that his rough penis scratched the clitoris! Fortunately, he did not hurt me much. It started pumping into the cousin, it was a quick nick, then I felt that his penis was getting more in size – I knew he was about to put it in my vagina, the sound of the noise resulting from a cassi was very exciting. Ultimately, he withdrew and asked me to suck and clean it with my tongue. I knew that my husband wanted me to do this, that’s all the matter!
It was a very romantic generosity and the way he treated me with me, making me feel good! There was nothing to refer to being a prostitute! Karam suggested that I would want to shower before we went to eat our food, so I enjoyed the second bathroom for one day, I tried to remove all semen from my cake, but it seems that some of them will not run out easily. This was a concern for me because I had no trousers that would block his milk, which was certainly leaking from me while we were eating. I wore another blouse for the meal – this was also transparent and I could see my nipples clearly when I looked at the mirror, a short skirt and shoes, we went to the restaurant while clamping my arms in his arm. He treated me just like his wife (or better) and started enjoying the evening. We entered a special section of the restaurant where we were separate from the other guests, and while we were waiting for meals and drinks to arrive, he started talking to me in a very friendly way. I learned that he was married, but he did not take his wife on any of his commercial trips. He has two young children and loves to have sex with beautiful women! He asked me a lot of questions about me and Salem, including intimate details about our sexual life! I did not tell him everything, but I am sure that he realized that I was completely satisfied with my sexual life with Salem!…………

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