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I didn’t know that I married a cuckold (Real Arab story), Part 2

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Until that day came and Salem said to me in a very calm voice: My love, I was with my most important client and signed a very big contract with him that will change our lives once more, but he expected that I would get him a prostitute as a gift to sleep with her, can you go?
Of course I was very distraught and started to protest but Salem pointed his finger at me which meant I must have agreed and told me he wanted me to do this for him!
Of course I asked him why not send him a prostitute from the street but he told me he wanted a private person who knows how to handle this man properly and he can’t depend on prostitutes! Salem kept telling me that this would be good for his company and it wouldn’t hurt me anyway.
When I asked Salem when this was supposed to happen, he astonished me by saying: Tonight, my love, the man will be in our country until the end of the week, and you will stay with him until Monday while he is going to his plane, so that you can take your time and simplify it, and at that time I will be able to sign more contracts with him.
I wondered how my husband would see me as such a slutty woman, but after a truce I thought I could do it if Salem insisted. I asked Salem what I should wear and he helped me pick out some clothes to wear. They included two pairs of very sheer blouses and shirts that needed a bra underneath to hide my nipples, and several very short skirts which I have to admit looked pretty good on my body. I have long legs and short skirts show them off the best! He gave me a pair of very high heels and told me that was all I needed for the weekend. When I asked about a bra and panties, he told me that I will live with this client for the duration of his stay and he expects me to be available at all times especially since he is a very rambunctious guy.
The hotel was very impressive! I didn’t like the idea of being rude even if it was promoting my husband’s business but I have to! Salem helped me get ready and told me to make sure my legs and armpits were shaved! Salem helped me shave my legs – he often does (it’s one of his hobbies) and does it very well, after that I had a thorough shower and some scent on my body with several sprays and then I put on the see-through shirt my husband chose for me, it had two ties at my chest and when you tie them it becomes my chest Covered but revealing my nipples and a lot of naked flesh from under my breasts to my mini skirt. My belly button was clearly visible about halfway between the top and bottom of my clothes. After that I put on my little skirt and shoes and then Salem told me I was ready for the customer!
It all happened so suddenly I didn’t feel the speed of events. What kind of husband sends his wife to have sex with another man! Well, I guess there’s not much I can do about that!
It didn’t take long to get to the hotel, I knew the customer’s room number so I went straight to the elevator and pressed
On the button and Mr. Karam was called when the bell rang, he came to the door and welcomed me! He was about 40 years old, with a good build and a very happy face, he was black too! I did not expect this and did not know what to do. I didn’t want to have sex with a black man, I had had sex with a black man long before I knew Salem, and it hurt me so much because of his huge penis and I vowed never to have sex with a black man again! But this was difficult because I was here under the instructions of my husband and I would have to………………….
That’s the end for today guys so please follow me for new parts and if we got 50 upvote today I will post 3rd part tomorrow with the other story. love you ❤️🙏


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