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I did a naughty thing in an old man’s car…

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Like a dazzling white bullet train blitzing across the Japanese countryside, the long crumbling cigarette butt of the tall and slender young blonde sank into the hot mountainous concrete of the university campus, tumbling down its slightly slanted Californian surface. The first-year English student stood waiting behind the curb in her usual black two-piece, hidden inside a baggy and unzipped cream bomber jacket, whose reflective inner lining shimmered the golden rays of the sun deep into her tightly bounded breasts, her shocking blue eyes wavering across the hot slither of cars twisting and jerking along the honking and music-blasting desert road.

She spread open wide her sizzling jacket and displayed briefly to the pedestrians across the street her tight bare and toned abdomen within, painting the aluminium coating a pasty white against the black of her tank top, something she had always been self-conscious about – hence the heavy outerwear belonging to her late mother; there were a few stares from men, but only one of them was attractive enough to make her think for a brief moment that she was desirable. She quickly reached into a side pocket nestled within the metallic polyester, and flipping open the cigarette box, fingered the carton desperately while it was still inside the pocket; she pulled out her trembling empty hand and scratched out the black residue from underneath her dark crimson fingernails, and which for the ants must have rained onto the ground like volcanic ash.

She was on her summer break, and she thought of death. It was only a week ago that she had held her mother’s urn, an ornament that she had picked out herself. It was only a few days ago that it was finally filled.

Her pupils dotted from side to side at the other people around her waiting also for their pickups. Then she saw him speeding down the lane in his bright red corvette. She saw him looking desperately for her through his obnoxious dark square shades. He was driving as though in a getaway, twenty miles over the speed limit. He pulled up beside her and rolled down the window. She scowled, her eyes squinting from the paint’s glint.

“Do you have to drive so recklessly?”

The man’s jaw was sharp and big and built like a brick, and his skin was leather like his slick jacket, only a lighter shade and rougher, and his forehead was entrenched with dark and deep lines like a notebook. He was rugged all over. He chewed slowly while studying her cute little body: a mirror image of his late wife – but younger and fitter. His expression was savage and of lust. He thought to himself the many ways he could take her right now, right in this very moment – all of her; how hot it would be to fuck her in full view of everybody, in front of her classmates and all. He squeezed his growing bulge like the grip of a pistol.

“Get in.” Behind those bulky sunglasses she could just see the bubbling aggression inside him as he stared at her. She felt violated, and her heart quickened in anticipation for what was to happen between them when they returned home together: a dead and uncomfortable silence between them, wherein her mother once stood like gravity to keep them together. His eyes were like a snake and slithered up and down her entire frame, and between the crux of her pelvic region, wherein her tight pussy started to drip silently. He had not tasted a woman’s rose for months now, and he was starting to get hungry and delirious, losing sight of what was appropriate for a man his age, and he continued to stare down her long white throat and to her voluminous cleavage.

She caught him ogling her chest. The whiteness of her doll-like face burned pink all of a sudden. As though blinded by the sun, she looked down and seized the hot steel door handle haphazardly. She was scared, soft and self-conscious. The night after her mother was murdered, her stepfather had changed his demeanour towards her. It was as if her death had awakened something primal within him. She had initially thought it was grief – it still could be just grief – but deep down his warm eyes told her something different. She slumped into the passenger seat.

He brought out his padded wallet and spread its papery insides in front of her. “Money,” he said bluntly.

“I got it,” she replied.

“Do you want some?”

“Of course, I do.”

“You know what you have to do.” He excitedly let loose one button of his high-waist Levi jeans like a drunk opening a wine bottle.

She shook her head.

“You are not going to do it?” He said.

She shook her head again, blushing, and turned to the outside world, watching the numerous people walking by on the sidewalk, their footsteps in tune to her beating anxious heart. “Not here.”

This was not what he had expected from his stepdaughter, he was thinking. The beautiful remnant of his late wife, now as shy as a stray kitten. The youngest Miss America winner in history who could bring the whole of the country to its knees with her shimmering body.

This was Veronika Hicks, the girl he had longed for since he had first seen her on live television a few years ago, even going so far as moving to the East Coast and sleeping with her mother to get close to her – wooing her was no small feat. Now the woman was dead – not that she was not a good girlfriend, for she certainly was, but he had always had Veronika on his mind from day one.

“You are very pretty,” the older man said, resting his palm on her bare thigh.

She was wet. She wanted this. His hand stayed there for a while, his fingers slowly scratching the smooth surface of her glistening skin. He looked at her, and she felt his glare like the hot afternoon sun. It made her sweat, and her heart beat almost out of her mouth. She clamped her legs shut, and pulled down her miniskirt, stretching its fabric to its limit. As though he had foresaw her retreat, he clasped her trembling hand and pulled it towards his torso, dragging her arm in the process. Veronika’s little eighteen year old body suddenly pressed against him, and he felt overwhelmingly glad. The spotty stares of the students outside made it all the hotter as he smothered his face into her scalp, smelling her intoxicating rosy perfume. She felt the heavy thump of his shades upon her skull, and it was as though he had hit her with a fast thrown tennis ball.

She did not put up resistance, for she secretly enjoyed being rag dolled – her body craved it like a fish out of water – it was only the very fact that it was outside her university campus that made her squirm incessantly against his large bony hands; She hated being looked at, especially in such a vulnerable position as she had found herself in with her stepfather, whose hands groped her entire body.

“What’s up?” He said.

“Not here,” she said softly, trying desperately to hide herself underneath the dashboard. “Let’s go somewhere more quiet.”

The older man grinned like a Cheshire cat, and his big front teeth opened like a castle gate, letting go his energetic tongue like a hound, and which danced from cheek to cheek in anticipation of her sweet mouth. Her protests made him all the harder. “Aw, you are going to disappoint Master! Is that what you want?”

“I’m nervous,” she whined. “I don’t want people to see me.”

“And why is that?”

“Because they will laugh at me.”

“Why would they laugh at you?”

“Because I am ugly.”

He was taken aback. “You are the most beautiful girl I have seen. You are more beautiful than your mother.”



She considered his words. Lust ran down her spine like a chill. “You really are confident. If you really want to do it in public then sure.”

He stroked her long blonde hair.

She lost her resistance then, and her skin turned into goosebumps. She looked at the huge wallet on the dashboard, and thought about all the Gucci she could buy with those dollar bills inside. A primordial instinct kicked in, and she buried her head deep into his crotch. She hid her loose golden curls inside his jacket the best she could.

At that instant, David Jewel stood next to their car waiting for his own father to pick him up; he was the most popular guy in college, and someone who always had a flock of girls waiting on him.

Noticing this, her father slid his hand down the arch of her back and down to her asshole, and started to play with it teasingly. She lost her breath then, and her body quivered like the rumbling earth. Intoxication filled her eyes to the brim, and she smiled with perfect lips.

She teared free his delicious cock with her fumbling fingertips, and poured her hot breath onto it like furnace. Encouraged by this, Dick drew smaller and smaller circles with his wet finger, before plunging it deep into the dark crevice. He loved violating a young woman’s butthole, for it signalled to him that she was his property. At that instant, she collapsed into him with a release of all the air in her lungs.

“Veronika,” Dick said. “Veronika.” He seized her tiny frame and shook her violently, and she came to with a tearful gaze at his enormously large face. “You okay, baby?”

“Sure.” She nodded, and smiled wetly.

“Do you still want to continue?”

“Yes, I liked it. It just took my by surprise is all.”

“What a babe,” Dick said.

“You really like playing with a young woman’s butthole, huh?”

“Yes I do.” Dick reached down again to her sweaty asshole, plunging straight a finger deep into its darkness.

He must have plunged too deep, for Veronika jumped as though she had been struck by electricity, and she pulled herself into his large shoulders by way of his shirt, ripping it slightly in the process. He pulled her closer, holding her tiny waist, and he kissed her passionately with a forceful tongue. They made out for what seemed like minutes, but was in fact an hour. His mouth was filled with the sweetness of youth, and his heart leapt a thousand times in the midst of the make-out session.

He petted her breasts and squeezed them like a giddy kid. She hooked her fingers underneath the fabric of the tank top and pulled it over her head. Her tits flashed like disco balls, and they glistened with oily sweat as they bounced from the momentum of her taking her top off.

She looked at him with sexual intent, and he bit into her nipple like a hungry lion, chewing them savagely. His mouth was now full of the white and soft flesh of his young stepdaughter, and he chewed it, while slipping his hand down to her lower region, over her flat tummy and deep belly button.

As her breasts slipped neatly in and out his salivating mouth, Veronika slid herself onto his huge penis, hovering gently over its tip. She begged him with her eyes, careful not to accidentally lose control and sit down. Her body craved it, but she was too scared to make the decision herself, for her vagina was only small and barely used to a man’s instrument, especially that of a man thrice her age. She had dreamt of this moment at least a thousand times, each time within her dream becoming bolder than the last fantastical sexual encounter, so far as to engage in public sex; and now that it was finally occurring, she almost did not know if it was real. Not until, she thought to herself, not until she felt the big pink bulb enter her gaping pussy.

At the sensation of Veronika’s quivering and drooling pussy underneath her panties, his penis stretched to its limit and slid smoothly inside her. He sighed heavily and kissed her glistening tits, which were like two carefully crafted snowballs.

As he did this, she pulled his big head into her chest, moaning with excitement. She began to ride his penis with fresh vigour as though he was a wild stallion and she was his broncobuster.

Her movements were quick and fierce, and she moved so fast that he did not realise the hot mess she had leaked all over his expensive car seat beneath.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Dick moaned.

“Thank you, Master.”

He whipped her ass with his bare hand, leaving a red print across both of her small cheeks. As though struck by lightning, she froze for a moment with dazed eyes like a deer in headlights. Veronika looked at him with tears, and then began to ride slowly again, bucking her hips gently. She pulled away her hands from his large rocky shoulders and placed them underneath her bouncing tits, which were now coated in shimmering sweat, and started to fondle them for his entertainment, as though she was merely a stripper in a private show.

“Punish your bad girl, Master. Punish me, please,” she whimpered, turning to the passenger window, hoping no one was watching her embarrassing and self-deprecating display; however, secretly she wished to be caught.

At that instant, Dick struck her firm but jiggling tits like a cannon ball. Its clap rang both of their ears like gunshot. She bucked harder and wilder than before.

His tongue entered her tiny mouth and violated its insides, cheek to cheek like a force of nature, as he bunched up her hair like a bundle of roses and forced her chin to the car roof. She felt an orgasm building up with her tiny body like an increasing tide, and she bounced faster on his hard penis until it was too much for them to bear.

“I am going to cum,” he said, softly.

“Me too,” she bit her lip in reply, and as she said those words, a torrent of cum shot into her like a speeding bullet train, and she too spat out her discharge, and she collapsed onto her stepfather, embracing him with wet eyes and a sorrowful but cathartic groan.

“You are loved,” Dick said, kissing her on the forehead.

The dam finally cracked, and she burst into a sob, wishing that her mother was still alive.

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