Erotic Stories

I couldn’t help myself

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It was a Saturday, and our parents were out of town a business trip. Cole , my step-brother, was going to have some of his friends over that night. I had an assignment due Monday morning and could not waste any more time procrastinating, so I was just alone in my room.

Cole and his dad were new to the family, his dad married my mom a couple months ago. Cole and I go to the same high school and have some of the same friends, but he always associates himself with the hot cheerleaders, going on dates with a new one every week.

The guys are downstairs hogging the TV and everything that WAS in the fridge, I could hear his friend Brad screaming at the TV after he loses the game of COD. And Andrew getting rowdy trying to start fight with Cole.

Around 10, I finish with my assignments and get ready to shower. My brother and I share a bathroom so it’s normal for the hot water to be out, I strip my clothes and put on my silky robe just covering up enough to cover my hard nipples.

I open the door to the bathroom, and get startled, I see Cole with his pants down and stroking his dick, his eyes where closed and he was gently biting his lip, he didn’t seem to notice me before I quickly slam the door shut. I frantically run back to my room, and tried to act normal, to be honest I don’t even think he saw me so… I was little bit less embarrassed.

My cheeks flushed with color and my pussy started to feel warm, I was getting wet. Had never seen my step brothers dick before, especially not when it was being stroked, and was pulsating, making him thrusts his hips ever-so-slightly.

After a couple minutes I hear him walking past my door going downstairs, my pussy was still wet and was really horny. But some small part of me felt disgusted, I mean… I was getting wet of my STEP BROTHER… how could anyone feel good about that..

I went to the door to keep downstairs just to make sure that they were all down there, I could see him sitting on the couch drinking a soda like nothing happened.

I quietly shut the door , and I slowly slip into my bed. I reach into my bed side table to grab my pink vibrator, turning it on and putting it in my mouth imagining it being his hard cock. I slide it slowly into my wet pussy and start to moan, I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the sound. Sliding it in and out, making my back arch and toes curl as I feel myself edging closer and closer. Imagining him thrust his throbbing cock into my tight pussy, I start rocking my hips back and forward, spreading my legs farther apart, getting it deeper and deeper inside me. I feel like I am about to cum, when all the sudden, I hear a knock on the door.

I frantically struggle to turn it off, hiding under my pillow before I said anything.


” Uh, it’s just me, we’re grabbing a pizza do you want anything?”

Cole’s muffled voice through the door was strange, only because I came to him as I was masterbating just seconds before.

” It’s like 11:30 who the hell is open this late?” I said sarcastically, trying not to sound suspicious.

“We’re going to Joe’s… Smartass.” He replied

” Just give me a slice of cheese would you?”


Setting my head back on the pillow with a sigh of relief. I waited once again for his footsteps to draw off, as I pulled the vibrator back out from underneath my pillow. But before I turn it back on I waited for the sound of the front door to shut, knowing him and his friends needed to go all together probably to pickup some beer.

Turning it on once again, gliding it in and out of my pussy. As I rub my clit, I start to moan. Thinking I’m by myself I moan even louder, my breathing gets heavier, and my nipples get brushed with the cold air from my ceiling fan, making me soaking wet. I bite my lip and curl my toes as I am about to cum. I Arch my back and tell to my head, closing my eyes, I rub my clit faster.

I didn’t notice him opening the door, and I didn’t notice him looking at my soaking wet pussy, I start to moan , ” I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” I arched my back even more, spread my legs even wider, before I new it I came and I body was shaking…

If my arm swelled over the bed I slowly drop the pink vibrator on to the floor, soaked in my pussy juices.

I finally open my eyes, and see that the door was open and on the other side was Cole. He was only there for a couple seconds, but definitely saw me…

He was gently touching his dick, and was hard.
I was embarrassed and quickly covered my naked body.

” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…um… Interrupt.” He said quickly removing his hand from his dick, after noticing me realizing.

“What do you want?!?” I shouted at him

“Geez… Just wanted to know where the car keys were.”

I reached over my bedside table where the keys were laying in a ceramic dish, “here.”

He slowly started to walk over and grab the keys out of my hand, he touched my fingertips and my entire body lit up. He quickly glances at me and slowly looks down at me holding my tits under the blanket.

“You should really lock your door you know.” He says with a smirk look on his face.

He walks out and shuts the door.

Mortified, I hop out of bed and rush to go lock the door. Turn around sliding my back down the door and sitting at the base.

“What the fuck…”


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    Yeah maybe a session would a psychologist would be better than this

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