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I cheated on my boyfriend

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So 5 years ago I was dating my late boyfriend (I’ll call him Richard), but what he didn’t know is that I was cheating on him with one of our classmates. It was a really handsome guy who was the complete opposite to my boyfriend, he was serious, quiet and pretty athletic considering he was part of the highschool soccer team (I’ll call him John). I had a bit of a crush on him even while I was dating my boyfriend, but at this point I was kind of sick of my relationship with my late boyfriend, because he was too clingy. One day I was assigned to make this group work with John and my friend Helena. So the next day I was at my place with my friend Helena waiting for John to arrive and he did moments later. I opened the door and he followed me to my room where Helena and I were starting the proyect. We started doing the proyect and we started hitting it off, we talked and got along extremely well. Helena winked at me and she went to work downstairs in the living room leaving me with John. An hour later we finished the proyect and Helena cane to my room clearly faking being tired and told me she was going home to rest and she winked at me before leaving. John and I continued hanging out and talking about anything we felt like talking about and after a while I built up the courage to kiss him. I was sure he would reject my kiss, but to my surprise he didn’t and he kissed me back and the kiss became more intense. I got on top of him and continued kissing him and I took my top off and then my bra. John looked at my breasts and I lowered my body until my breasts were literally on his face. John sucked my breasts very gently while holding me by the arms. It felt much better than my boyfriend ever did and I did not regret it one bit. I starter feeling John’s dick through his pants. I was surprised because it felt big, so after John separated from my breasts I took my chance to unbotton his pants and I his boxers were barely holding his dick in anymore. His dick was 8 inches at the very least and it made my boyfriend’s dick look like a complete joke. I couldn’t help myself anymore and I started sucking John’s dick and he gently played with my hair. I moaned a lot while I sucked his dick and out if nowhere I felt his cum explode on my mouth and I swallowed all of his cum. John carried me to my bed and I opened my legs and he slowly let his dick go inside me until he was fucking me slowly at first and once I got used to his dick he started fucking me roughly making me scream and moan. After a while he pulled out and he unloaded on my belly area and he fell beside me on the bed and we rested for a few minutes and we showered together. John and I kissed one more time and he left. Later that night my boyfriend came to my place and he also fucked me, but I wasn’t moaning, I wasn’t screaming and I wasn’t enjoying it. Once we finished I just got up from the bed I took my clothes and showered once more and told him he should leave and he did quite disappointed. A few months later my boyfriend passed away from a brain tumor and now being single I started dating John and honestly I don’t regret cheating on my boyfriend that night.

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