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I Am Your Wife Tonight [FM][F32][Blackmail]

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This story should probably come with a little warning, it gets pretty weird 😛 I’ll deny I ever wrote this, your honor!


Hey, it’s me, your marriage counselor.

Don’t need one? Too bad, but after tonight, you just might. No, no, I’m serious, I really am a counselor. It’s like a money printer, and I always deliver. 

Trust me, I fix more marriages than I break, I keep an even score. You are in luck, one of my best clients just renewed his vows, so I can afford to pay and play tonight.

They really paid me well, you know? And she was so happy that he finally found his love for her again, she even came back up to kiss me on my cheek while he was waiting in the car. I told her to do that to him, not to me, and she only smiled. She held my hand in hers, and folded them over a little present that she gave me — the ring he gave her when they got engaged. I told her that I couldn’t possibly accept, but she was adamant.

That’s how good of a counselor I am.

But we can talk to your wife tomorrow, we can even do it together if you like. Tonight is all us, I like to meet my clients individually at first. 

Here, take this drink. Do it, what are you afraid of? It’s just a drink, there are many like it at this party today.

Just hold it, you idiot, I don’t need you to drink it. Stop being such a scaredy-cat.

Great, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now give it back.

Give it to me, act like you’re offering me a drink. That’s how we get to talk, that’s how we meet.

Just like that, you can relax now.

Do it, ease up a little. I know I can get a little overwhelming at first, but you’ll get to know me. You’ll get to know me inside and out, and I mean that in every sense of the word. You’ll get to know me when I’m not in charge, and when I try to issue commands, and it will come out like begging.

No, wait, stay with me here, we aren’t done yet. We are barely even getting started, you and I. Thanks for the drink, by the way, that is some proper strong stuff. Where’d you get it? 

What, a stranger handed you a glass, and your first idea was to pass it on to me? What if it’s spiked? You asshole, you could have told me. I think I’m feeling a little light-headed already, what on earth?

Fuck me, this really is something else, you better say sorry while I can still stand. Or no, wait, you better get me into your car while I can still sit upright. Do it now, bring me home, I wanna leave this place. That’s not the kind of party you or I belong at, do we?

You think I’m kidding? Damn you, and I always thought you were my friend. I’m telling you, there is…something…in…this…drink, and you can’t say who did what, and to whom. Get me out of here, it’s the least you can do. Don’t forget who handed me this drink, don’t you ever forget.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now I’m in your car, now I am finally in the safety of someone I can trust. Take a right there, I’ll give you directions. Here’s hoping I can make it, this is some strong stuff going on inside my brain. Second left, careful about the train pass, people keep dying there and the county won’t fix it. Population control, I think, and I don’t want to get population controlled tonight.

No, I want a whole different kind of control, and you are just the man I need for that. You are controlling, even though you act like you are not. You got too used to playing it polite, got too used to keeping everyone around you safe and happy, and to smile when someone tells you to turn the other cheek.

But that’s not you, is it? You took a wrong turn somewhere, and you ended up married, to a lovely cute dolly bird no less. Someone who smiles when you kiss her cheek, and who has dinner ready when you come home from work. I saw her drop you off, she has the loveliest strands of hair I have ever seen. Blonde, with a touch of brown, not this bleached kind of blonde. No redhead, either, although you go through life acting like the kind of guy who holds himself a cute little fire bird who gets a little crazy sometimes.

But that’s not you, is it? You saw the look in my eyes and you looked at me right back, I saw that. When I walked over to you, you saw me coming, and you smiled a polite smile as if you were safe to talk to for a stranger with long hair.

But I see that look you’re giving me right now, I see you driving me, while every sane person would have called the cops, and an ambulance for me. That’s what a normal man would have done, and you loaded me up inside your car. I told you someone spiked my drink, and your first instinct is to drive me through the night, and wait if we even make it to my home. And then what, you’ll put me to bed? Watch over me? Call your cute little wife and try explaining to her what? That you brought a stranger home, that oy have no idea where her home even is, and that you are not gonna make it home tonight? 

You will not, you won’t tell her anything. You know better than to make up any lies, she’ll see right through you. She’s someone who doesn’t get worked up over what she doesn’t know, but if she catches you lying? That’s a rough time, buddy, and you don’t want that.

No, it’s better to simply tell her most of it, and then to leave out the rest. Tell her that you slept in your car, but not who you slept there with. Tell her that you had a pretty strong drink in your hand, and leave out the rest of it.

And don’t worry about me, I can handle my liquor. I can even handle these little drops in it, I know exactly how those cuties like to misbehave. Hey, I’ll even tell you, and trust me, nobody else knows this secret.

Give me five drops, and I’m out for the night, the morning after, and I’ll wake up wishing I was dead. That’s not good, let me tell you, it’s a real bummer when you wake up like that, just before falling asleep again. Doesn’t get my juices flowing, if you catch my drift, no Sir!

But what you just gave me? That was three, and I can handle three. I have an hour of fighting with my own brain left, maybe less, before you couldn’t wake me with a trumpet anymore — but until then, I’m fine. Look at me, tell me I’m not fine. 

I’m a mess, sure, and I don’t think I would win a beauty contest on my best of nights — but hey, I’m fine. I can talk to guys I like, and I really like you. I like how you look at me like you are still waiting for me to give you directions, when we both know I set you on the path that leads out of town.

We haven’t seen streetlights for a while now, have we? Oh no, too bad, I think my home is somewhere else entirely. But I can not quite remember where that is, do you want to help me? Please, I know I can trust you, I would fall asleep in your arms anywhere on this earth. Go on, decide for me, where is it that I’m gonna sleep tonight?

Are you really gonna drop me off in the streets, then drive back home? Because I’m not telling you my address, and you don’t have long before some cop car stops us, and realizes that you are driving around with a woman out cold. 

You better make some decisions here, Mister, and you better make them quick. Because I’m thinking right now that maybe this was all a mistake, and I think about calling my best friend for help, she knows how to find me. And don’t bother throwing out my phone, that’s not how she will track me, and you’ll never know unless you take every last piece of clothing off of me, and throw that out as well. 

And then? Then you’ll have a naked woman in your car, not just one that’s out for good. Try explaining that to the cops when they find us.

But there is always another way, isn’t there? There’s the way where you drive me out somewhere dark, somewhere shady, some parking lot in the forest where nobody comes through by night. If I’m still awake by the time we get there, I’ll text my friend that all is well, and I’ll use my secret code word to tell her not to report me missing until tomorrow is over.

That would be preferable, wouldn’t it? That would give you, what, seven, eight hours with me until it the sun goes up again? You noticed how the days are getting darker this time of the year, right? 

It’ll be great, you can do the things with me that your wife would let you never, and I wouldn’t even complain. I’ll try to fall asleep with a smile, and I don’t care if you kiss me on my lips or somewhere down under. I won’t care that we just met, I’ll let you use my body for your own pleasure, and I’ll try to even stay awake for it. 

But I won’t, I know that already. You are someone I can trust, someone I trust enough to let myself fall, into your arms if you want to catch me. 

I promise you, I’ll get out and lie back down in your trunk, that must suck when you had to carry my full weight all alone. I put on two pounds this month, did you know that? I wouldn’t want to let you deal with that. No, I’ll walk there all on my own, and that’s the last time I will do anything tonight.

The forest, then? Go on, I’ve never been there at night. I won’t make it much further now, so it’s either there, or my friend calling the cops, your choice.

Good, I like where this is going, glad to see you coming around after all. Here, down that road there, it’s not much longer. God, I can barely see the road, you’re the one driving us now.

God, I am so fucking tired. Help me, I know I said I would walk on my own two feet, but I’m not sure that I can. Here, see the text? I’ll let you in on a little secret. If I tell her I’m fine, she’ll call the cops. If I call her a cutiepie, that’s when she knows not to worry about me.

And no, she doesn’t fucking know what state I’m in right now, she thinks I’m merely going on a party to get laid. She wouldn’t understand, not like you understand me.

God, your trunk is too hard, you really should invest in a mattress if you wanna do this more often. No, it’s fine, it’s not like I’ll notice it for long.

And now, I’m all yours, my friend, and I don’t care what happens to me between now and the time I wake up. 

As long as you don’t tell me.

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