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I (35f) blew my professor (58m) in the woods

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I didn’t even have to go on the field trip, it was extra credit and I already had an A, but the chance to go on a hike with him was too good to pass up. It’s a graduate level ecology class, the assignments are in depth, but the classes are mostly him geeking out about nature. It’s adorable, and it made me crush on him even more.

There were four other students in the class, but I was the only one to show up for the hike. We struck out into a controlled burn area, discussed how the burns were conducted, and identified the new growth in the area. He found some seedling, and excitedly told me about how long it might have been dormant.

“Oh my god, you’re cute.” I slipped. I turned red immediately, but he didn’t look like he minded hearing it.

“Am I?” He teased. He wasn’t just cute, he was ridiculously sexy. He had flawless silver hair, a strong jaw, broad shoulders, and a muscular chest. His calves were thick and chiseled.

“You know what you look like.” I told him while rolling my eyes.

He got close me and almost whispered in a low, gravelly voice, “Why don’t you tell me why I’m cute.”

I kissed him, and was immediately overcome with lust. I pawed at every part of his body that I’d been thirsting for for the last month, feeling his muscular back, his firm ass, and as I did so, I felt his erection begin to press against me.

I pushed him towards a log out of view of the main trail. He sat down, and, knowing what I wanted, pulled his cock out. It looked as thick and muscular as the rest of him, and was framed in neatly trimmed silver hair. I knelt in front of him, stroked it for a moment, and then took it as deep as I could down my throat.

“Good girl” he moaned, pushing down on my head and rocking his hips. I could barely breathe, I pulled back just long enough to catch my breath and lick the head of his cock like an ice cream cone, then I went back to devouring it completely.

After a few minutes, I heard a car stop on the trail, a door opened and we could hear voices. I tried to pull back, but he pushed down harder on my head, fucking my mouth. He erupted as the footsteps got closer, sending his cum down my throat. He was still pulsing in my mouth as the footsteps returned to their car.

“You almost got us caught!” I whispered playfully, swatting his chest.

He laughed while buttoning his pants “That’s what made it so hot!”

I didn’t disagree. In fact, I just wanted to do it again.

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