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I [27M] slept with my manager [44/45F]

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I’ve been working with my manager for almost 2 years. She’s a single Mum of 2 kids who are early teenagers. We have a close friendship much like a lot of other managers and their associates/seniors. That’s the nature of my industry as you work on portfolios together.

I got out of a 2 year relationship in June and it was rough on my mental health as both of us still had strong feelings for each other. I tried to keep myself busy at work, just pumping out jobs and finishing late most nights, and then lifting in the gym until late and coming into work and doing it all again.

My manager has always been a strong supporter of me and has met my ex, and tries to get me on the dating bandwagon again.

We had a pretty long week last week and finalised off some capital works for a client project.

She never comes to friday drinks but we both went and had some dinner and a drink together. A few drinks later and we were laughing our asses off because we both drive into work and there is no way we are in a state to do so.

She calls an uber and we both get in and says I can come over and have a look at her renovations (she just bought a house and is doing alfresco upgrades. Pretty cool.

I said yeah sure, and her home is only about a 15 minute uber ride. I get inside and she shows me around and asks if I want a drink. I said some wine would be good and we have cheese and wine on the sofa watching some random show.

We’re sitting pretty close to each other which isnt’t uncommon. She puts her hand gently on my thigh and something just told me to kiss her…

I won’t lie, I was horny and we had so much fun. One thing lead to another and We were making out while taking clothes off.

She kept saying to me are you sure, are you sure when I was undressing her and I smiled. She said that she isn’t the type of girl I usually like. My manager is thick in all the right places and just has a beautiful body which I told her. My ex is skinny and does a lot of cardio and squats.

I saw her boobs and kissed them, going down her body to her panties. I took them off, put them around my neck like a necklace, and started eating her out. I think she enjoyed it as I remember her massaging my head and putting her feet on my back.

I was incredibly horny and hard at this point, and I heard her say “fuck me” in a whisper so I got up and she turned over. I knew she had a big ass, but seeing it was something else…she had thick thighs and cellulite.

I fucked her in doggy and I wasn’t even sure if the kids were home at this point (they weren’t), but I was grunting and moaning so loud and spanking her. I remember not being able to last very long and feeling like I was about to bust, so I pulled out and kissed her again, and felt her body all over.

I was sweating and she was feeling my back muscles. I grabbed her booty while I was making out. I could tell she was self conscious of her body, but I made sure to spend time making her feel good.

We rode me for a bit slowly, and I enjoyed her, and then she wanted to be fucked in doggy so I got up and took some long strokes just feeling her.

I went as hard and fast as I could just grunting and moaning, and I pulled out and she wanted it on her ass.

We both went to sleep naked after we cleaned up, and I left in the morning and we haven’t really spoken about it since…

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  1. BaDooBaDoob Reply

    Would you go back for more if the mood was right and work isn’t too weird? Or just pretend like nothing ever happened and put on your work blinders? …Hot story!

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