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I 27f Gave head wasn’t husband

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So Friday night we were at the bar and I wanted to go get something from our house and my husband was busy so I told him i was gunna get a ride to get it and he Said ok, anyway there was a guy that was playing cards with us and he gave me a ride and we kinda flirted and we got to my house i went and grab the thing and came back and I asked him if he’d take a long way back to the bar because I grabbed us a drink he said sure and we chatted some more and it turned sexual he asked to see my boobs and i said only if i can see your dick only fair right? Lol so i took my top off and he pull his dick out and I guess drunk me decided to suck him until he cummed in my mouth and next thing i know we’re back at the bar and had hubby buy me a drink and continued having fun oops


  1. Queasy-Place-6885 Reply

    So hot 🔥 Thanks for sharing this with us! I somehow love the fact you couldn’t resist.

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