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I (25m) and neighbor (23f) skinny dipped

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My neighbors and I have been having sexual encounters for the last few weeks. We woke up in each other’s arms after a fun night. She started to kiss me and rub my morning wood. I quickly woke up and began kissing her tits. She complained that she felt cold and wanted to go to our apartment’s public hot tub.

I was slightly disappointed because I was throbbing, but I agreed. I got up and started looking for my swim trunks. She stood up and went into my bathroom; a few seconds later, she came out wearing a towel and said all I’d need was the towel. I raped to towel around my waist, grabbed my keys, and we went to the hot tub.

I was okay going naked because I knew no one was ever used to the hot tub in the morning. We arrived, and we both quickly got in the warm water. She immediately started rubbing my cock in the water. As I began to finger her. I was rubbing her clit intensely. We kissed while doing this for a few minutes.

A few minutes later, an older woman came to the hot tub and got in with us. We broke apart, and She didn’t notice that we were both naked. She started chatting with us. My girl started to stroke my cock again. I tried to keep a calm face. My girl whispered in my ear that I was hot. I didn’t want to cum into a hot tub with the older woman inside.

I was trying to find a way to get the older woman out of the water. When my girl/neighbor stood up, showing the woman her tits, the woman was shocked. The woman started yelling at us, calling us disrespectful and disgusting as she climbed out. She walked away, and my girl slid my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her ass and pulled her onto my lap. She rode me as well as she could in the water.

I came in here, and we both quickly got out. Before the cops or something came for us. We went upstairs, and we started to fuck in my bed again. I made her cum ten times. It was exciting and hot.

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