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I [21 f] got naked in a field and sucked my friend’s [26 m] dick

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Yesterday, I (21 f) was going for a walk on a trail with my friend (26 m) at a park. I was and still am currently on my period and I was getting kinda horny, so I was mentioning giving him a blowjob later back at his place. He suggested maybe we could find a discreet place off the trail. I told him I was down if we could find a secluded area. We got off trail and walked through some woods that were surrounding us. We ran into a steel fence that separated the woods from a giant field, so we hopped over the fence. We walked about a football field’s length into the field. It was nothing but grass and a bunch of telephone lines.

The only other thing in sight was a road that we could barely see. He asked “Is here good?” I told him that it was fine with me and we both started getting undressed. Once all of our clothes were off, I went up to him and started stroking his dick as he played with my butt and tits a little. When he got fully hard, I got on my knees for him and started sucking. He had one hand holding me under my chin and the other around the back of my head. I’d say we kept at it for like 10-15 minutes.

He eventually playfully told me to take my hands away so I did. He got both of his hands on the sides of my head, tugging my hair. After awhile, I got off my knees and sat back on my bum while he was still standing. This is when things got a little spicy.

He remained with his hands tugging at my hair and both of my hands were holding the back of his upper legs. He started thrusting in and out as he was also pulling my head back and forth by my hair. Needless to say, it got pretty messy (especially since his dick is like 7 inches). I had drool running down my chin, down to my boobs and down my tummy.

It got to a point where I ended up laying down completely on my back, as he continued doing what he was doing by tugging my hair still. He started moaning louder and louder, and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. He was moaning really loud, saying he’s about to cum. He was balls deep in my throat with his hands holding the back of my head, so he was deep in me as he possibly could’ve been. I felt his dick start to pulsate and his cum start to pour out in my throat.

He started thrusting a little again and I was not expecting it, so I ended up coughing a fair amount of it out. It got around my mouth and on my neck and chest, but I swallowed what did not go out.

We got up and got our clothes. I didn’t have towels or napkins so I just wiped off the remainder of his cum/my drool off with my shirt. However, I thought my shirt was inside out and I soon realized it wasn’t. I had on a black plain black crop top and the front of it had white stains all over it. I noticed this when we got our clothes back on, so there was not much I could do at that point. As we were walking back to the trail, he mentioned the bottom of my chin and neck had dried up cum/drool on there still. I just bit the bullet and didn’t bother cleaning it off. We got back on the trail and started heading back to his car, and that’s when we encountered other people. Nobody said anything but my hair was all sorts of messed up, and I had some noticeable stains still on me. While nobody said anything to us, I definitely got a handful of odd looks from people passing by.

When we got back to his car, the first thing he said was “You’re an awesome fuck buddy.” I was flattered and felt honored 🙂


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    The title looks like your friends dick was 26 meters long

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