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Hypersexual Adventure #3 “My therapist only made it worst!” (30M Straight) (25F) (Quickie, Fantasy, Mind Control Scenario)

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Sex starts at chapter (7) but for better effects, I suggest reading the whole story.

1. I have a huge sex problem and I know this. I promised the ones I love the most that I was going to get help. And to follow up on that promise I made a good faith attempt. My friend gave me the number to this proffessional therapist that specializes in Psychological disorders. After promising me numerous times that they wont shock or castrate me I finally stopped being nervous, took the advice and called. They had a small fee that but my health insurance covered it and I was scheduled right away.
2. When I got there I was greeted by the staff and was asked to write down all my info, and after I was done, I was sent to the back where they kept their offices. When I got inside the office, I sat down on this resting chair and waited for my therapist. I looked over at the name block on the desk and it read “Dr. Harley” At first I thought it would be some old male doctor thats probably had years of experience working with patients but when the doctor came in I had come to the reality that I was completely wrong.

3)”Hi Im Doctor Harley. Nice to meet you.” She said as she walked in. She Looked like she was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and if I had to guess her age, she was probably in her early to mid 20’s. She was light skin and had long straight brown hair that went a little bit past her shoulders, Bluish gray eyes, a slender body, and had a pretty face with no visible signs of makeup. She was wearing a dress that went halfway down her legs with a white short sleeve button up with the top three buttons undone so you could see at least two to three inches of her cleavage. Im not the best at measuring, but her breast appeared to be within the C to D cup category. She had on a pair of heels that showed her beautiful painted toe nails. She had a spanish accent and her smile was dazzling, displaying the most perfect set of teeth. She was absolutely hot and I knew I was in deep trouble.

4) “So, how can I help you today?” She said as she sat down at her desk. I was so entranced That I didn’t even hear her at first. For at least 5 seconds I was awkwardly gazing up and down just admiring this spectacle that was in front of me. “Umm I apologize Am I speaking to low?” She said with a concerned face. I finally snapped out of my trance. “oh umm no I apologize…I just …. well. I have a problem.” I said nervously. “Well thats why we are here and Im going to do everything I can to solve it so what does it involve?” she replied with her head tilted sideways. “Well Im having problems with …sex.” She kept her composure and jotted down some notes on her pad. “Would you like a prescription for viagra? All men go through these things at some point in their lives and-“, I interuppted her “NO! .. I mean no, thats not the problem. I just keep thinking about it all the time and I always want it.”

5) Now when I had said this, I expected her to give a proffessional opinion or refer me to a someone else but she just kept writing down her notes. But, this time there was a change in her behavior as she scribbled away on her pad. Her desk was open on the other side and my chair was far enough away to see under it. At first her legs were crossed but then she repositioned her legs by placing her other foot back on the floor and I could see her spreading her legs for a second and closing them back repeatedly. I could see her pink panties everysingle time she repeated her pattern though I dont think think she was doing that on purposed or even noticed. When she was finished writing she looked at me to speak so I quickly lifted my eyes back up to her hoping she didnt notice me staring under her skirt.

6) She smiles and says “Well do you have anything that triggers your urges?..Im just asking so I can get a clear understanding of any trauma that you may have experienced that could have led you to have this…problem.” As I began talking she started biting her lip. She looked really interested in what I had to say. I felt my entire body feel like it was lifting off my seat. I looked deep into her eyes and opened up about everything. “Well everytime I see a beautiful woman cross my path I just begin to wonder what it would be like to to just be inside of her. Just stroking her into an orgasm. It makes me aroused and sometimes I end up getting into situations that I shouldnt be in.” After saying this, I saw Dr. Harley reach down under her desk to fix her skirt. She then adjusted herself in her seat and cleared her throat. “I apologize if I am making you uncomfortable.” I said. “Oh no, Im okay” She said with a smile.

7) She then got up from her desk and slowly walked toward me and sat down on the resting chair right next to me. Her knee was touching my knee and I remember being able to smell her perfume. “Well, what do you think of when you see me?” YES, SHE ASKED ME THAT QUESTION! “Well I think… your..- “, “Go ahead say it. Everything here is confidential. You can tell me anything… If I crossed your path would you do the same thing to me?” Before I could lie and tell her no, my dick stood up and bulged through my pants, pushing at it like it was trying to escape. “I apologize, I dont know how to answer that.”. She giggled and said “Well I think you just did. She looked down at my bulge, licked her lips, then looked back up at me.

8) I started to get nervous and began to get up. She placed her hand on my shoulder and whispered “No no no its okay. I got this. You trust me right?…right?” She grabbed my dick throught my pants and started rubbing it. It felt so good. I didnt know what to do but I didnt stop her at all. She just kept looking me in my eyes and talking slowly while rubbing my dick and after like 15 seconds I became hypnotized. “Lay down.” She said. I put my head down on the pillow but I couldnt put my feet up because she was at the end of the chair. She placed her head near my crotch and unzipped my pants and pulled out my nine inch cock. It popped out and hit her in the face but she just laughed, her eyes full of amzement. She took my entire dick and put it in her mouth all the way until it was in her thoat. She moved her entire head up and down just gawking and swallowing my dick whole. I grabbed her hair and controlled her head pushing and pulling. My dick was completely throbbing in her throat. Her eyes were starting to tear up and she was starting to choke so I let her head go but she just put my hand back on her head and kept going. Saliva was just pouring out of her mouth as she gave it her all.

9) I reached out and grabbed her tits. they were so soft. I felt for her nipples and found them and rubbed them with two to three of my fingers. She took my dick out of her mouth and said “Now show me what you mean when you say you want to stroke someone into an orgasm.” I got up from the chair and stood her up. I unbuttoned her shirt to expose her white bra. I reached behind her to unstrap her bra while sucking on her neck. After like 30 seconds of fiddling with her bra I turned her around towards her desk and got behind her. I then pulled her short skirt up to her back, revealing her pink panties in which I actually found out to be a thong. I slide them to the side and without a condom I put my girth deep inside of her. “eehhhh!!” She let out a huge sigh and started breathing heavily. She was so tight but my dick was soaked so it helped me slide right into her. I grabbed her neck and firmly pushed her head onto the top of the desk and began stroking her. My right hand was holding her neck and my left was tightly gripping her thighs.

10) “Put your finger in my fucking ass!” Shes demanded. “Damn your nasty” I replied . I rubbed my thumb on the outside of her asshole and then plunged. I felt her pussy began to tighten on my dick. It felt so good!. Her pussy was just so tight and wet. She started making all these demands. I made sure to obey every one of them. “Call me a slut!” She said. “Your a fucking slut.” I replied. “Slap my ass!” she said. I slapped her ass. “Harder then that!” she cried. I slapped her ass so hard I left a red mark. She moaned. “Choke me”, “Smack me”, “Tell me I’ll never be anything but a dirty whore.” She had me me doing things I never did before.

11) Minutes pass and I am still just completely taking this woman to pound town and I can tell shes loving it. Her hands are gripping the desk, her legs are buckled in her eyes are closed and shes bitting her lip and breathing really hard while her vaginal fluids are just splashing out of her pussy with every ass clapping stroke. I felt like I was going to cum soon so I announced it to her. “Fuck baby im going to cum!!” “NO HOLD IT!!” She replied “I dont think I could do that your pussy feels so good Im going to explode!” “She turns her head back to me. Her beatiful eyes filled with anger. “You promised me!!” She said. (Honestly I didn’t make any promises but whatever.) I was so close to cumming that I got angry. “Then hurry fuck up and get there!” I yelled, then grabbed her neck and pulled her towards me. We were now in the standing doggy position. I thrusted harder and faster into her, repeatedly yelling “Hurry up!” choking her until she could barely breath or moan. Suddenly, she yells out and starts squirting all over my dick as im stroking her. This put me at the end and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I tried to pull out but she reached back and grabbed my waist and stopped me from moving away, causing me to unload all my sperm inside of her. I thrusted strongly as rope after rope of my seed filled the inside of her stomach. My dick was still in her, but my sperm was gushing out and mixing with hers. After I finally took it out. She turned around at looked at me. Her face was red and covered in tears and sweat. Her pussy was drenched and dripping onto the floor. Her desk was a mess and she was breathing heavily. She could barely stand up. She reached for a pen and grabbed an appointment card. “Okay so I think we may be making progress. Lets schedule you for another appointment.

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