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How my wife’s “harmless” co-worker became master of our house.

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My wife works with a very nerdy guy named Chris. Every time I would visit her, I could tell just from watching Chris non verbal habits that he had a big time crush on my wife. I would playfully tease her about it and she’d tell me all the time, “look at him honey, he’s a harmless nerd.”

One night, a bunch of her office staff gathered for drinks. I went with her and Chris was there as well. After several drinks he and I were talking without her around. I told him I could tell he had a crush on her and that I understood because of how sexy she was but that he needed to keep it in perspective. I could tell it made him a little mad hearing me say that, but he told me okay and offered to buy the next round.

After that next round I remember feeling very groggy like I was about to pass out. My wife said we should head home but Chris intervened and said someone more sober should drive us home. He offered to drive us back to our house and before I could say no, next thing I knew, I was in the back seat with my wife in the front seat and Chris driving my car. I tried to speak but Chris stopped me and said, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything buddy.”

They both dragged me into the house and sat me in the corner of the living room. I remember faintly hearing Chris tell my wife he wasn’t as harmless as she thought. She giggled and replied “what do you mean?” He asked her if she’d ever seen a 12 inch cock in person. She was taken aback by this of course but being drunk herself, replied that she hadn’t. He offered to show her his but only if she asked like a good girl. Next thing I heard was my wife in her most submissive voice saying, “please take your big cock out for me Chris.”

Pretty soon he was facefucking her frantically and then naked riding his cock like she was on a pogo stick. He made sure to look over at me and smile every time they changed positions. Chris now comes and goes as he pleases at our house and makes me buy new toys and lingerie for him and my wife to use when he stops by.

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    Lmao your soft Chris would’ve got his hat rack cracked back and his shit pushed in

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