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How I (M) railed 2 teachers in 1 day pt. 1

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In my senior year of highschool I had a day off to go visit some past teachers. I didn’t really remember most of elementary school so I went to visit my middle school.
In middle school there had been 2 teachers that got me so horny. My home room teacher, Mrs Kristen, and my gym teacher, Ms Gina. Mrs Kristen was this cute blonde. She wouldn’t normally be called pretty, she was a little chubby in the wrong spots and had a goofy face, but she had an incredible chest. Like 34DD that in the right bras were just magnificent. But what really got me was her attitude. She was always super honest and joking and really cool and chill. She’d do things like look up if frogs have penises because someone in class asked or do a kahoot about drugs. She was the best. Gina was the total opposite. She was a total bitch. She clearly hated her job and didn’t want to be there. She had wanted to be a personal trainer but somehow ended up a gym teacher. But damn, she was so fucking hot. She was probably 5’6 with brown hair and a round face. She had an amazing perfectly round ass and she only ever wore leggings. And her tits were nice but what made it was that she always wore a sports bra that made her nipples very clear. I used to have to jerk off before her class just to keep from getting a boner in my gym shorts. Those two haunted my dreams, but I never had a chance.
Sure I was one of their all time favorite students because I was funny and would joke with them a lot. But in middle school I was short and skinny and super dorky. I had horrible teeth and a stupid comb over hair cut and these big dorky glasses. I was never even a consideration.
But in my senior year I was unrecognizable. I was now 6’2 with good fluffy golden hair, clear blue eyes with contacts, I had my braces off so I now had an even clean smile. I was also now on the varsity swim team and had started calisthenics, so I was still lean but quite muscular. I had big broad shoulders with a muscular back and toned chest and abs. I had beefy legs and an ass so tight that I get comments about it. Plus I had figured out my style so I walked in their like Zach Efron in 2012.
When I went in on that day, I went and visited all of my past teachers. I gave them each a few minutes to comment on how much I’ve changed, joke about taking credit for how much I’ve accomplished, talk to their class a bit and then move on to the next one. By 10 am I was on to my second to last teacher, Kristen. I had decided to spend most of the day with her. When I walked in she did the typical comment on how much I’ve grown and how good I look. I responded saying how amazing she looks. It was nearly summer so she was wearing a little yellow sundress with a white bra. We hugged and she talked about how long it had been since she taught me. I took that opportunity again to emphasize how good she looks even after the years. And then she introduced me to her class and I spent the next couple hours catching up with her. At noon she invited me out to lunch with her and we had a small date kind of thing. She talked about her kids and mentioned how her and her husband were having marital problems because of his affair with a younger woman. And that’s when she got the idea. What better way to get back at her husband then by fucking her own boy toy.
She kind of caught me off guard when she said it. She was always very honest and didn’t sugar coat anything. So she proposed it like this. “Would you like to have sex with me to get back at my husband?” I nearly choked. I asked is she meant right now and she nodded. So we finished eating, paid for the food, then went into the woman’s bathroom, locked the door and had some of the most passionate sex of my life.
She lifted her skirt up and I sat her on the sink while I pulled her panties off, stuck them right in my pocket. I spent the first couple minutes eating her out until I couldn’t tell which part was my spit and which was her juices. I then grabbed her, my hands under her ass, and carried her, pushing her against the wall. We started kissing and I pulled down her dress and bra. Finally I got to see the boobs I’d longed over for so long. And they did not disappoint. They were even bustier that I’d imagined with big pink nipples. They were so soft, I wanted to sleep on them. After getting her all ready, she was near the edge of climax. I pulled out my dick, she said she didn’t want a condom so that her husband knew, and I slid it in her. I picked her up by her ass again, she wrapped her legs around me and I fucked her against the wall. I took turns burying my face in her chest while she bit down on my neck and kissing her while she bit my lip. She clearly needed it because she finished before I did. But eventually, she became my first ever cream pie.
As we walked out of the bathroom I laughed at her little tattoo hidden in her panties. She told me how it was a few months old but her husband’s never even seen it. When we got back to the school I gave her a kiss goodbye, we exchanged phone numbers, and I walked to the gym to meet with Gina.

I didn’t realize how long this post was going to be so if you guys are interested in hearing about Gina, let me know and maybe I can make a follow up post.

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