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How I [F] ended up giving bjs to the majority of my pals and my most humiliating moment [21F]

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At a gathering a few months ago, everything began. My buddies discovered that I had never given a blowjob when we were playing “never have I ever,” and they mocked me relentlessly the rest of the night. Later on in the evening, Jack, a man I had been smitten on, casually said that he was still in shock that I had never given a bj. He should stop talking, I teased, adding that he’d never obtain one for me. I’ll pay you $50, he stated to me deadpan as his expression became serious.
Now, I’ve been quite broke ever since I began school. I have had no money left over after paying for food, rent, and tuition. I thus really needed the money, but I also thought this man was adorable, so I really wanted to do it.
I thus brought him to my friend’s parents’ bedroom so that we could be alone ourselves and gave my first bj there. He offered me some advice on how to feel nice, and the whole thing was quite heated. I managed to make him very fast, and to to my surprise, I actually like his flavor. No one was aware of what had occurred when we both returned to the party.
The identical subject came up later that evening while I was playing another round of “never have I ever” with a somewhat different group. Brad said, “I’ve never given a BJ.” But my pals observed that I didn’t drink this time. I was criticized by my buddy Chloe for not drinking, and I said, “I have given.. a bj.. now.” It didn’t take long for the group to find out who I had given the bj to after that generated quite a stir. Jack lacked stoicism. I’m quite sure those 10 minutes were the most humiliating of my life, therefore I made the decision to end the party.
I got up the next morning and looked at my phone. Jack had sent me a $50 e-transfer notice. Additionally, two men who attended the gathering sent two virtually similar notes. Both of them inquired about getting one after mentioning that they had heard that I had given Jack a bj for $50. Both of them pledged to keep their plans private so that no one would learn about them.
These men were also quite attractive, I still needed the money badly, and let’s be honest, I had enjoyed the previous night’s experience a lot. So I provided 2 additional bjs the next weekend.
Since then, the messages have persisted and I haven’t yet declined any of them. I want to donate 6 bjs this weekend. Almost all of the men in my acquaintance circle as well as many of the men I attended high school with have been sucked off. I’ve just realized it, but I’m a complete cum slut.


  1. DaddyAndHisPrincesa Reply

    You keep doing you! If you’re having fun AND getting paid, you are clearly good at it if the messages keep coming. Good for you! -M

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