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How I, a F(18) virgin, ended up having a foursome with my housemates.

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I look back on my first year at university mostly with pride. I think, for my own sanity, the depraved things I got up to have become almost like a separate entity, that it wasn’t really me who was capable of acting like that. I would like you to note, dear reader, that all of the people in this story lived in the same accommodation as myself in first year.

I arrived at university as a virgin. Everyone in my dorm came for a group meeting once everyone was unpacked and settled in. I was pretty intent on losing my virginity as quickly as possible, so I scanned the room for guys who I found attractive. Several met my carnal desires. About halfway through the year, I acted on them. It was a mid-week club night, so naturally I went with something minimalist. I squeezed my petite figure into a ridiculously tight mini leather dress, which accentuated my waist, bum, and tits quite satisfactorily. Underneath I wore a matching two piece, a black, see-through lace bra which left my button-esque nipples looking pert and ready. Clearly, I was aware of where my mind had already decided to go that night. My new friend (let’s call her Andie) knocked on my door, saying it was time to go. I slipped my heels on as I left.

The club was dry, depressing, and far too noisy. Some people were really into it, but I managed to seek out some others from my dorm who were very much not having a good time. “Shall we head back?” I yelled over the near-deafening screeches from the speakers and drunk students. I surveyed the group of people I had identified as we made the walk back to campus. There was already a couple in the group – Flora and Tobius, the sort to rush into a relationship because it felt like the right thing to do. Then there was Andie: very pretty, tall, dark-haired. It was obvious that guys loved her. So much so, she had an even taller, blond guy who I didn’t recognise trotting along next to her, lapping up every word she said to him. I genuinely don’t remember his name, so let’s call him Guy. A few others followed us back, including someone on my course who I had been talking to before we arrived at uni called Noah. I liked him, and it was fairly obvious that he liked me. We struck up some witless conversation as we walked back. He slid his arm around me “to stabilise me”. It was not my arse which was unstable, but I appreciated the gesture.

I fumbled with my keycard to let us in, and we sat in the communal area for a while and continued with a few drinks and light-hearted conversation. I had already observed the one-night-stand rigmarole throughout my time at uni thanks to Andie, so felt confident as I slid my hand down the inside of Noah’s thigh and waited until I felt the unfamiliar pulse of his hardening cock against my fingers. I whispered “my room” into his ear, and off we went. Andie looked up as we left. I was sure her eyes dropped from mine, down to my tits, then my arse, and away from me to re-engage in the conversation. I closed the door behind me, sliding the dress off to reveal my planned outfit for the real night I had in mind. I kept the heels on as I walked over to Noah, who was removing his jeans. He sat on my bed, his jeans around his ankles. He used a finger to coax the string on my thong to the side, and used his other hand to pull me onto his lap, facing him. I was already wet at this point, so he slid into me with little resistance. I slowly rode him, as he toyed with my nipples and pulled me by the small of my back further into him. I started moaning with pleasure, with each thrust feeling as though it was penetrating further into me. As we switched to doggy, Noah was now fully naked and I appreciated his physique as I turned for fucking. I slowly rose from being on all fours to just being on my knees, leaning my back against his body, his hand firmly on my chest. We stopped suddenly when I heard a familiar knocking on the door.

It was Andie. I was angry – she knew what we were doing, she had seen us leave together. I hadn’t locked the door, so she walked in. Andie has always had a commanding and confident presence, but this was something else. I opened my mouth to speak, but she interjected. “Continue”. I looked at her as if she were mad. I looked at Noah, and he whispered “it seems such a waste to keep you all to myself…”. I looked back at Andie. She had always caught my attention. I’d never thought of myself as bisexual, or anything other than straight really, but she elicited something in me which I couldn’t quite comprehend. She sat down on the edge of my bed, and watched as I guided Noah back into me. She rose, and started to play with my nipples, sucking on them, sending me into new realms of pleasure. I heard a voice shouting from the corridor outside. It was Guy – looking for Andie. Our eyes met as she replied “in here”. He walked in, clearly aware of what was going on. “Do you mind if one more joins in?”. I was just able to muster a nod, as she walked him in and started pulling his clothes off. “Let’s switch things up a little”.

Noah slid out of me, and started passionately making out with Andie. Guy took me by the waist and sunk into me. He was larger than Noah, so I bucked a little with surprise. Soon, all four of us were piled onto my bed, writhing and moaning in pleasure. Faces and parts soon became irrelevant. I was kissing Andie, one hand sliding from her cheek, down her neck, brushing her collar bone until it met with her breast. I toyed with it, sensing her desperation for me to wrap my lips around it and gently suck on it, as she had done to me. With the other hand, I stroked up and down on Guy’s solid dick. I moved this hand away when I felt Noah brush over it with his mouth, and instead focused my attention back on Andie.

At some point during the night, we all fell asleep. I woke when I felt the sun seep in through my unclosed curtains. I surveyed the scene around me – three other naked bodies slept around me. I thought back to Flora and Tobius. They must have suspected something was going on, bet they didn’t suspect this. I smiled to myself, as I picked up a half-drank can on the side. I took a sip, and laid back, drifting off into satisfied, lustful slumber.

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