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House Party Fun MF+M

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12/2003 I was 18 at the time.

A couple of my girlfriends and I got invited to a party hosted by a group of guys that had graduated the year before us. They were mostly all baseball players but they also had a few nerd friends too, they were a pretty fun bunch. I remember that night so vividly. It was a cold, clear night, Christmas lights were twinkling and I had a white cotton thong on underneath my jeans.
When we arrived the music was on, there were a couple bottles of liquor on the counter and cases of Natural Ice and Coors Light. After touring the house I stepped out into the garage to meet the other people who were there. It was a group of guys who were older siblings of the host and some of the other party guests. I recognized a couple of them but there were a few new faces and one of them was JD. I barely made it through the door when he spotted me and made unbreakable eye contact. He smiled from across the room and continued to look me right in the eyes. His eye contact was intense. I felt a bit bashful and shy because he was so obviously checking me out, at the same time I loved the way he was looking at me. JD was charismatic, confident, tall, husky and had a super cute face.
After a while he finally walked over and said hi to me and asked me if I wanted to go chat. We sat outside and mulled over normal small talk until we were both out of beer. We went back inside and went back to our own friends. Probably sometime around 11:00 pm I went bathroom and when I came out he was standing in the doorway of his younger brothers bedroom and invited me to come in.
I walked through the door and saw his friend sitting at the computer downloading music on Napster. JD introduced me to his buddy Joel as we sat down on the bed.
At first we just flirted and talked but eventually he started rubbing my leg and inched his body closer to mine. We started kissing and giggling and that’s when he asked me if Joel could stay in the room. I didn’t hesitate at all I said yes.
We continued to kiss and make out while Joel played music. JD was a really good kisser which got me really hot, he rubbed me up and down all over, pinching my nipples and softly running his finger up my asscrack. I was squirming all around, I loved the way his big, masculine physique made me feel small and fragile. He started stripping me down until I was in my bra and thong. Joel spun around in his chair and rolled over to get a look at me. JD told me I should get on all fours and bend over so Joel could get a good look at my ass. I happily did what he requested. Joel groped my ass while JD grabbed my tits and said he would love to see what his cock looked like inside me. He asked Joel if he thought I would look sexy cumming on his dick. JD had me flip back over on to my back and started kissing me again while they both groped my tits. Joel started sucking on one of my nipples which really drove me wild. I pulled my thong off and JD kissed his way down my body until he got to my pussy. He sucked on and kissed my clit until I came.
Then he pulled his pants down, grabbed his huge cock and started rubbing the tip against my clit. It felt like heaven. He told me he was going to make me beg for him while he teased my pussy slit with his tip.
I was so turned on it felt like I had entered a different realm. As he teased me with his perfectly smooth cock, I thrust my hips up towards him but his hand blocked me from being able to take anymore.
He kinda laughed at me…I don’t really know how to describe it but it was like he was laughing at my desire for him and my helplessness. JD asked me if I wanted his dick and when I said yes he asked me how bad I wanted it. I wanted it BAD!
I was whimpering and begging him to fuck me. I was bucking my hips, squirming trying to get him inside me.
He was like “You want it huh? God you’re sexy…I’m gonna give it to you…and I’m going to make you cum all over my dick” he finally slowly pushed his thick cock inside me. It was like sweet relief and intense pleasure all at once, I screamed with pleasure. While he was fucking me he grabbed my face, slid his hand down my neck and gently choked me then shoved his fingers in my mouth. He covered my mouth to keep me quiet so my squeals would be muffled. I enjoyed feeling his hands softly grip my face and the way he objectified me made me feel like a whore and I loved it. They both softly smacked and grabbed my ass a couple times. At that point Joel stood up over me and jerked off while he watched me get fucked. I came so hard so many times there was a puddle of my juices on the bed. Joel came on neck& tits…A minute or so later JD pulled his cock out and came all over my stomach and tits, mixing their cum on my body. JD swirled his finger around in it then put it back in my mouth. I sucked the cum off his finger.

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