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Hotel hot tub stranger

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Have read ‘confessions’ for years. It’s not fair that I’ve never shared what happened to me on vacation in 2020, late summer, during COVID. Sorry, this will be long. I remember every detail. Every breath.

The hottest stories on here are the ones where people reach within themselves to confess an experience that will forever be part of who they are. This is what I’m feeling now.

I live in NYC and I drove to a resort in New England during COVID. I’m somewhat muscular with a deep voice. But otherwise, a basic blue eyed, brown haired guy. Hair is cropped short and receded in the front. Stubble on my face.

I drove a few hours to a resort with an ocean view. On the second day, having finished a gym workout, while wearing a mask, I’d decided to relax in the outdoor hot tub to enjoy that ocean view. The sun had already started to drift lower in the sky. It’s gold and pink lights emerging.

Walking up to this hot tub, it was filled with several adults and two kids. Everyone wearing masks. Hate crowds, so I debated going back to my room, but the sunset drew me in.

People in the tub welcomed me and made a place to sit down. I’d stepped on the woman’s toes next to me and apologized. She wore a white hat with a white cloth mask. Then her two pre-teen kids stood up and announced “going back to the room, mom.”

“Guess we can’t count on you for dinner,” a man said to her. “When have I had time to make dinner plans today?” She said. Clearly, they were bickering and married. “I’m going to take the kids to a restaurant – gotta get them to bed early because we have a long drive tomorrow,” the man said, exiting the tub.

The woman in the white hat and face mask shifted her body to let her husband out. But when she adjusted back into place, the side of her foot rested almost imperceptibly against my ankle. I was zoned out. The relaxing hot water bubbled all around.

“Sorry, you had to hear that – this trip has been stressful,” she said. I glanced over, and noticed her large brown eyes. They sagged at the corners with middle-aged sadness.

“It’s just life – enjoy this sunset and forget about everything,” I said.

Her conservative, one piece, bathing suit was dark blue. Her foot still rested against my ankle and now I noticed. Her petite, skinny, body appeared small in the water. Reaching up to adjust her mask, her tiny hands adjusted its straps.

She asked me about being married or having kids. She was a stay at home mom. I quipped about that being the hardest job. She smiled, but I could only see it in her eyes. I had an urge to see her face, to pull away that mask.

I scooted my leg closer to her hers under the water. Clearly touching her now.

The sun drifted lower. Other people left the hot tub, so it was just us. As the moments passed, the fading sun brought darkness, but there were lights underneath the water. We could hear the ocean’s waves and smell its salty breeze.

We talked about COVID and about NETFLIX shows. My hand bumped against her leg under water, and then gently rested on her thigh.

Minutes later, the sun was finally gone. Her fingers rested against my hand on her leg. Her head laid against my shoulder. But then she’d pull it off and look around every so often.

The small talk had faded away. I’d clasped her hand in mine. Then slowly, under the bubbling water, she’d raised her leg up and over my knee.

“Is this okay?” She asked. “I’m married and won’t go any further but I’m enjoying your company so much.”

At that moment, the hot tub’s timer shut off – the bubbles stopped and the lights went out. “I should probably go,” she whispered. But I quickly got out and reset the timer, which gave us an excuse for a few more minutes.

When I sat back down in the hot tub, she put her leg up over my knee again. We interlaced fingers under the water. But this time, she guided my hand to her waiting lips and let go. She placed her hand on the back of mine and nudged it against her swollen clit, but outside of her swimsuit. I added pressure and slowly moved my fingers up and down.

She closed her eyes and kept her head resting against my shoulder. No one else was around and I wanted to see her face, but I thought that removing our masks would attract someone coming over to lecture us. So I said nothing.

Her nipples hardened through her swimsuit. My fingers, still outside of her swimsuit, moved up and down, with more pressure and with less pressure at times, which made her squirm toward my hand – she loved the heavy pressure.

Then she let out a subtle gasp. She’d came, and then nudged my hand away.

The hot tub timer then went out again. It made the hot tub totally dark, except for faint light coming from the main building behind us. She then stood up, turned around, and leaned over the hot tub’s stone ledge. She reached around and pulled her swimsuit to the side, which exposed her swollen, shaved, pussy.

“Hurry!” She whispered.

Grabbing my steel-hard cock, I got behind her and worked its head around her soaking, slippery, lips.

“Please hurry,” she whispered, while reaching back to grab my ass. She then backed herself against my shaft – her petite body taking it deep.

At this point her hot pussy sent me over the edge. I grabbed her waist and pounded her. I came deep inside in less than a minute.

Not a second after I finished, she pushed me away and adjusted her swim suit. I put myself away. She was stepping to get out of the tub, when I pulled her back, took off her mask, and kissed her.

She kissed me back, but then got out of the tub, grabbed her towel, put on flip flops, and left without saying goodbye.

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