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Hotel hot tub fun

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My cousin (f23) and I (m19) are fuck buddies and hook up often. One time our family was going on vacation and we were going to stay in a hotel for a week. So our parents booked 3 suite rooms. My brother, cousin and I had our own suite with separate rooms so my cousin could have her own and my brother and I would be in the other room.

My cousin and I had our own plans obviously. So at night after my brother would go to sleep, I would sneak into her room and we would fuck. She moans very loud though, so we would have to be extra careful and quiet. We thought the safest bet would be to fuck un the bathroom connected to her room.

So on the third day my cousin and I were horny and we started rubbing on each other. We were being risky though and went to the living room and started fucking on the couch. My cousin was about to cum and started moaning loud though. So we quickly ran back to the room to finish off.

After cumming, we just layed in bed and I got the idea of going to the swimming pool. She agreed and said it would be fun. So the next day we invited my brother but he said no and our parents were already asleep.

So my cousin and I went down to the swimming pool and found that nobody was in there. So my head was filled with thoughts about fucking her down here, but I just jumped into the pool. It was around 10 pm when we finished swimming and I love hot tubs so we decided to go in for a bit.

We were just relaxing and talking when I got horny. The hot water and seeing my cousin’s huge tits in a bikini made me throb. So I started hinting at her that we should have sex in the hot tub. I looked around another time to make sure that nobody was there. I sat next to my cousin and started rubbing up on her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her tits though. So I pulled out my cock and stood up while she stayed sitting down and wrapped her tits around my cock.

I tittyfucked her until I couldn’t help it anymore and she began sucking me off. I noticed that she kept sucking and licking my tip more than anything which made me twitch from the pleasure. She pulled her bikini off and got on all fours. I slid in and immediately felt her pussy hug my dick. I fucked her fast rough like we were having a quickie. We then switched to cowgirl. I sat down and she got on top. Fucking under the water felt different though. We started to feel a bit of discomfort cause she began getting dry from the water.

So we sped things up and she decided to tittyfuck me till I came. We got out of the hot tub and dressed up. As we were drying up we noticed the door open and people walk in. We just laughed it off as we went back to our room that we were moments away from them catching me cum all over her tits.

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