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Hot Tub Fun [MF]

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I embellished a little, but for the most part, it’s true.

We had been in and out of the pool most of the day, and Andre, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, and I were relaxing in the hot tub. Mom had taken the kids earlier to play miniature golf, and were not due back for a couple of hours still. My husband Michael and Elizabeth came out onto the patio, having changed out of their bathing suits.

“How does pizza sound?””asked Michael.

“Good by me!” said Andre enthusiastically.

“Alright then. I’m not familiar with this area, so Beth is going to come with me. Anything else we need to get while we are out?”

“More beer!” Andre said again, with a smile.

“I want some more Diet Coke,” I said, “and mushrooms on my pizza.”

We called out a few more things, and the two of them left. Andre hopped out and walked over to the cooler, picking out fresh soda and asked if I wanted one, which I did. I watched his wet suit cling to his bum as he leaned over the cooler and for a minute fantasized about seeing him naked. Beth had told me a number of times about how sex with him was like, and I was envious. Michael is great, but we’ve been together for 15 years now, and things have settled into their ways. As Andre headed back to the hot tub, I caught myself staring at the suit that clung to his manhood and wondered what it would be like fully erect and in my hand. My nipples grew erect through the thin fabric of my light blue one piece, and I considered slipping lower in the water to hide them, but decided to let Andre see them.

He put the drinks down on the edge of the tub and slipped in, moving to the other side of me and sitting down on the little bench, our hips touching. He reached across me for his drink, his hand and forearm sliding across my ample breasts (all 40DD of them) and he definitely felt my hard nips running along his arm. As he drew his arm back, he pretended (badly I should add) to twist to look at something over his shoulder, purposely pressing his arm harder into my breasts as he did so. I let it go, letting him have the cheap thrill.

We chatted for a few minutes, then I announced I was going to get out and take a shower, then get dressed before they came back with the pizza.

“Hey, Ginny,” he said quickly, and I could hear the change in his voice. “Can I ask you a favor?”

“I guess so, sure,” I said, a little tentative.

“We’ve known each other for what, three years now?” he started, a nervous twinge in his voice. “I made it no secret I always found you attractive, long before I started dating Beth, right?” I nodded. Despite myself, I could feel my nipples growing even harder. Could he really be going to ask me something sexual? “I’ve never had the courage before, and can’t believe I’m going to ask this. I love your sister and all, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. And I know you’d never do anything to upset Michael. I’ve watched you for so long now, since that time we…”

“Jesus, Andre,” I said, cutting him off. “Ask your favor already.”

He smile and cleared his throat. “Okay then, here goes. Can I see your breasts? I have always wanted to. Just a look, I promise. You will make me a happy man.”

I slid to the opposite side of the hot tub, my arms up on the edge of the tub, causing my breasts with their hard nipples to thrust in his direction. I knew I was going to let him see my breasts, but I thought I’d tease him a bit. “Andre! I’m a little shocked you asked that. How do you expect me to react to that? I love my husband and would never cheat on him!” I was quite sure that Beth had told Andre that Michael and I were into the swinging scene when we were first together, but I played it like he didn’t know.

“God no, Virginia! I never would think that of you. I just wanted to see them, and thought I take the chance.. Forget I asked. I’m sorry. I hope this doesn’t make things weird…” he stopped in mid-sentence as I slipped the straps of my one piece off my shoulders and pulled it down, exposing my breasts to him. “Oh sweet jesus, Ginny!” he exclaimed, starting at my breasts. I shook them from side to side, little glistening drops of water flying off them. He slid across the four feet of tub between us before I could react and place one hand on the tub rim to either side of me.

“You are beautiful,” he said, his voice husky, then kissed me. I pulled back at first, then let him continue the kiss, my lips parting slightly, the tips of our tongues touching. His hands found their way to my breasts and began to squeeze, and my pulse began to race. Just how far should I let him go? His fingers locked onto my hard nipples and the sensation shot through me like an electric jolt of pleasure. I moaned a bit despite myself, which fuelled his passion. He broke the kiss, his head bobbing down and taking my right nipple into his mouth.

I lost track of time as he explored my tits with his mouth and hands, and I arched my back, giving him willing access to them. He suddenly stood up, his hips coming all the way out of the shallow tub, and I though for a moment (with a little regret) that he was done. When I opened my eyes, he was standing over me fully nude, his huge erect cock standing out. I nearly stopped him, but let him slide his cock between my tits and begin to thrust. I pushed his hands away and held my titties for him. “Twist my nipples baby,” I said, my voice thick.

His strong hands began to slowly twist my nipples as he tittyfucked me, his eyes closed and his breathing heavy and rapid. My heart was racing, hardly believing I was letting my sister’s boyfriend do this to me. He tittyfucked me for several minutes when he suddenly let go of my nipples. His strong hands found my head and pulled me forward, guiding my mouth to his cock. I struggled a bit, not ready to go this far, but he was determined. “Suck me, Ginny,” he said, his voice full of passion. I relented and parted my lips taking him into my mouth. I reached behind him and rubbed his tight bum and I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. Feeling him tense, he pulled out and I stroked him, allowing him to shoot all over my naked and well used breasts.

He slid back into the water, his hand pausing on my tits briefly, giving them a squeeze before disappearing beneath the water to rest on my hips. “God,” he said, “that was amazing.” I smiled at him, wiping his spunk off my chest with a hand before cleaning it off in the water. I leaned back, my eyes closed, and felt him lightly begin kissing my breasts again. My nipples stiffened up yet again, and his hands, still at my hips, grabbed my suit and tugged them down around my ankles.

“Andre,” I said, warning in my voice, “Off limits!” He smiled at me and shook his head.

“Your turn to cum,” he said, and his strong hands grabbed my waist and lifted me out of the water, setting me on the concrete lip of the tub. My mind screamed at me in protests and to stop him, but I spread my legs at his bidding and let him lower his head between them. I leaned back with a groan, propping myself up with my elbows, and willingly let him explore me with his tongue. He sucked at and tickled my clit, over and over, his hand reaching up to squeeze my arching tits and nipples, and I came explosively. I fell back, flat on my back, my butt on the edge of the tub and my legs floating weakly in the water, panting hard. His finger is still exploring my pussy and I look up at him, seeing him standing in the tub, his cock rock hard again.

His eyes glittering, he smiled at me and grabbed my arms, pulling me into a standing position in the tub next to him. He kissed me once, then turned me around, pushing me gently but firmly forward, until I was leaning over the edge of the tub. My hands gripped the edge of the tub, my knees on the bench, my bum out of the water and facing him. “Wait,” I said weakly, my mind’s feeble attempt to protest, as I felt his hard cock slide into me from behind. It felt so good that all thought of protest left my mind as his hips began to gyrate, thrusting into me. I arched my back, pushing back against his cock with each thrust, my breasts swinging madly. Andre’s hand gripped my hips and slapped the cheeks of my big ass. At some point, one of his thumbs began to rub my anus.

My mind was screaming. I’d never let this happen with him again, so why not let him have it all this time around. “You can if you want, Andre,” I said, gasping between the thrusts. He grunted, but said nothing. “You can fuck my big ass if you want, baby.” I felt his thrust hesitate briefly, then he slid out of me.

“Oh my god, Ginny,” he said, clearly unable to fully process what was happening, and I felt him press against my anus. Pain shot through me briefly as his thick cock slid in. “Beth wont let me fuck her ass. God your big ass is tight. I love your tits, but it’s this beautiful big ass that I’ve always really wanted!” he groaned, and his thrusts sped up. He leaned forward, burying his cock in my big ass, and reached around me, taking both breasts in his hands. He twisted my nipples mercilessly as his cock buttfucked me with long, hard strokes. I felt him tense up.

“Oh baby, can I?” he said, hardly able to keep control.

“Sure honey, cum in my ass!” I gasped back. I felt him buck as his second load shot deep inside me. He thrusted a few more times, then leaned heavily against me, his fingers still working my nipples, which were growing rather sore by now. His cock slipped out of me with a pop and we both collapsed back into the water, exhausted.

We had just gotten our suits back on when I heard Beth’s car pulling up out front. I smiled and winked at Andre. “Did I get your appetite up for some pizza?”

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