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Hot Tub Fun [FM]

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so I was fucking this girl for a while, she was blonde and cute, bit of a hippie but sexually very open minded and cool. So I was out of town for a while and when I came backe she met me at my flat as soon as I arrived. She was bare foot and was wearing a light dress, i could see her big tits right throught it (so also no bra) we started fooling around and we started to fuck for a while. we started to drink and we decided to take a bath together. I played with her feet and she gave me a footjob, then she climed on me and slid right into me and started to ride me in the bath. water was splashing everywhere which was a bit annoying so we stopped.

she said she needed to pee from all the wine and started to climb out of the bathtub. I told her that she can stay and just pee in the bathwater. she looked a bit confused first but then she sat on me and i could feel her warm juices flow over me. when she finished i licked her pussy and started to masturbate.

most fun bath I ever took

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