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Hot tub climax

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So a few years ago, I was messing around with a fwb. She was not directly available to have fun with but we were texting. I had a few drinks and it was late as I sat in the hot tub. The weather was nice and jets were pushing the water around.
Off to the center of the hot tub was seat jets that release water pressure straight up. I flipped the lights off for the neighbors and slid of the trunks. I sat there with a pleasant ball massage as the water bubble beat them slightly.
As I described the events to the fwb, she sent some fun photos. My dick was firm as we flirted heavy. I stroked my cock as the bubbles massaged the nuts. I was mentally so ready to cum, but just kept stroking the cock as I relaxed in the water.
She edged me more and more. In the center of the hot tub wall was a bigger jet they call a volcano jet since it moves a large amount of water at high speeds when the motors are leveled up.
I wanted to cum so hard and changed position to stick my penis towards the jet. It was difficult to slide the cock towards the opening of the jet, but it felt so different and yet so arousing. I continued to stroke the cock as water pressure beat the tip and gripped the shaft.
I shared the events to the fwb as she edge me. It seem to take forever as I felt the muscle strain to cum, I stood up and snapped the cum squirting out of the cock to her over the edge of the hot tub. It was a new experience and after a bit I found myself repeatedly sticking my cock into that jet to be teased every time I get into the hot tub.

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