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Home for the Summer – 3 by Meadowshadow

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Kyle’s mom bit her lip and groaned as she watched her twin daughters, Becca and Vicky, having sex on the bed just across the hall from her. Becca was sat on the bed with her back resting against the headboard. Vicky was crouched over her with her back to the camera. She glanced over her shoulder and stared into the camera lens, her eyes full of lust as she bit her lip just like her mother.

She gave her bare ass a harsh slap as her mom watched it jiggle slightly, her mouth practically watering over what whores she had raised. Becca was licking and suckling Vicky’s pussy whilst simultaneously tracing her finger around in a circle over her own clit. Little did they know, but their mom was also doing the same. She was lying naked on her bed, the same bed she had taken her son’s virginity in just one week ago. Since then, she had learnt of Becca and Vicky’s sex cam show and had spent the better part of $500 watching them in the private lobby.

She didn’t believe Kyle at first. To her, he was just a horny teenager who had a wild fantasy. Well, wild for somebody who had just fucked their mom at least. They had only had sex once more since the first time; she had just been too focused on Becca and Vicky to pay attention to him, especially since he shot his load within 20 seconds this time round. But when she saw the stream and saw that Kyle wasn’t lying, it became her mission to seduce them like she had done with her son. This proved to be a fruitless affair, as no matter how much cleavage she showed, how many times she “accidently” walked in on them in the shower or how many times she had tried to interrupt their cam shows, they wouldn’t budge. She knew she had to go all in and demand that they submit to her…and she was determined that this would be the night…

Becca and Vicky were now sat up as the private show came to an end. Becca was wiping her sister’s grool off of her mouth with a towel as Vicky gave her hair a quick brush so to be presentable to the public audience.

“Thanks so much for playing with us today Mommy!” Vicky cooed.

Mommy, was of course, just a username. They had no idea how true their words were when they used it.

Their mother’s heart hammered in her chest as she began to type a reply: “I want you to do one more thing for me”

“What’s that, Mommy?” Becca asked, quickly glancing at Vicky and obviously aware that the private show was coming to an end.

“Come to Mommy’s room” she typed back.

The girls giggled.

“We’d love to Mommy, but we need to get going now! If you want to go private with us again, you know what to do!” Vicky replied sweetly with a big smile.

Their mother gritted her teeth. “I raised you better than that you silly little girl…” she said quietly to herself as her daughters waved goodbye and the screen flicked to darkness.

Taking a deep breath, she got off the bed and draped a dressing gown over her naked body before opening the door and walking at a brisk pace towards Becca’s room.

She rapped her knuckles hard against the door and shouted; “Girls! I need to see you for a moment please!”

“Err…just give us ten minutes mom we’re just doing some college work!” Becca shot back.

Their mom grunted. How dare they talk to her like that!?

She stormed back across the hall and into her bedroom and began pacing around, now more determined than ever to teach them a lesson.

She opened her wardrobe and pulled open a drawer at the bottom which consisted of bullet vibrators, handcuffs, whips, nipple clamps, orgasm gel and other various toys.

“Those two little madams will show me some respect even if it kills me…” she muttered to herself as she heard Becca’s bedroom door open. However, instead of coming to see her as requested, they instead ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Furious and incredibly horny after edging herself all the way through the private show, she walked back down the hall and was about to call out when she noticed Becca’s door was open.

She strode inside and glanced around before bending down and peering under the bed where she remembered the girls had reached down when retrieving their sex toys.

“What do we have here..?” she mused, pulling out a long and girthy pink dildo from behind a box.

She examined it and found it still to be slippery with pussy juice; from Becca or Vicky she couldn’t remember.

She held it under her nose and sniffed it, breathing in the scent before gently tracing her tongue around the tip as she tasted one of her daughters.

Suddenly, she heard Becca and Vicky giggling and charging back up the stairs. She tossed the dildo back behind the bed and faced the door way, arms crossed as the girls entered the room, their smiles soon fading when they saw their mom standing there.

“Oh…mom…we were just about to-“ Becca began as her mother held up a hand to silence her.

“I asked you to come and see me” she said sternly, her eyes flicking between the two twins.

“We were just busy” Vicky piped up awkwardly as her mother took a few steps towards her.

“With college work?” their mom asked, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah…we have some big assignments coming up soon and-“ Vicky began only to be interrupted by their mother’s mocking laughter.

“Oh please, do you think I was born yesterday?”

Becca and Vicky looked at one another, a confused expression mirrored on their faces.

Suddenly, their mom grabbed a hold of Becca’s ear and began to drag her over to the master bedroom.

“Hey! Mom! Quit it! That hurts!” Becca snapped, walking awkwardly to keep up with her mom.

“What are you doing!? Mom!?” Vicky cried desperately as she followed them into their mother’s bedroom.

She finally released Becca who stumbled against the wardrobe as her sister rushed over to console her. Their mom closed the door and turned the laptop to face them.

“And what do you call this?” she asked as the two girls stared gobsmacked at their sex cam profile.

“Oh shit! We…erm…I can…err….I…” the twins stammered as their mom stared down at them.

“I am very disappointed in the both of you! I thought I had raised you better than this!?” she barked at her daughters as they awkwardly shuffled their feet.

She sat down on the bed and clicked her fingers at Becca. “Here. Now!” she commanded as Becca flinched but did as she was told. The two girls were both wearing an oversized t-shirt and panties, and Becca awkwardly twisted her shirt in her hands as she made her way over to her mom. But before she had a chance to speak, her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her over her knee in one fluid moment before lifting her t-shirt up and delivering a series of harsh spanks to her ass.

“You” SMACK “Will” SMACK “Respect” SMACK “Your” SMACK “Mother!” she barked as Becca yelped out and kicked her legs pathetically.

She then grabbed Becca’s panties and yanked them up; dragging the thin material into her ass with so much vigour it’s a surprise they didn’t tear.

“I’m sorry Mommy I’m sorry!” she wailed as Vicky watched on horrified as her mother spanked her sister so hard her dressing gown came loose and exposed one of her breasts.

“Mom! Stop it!” Vicky finally begged, taking a step forward but freezing in place as her mother glanced up at her.

“Or else you’ll do what!?” their mother snapped. Her heart was racing; ever since her experience with Kyle she had developed a lust for power and control. She had enjoyed the submission which came from Kyle handing over his virginity to her just a little bit too much.

She released Becca who stumbled back over to her sister as she awkwardly dug the material out from between her ass cheeks. Becca and Vicky both looked at their mother with shock and horror etched onto their faces.

“Now, you’re going to listen and do exactly what Mommy tells you to, okay?” Their mother said slowly and sternly. The two girls nodded, eyes wide as they held onto each other.

“If word gets out about you two, I’ll be the laughing stock of this entire town. They’ll all be saying how bad of a mother I must be to have raised two filthy little sluts who are so desperate for pussy that they have to resort to incest!”

This last word seems to have hit the two girls like a bullet as they physically recoiled at the mere mention of it.

“Please Mommy don’t say that!” Vicky pleaded, “It was just to earn a little bit of money-“ Vicky continued before being interrupted by her mother’s harsh laugh.

“Money!? So you really are whore’s, aren’t you?” she scoffed. Becca was still whimpering. Her eyes were filled with tears as she clung onto her sister for support. Her mother saw this and managed to smile at her.

“What am I saying…you two girls are my daughter’s. Maybe I am being a little bit too harsh on you. I’m sorry. Come here Becca, let Mommy dry those tears for you.” She said as she held out a hand towards Becca.

Becca sniffled and looked from her sister to her mother. Perhaps fearing another outburst, she gingerly walked back over to her mother and sat down on the bed beside her. Her mother brushed the hair out of Becca’s eyes and wiped a stray tear which had begun to roll down her cheek.

Their mother bit her lip and gently pulled at the robe she had on until it became untied and parted down the middle, exposing her breasts.

“Come here baby…” she whispered gently as she pulled Becca closer to her who instinctively followed her advances. She guided Becca’s head down towards her exposed breast until her lips latched around her nipple and she began to instinctively suckle on it. Vicky watched, wide-eyed as her twin sister sucked on her mother’s nipple.

“There’s no closer bond between a mother and daughter than this right here,” their mother cooed softly as she shrugged off her gown until it crumpled around her ass and rendered her naked. “You were upset, so you came to your mommy for support, for sustenance. Unfortunately, your mommy doesn’t produce milk anymore, but just the mere action of doing this will hopefully put you back at ease.”

Becca looked up at her mother. Her eyes were no longer watering and she was surprised at how natural this felt.

“Vicky…come to Mommy,” her mother asked. Vicky hesitated slightly and reluctantly walked over to the bed and sat on the other side of her.

“Join your sister,” she breathed, leaning closer to Vicky and locking eyes with her.

Vicky glanced at her sister who was already looking at her, her mouth still full of her mother’s boob.

Mouth dry and without question, Vicky leaned down and latched onto her mother’s other nipple and began to suckle on it.

Their mother’s groans filled Vicky and Becca’s ears as the two girls sucked her breasts as if desperately trying to retrieve sustenance.

“Mmmmm good girls….” Their mother cooed as she brushed their hair with her hands. “No one can say I am a bad mother now…I’d do anything for my girls…and boy…” she added with a slight smile.

Vicky glanced up and her mother read the question on her mind.

“You two really should be thanking me, you know,” their mother began, “Your horny little brother has been jerking himself off to you two for quite some time now. How do you think I found out about your little cam-show? It was only a matter of time before he started to get more adventurous, and the last thing I wanted was for either of you two to be exposed to his big, dirty cock. You wouldn’t have been able to resist it, or handle it, so I took him for you. My wet cunt milked his balls dry so that your firm little bodies with your toned bellies, perky boobs and tight pussies could continue enjoying your youth. His cock would have destroyed the two of you, but luckily for you your mommy could handle him just fine. You two simply don’t have the experience to handle his raw, sexual energy.”

The two girls stayed silent, save for the suckling noises, as their mother spread her legs and began gently tugging at the t-shirts they were both wearing.

“You two really do have amazing bodies, you know. But I think I would have given you a run for your money twenty years ago too when I was your age. Let me see them, in the flesh. Get naked with Mommy…”

“Yes Mommy,” the two girls breathed as they stood up and pulled off their t-shirts and slipped off their panties. Their mother’s eyes bulged as she smiled and licked her lips.

“Wow, look at you two! So womanly, so sexy! Maybe you could handle your brother after all…” she mused. She stood up and rounded her daughter’s as she examined their naked frames. She then began to gently kiss their necks, Vicky first and then Becca. She traced her tongue down towards their bare shoulders before gently nibbling on them with her teeth. Their shudders and soft moans gave her the answer she needed. “Yeah, I love having my neck kissed too. Always makes me so horny…” she breathed as she walked away from them towards the closet. The two girls watched their mother with a lustful expression on their faces as she began to toss toys and BDSM equipment onto the bed.

“Your brother will be home soon from his friend’s house. When he gets home, all three of us are going to show him just how much we miss him when he goes away to college. In five days we aren’t going to see him again for another four months, so let’s give him a night to remember,” their mother commanded.

“Yes Mommy,” the two girls moaned in unison.

Their mother smiled. “Becca, I want you to tie your sister up. Together, we’re going to make her cum so hard that she forgets her own name, okay? From what I have seen from your shows, Vicky is the biggest squirter. I want this room smelling of pussy and sex for when your brother gets here. The natural aroma will act as an aphrodisiac and will make him feel much more relaxed and willing. No matter how much he wants it, he might still put up a fight. I mean, we are his family after all. We don’t want him to show any reluctance here, okay? And as for you Becca, you’re obviously a natural submissive. Fuck, I could have told you that before I even found out about your sex shows! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m going to edge you until you’re literally begging for your brother’s hot load, okay?”

“Yes Mommy!” the twins moaned again, their mouths salivating at this point.

Their mother handed Becca some rope. “I know how flexable you both are; so tie Vicky up so that she can’t move. I want her legs spread and pussy on display for me. Once you have done that, come and find me if I’m not back yet, okay?”

“Yes Mommy!” Becca moaned as her mother handed her the rope and left the room.

She closed the door behind her and rested her back against it. Her breasts were rising and falling dramatically with each heavy breath she took. She stole across the hallway and into the bathroom. She was shaking. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins. She had never felt so excited in her entire life. She had always been a sexual and outgoing person, but she had never done anything like this before. Well, not until last week of course. Her family had never once crossed her mind, never. But now that she had tasted this kink, this taboo…she couldn’t get enough of it. She turned on the cold water and splashed it up into her face. The inside of her thighs were wet with her juices. Thin beads like spider silk were hanging down from her pussy due to the raw anticipation of what was to come. And of course, it wouldn’t end here, oh no. Even when Kyle went back to college, she would still have two daughters to play with. She may even go as far as to call them…sex slaves? They submitted to her so easily just now… She gasped, the sensation just felt too good! It was like she was about to orgasm without even touching herself! But the best part about all of this was that she was in charge. All three of her offspring were at her command. All she had to do was click her fingers and they would be there.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the bathroom door. “Mommy?” It was Becca. Becca the natural submissive. If only Vicky had been a domme like her mother! She would have enjoyed the challenge of breaking her down…

“I’ve tied Vicky up just like how you-“ Becca began as her mother opened the door, but she didn’t get to finish her sentence as her mother pulled her into a deep embrace. Their lips smacked together and their tongues explored each other’s mouths as they sloppily kissed and groped one another.

Becca instinctively leaned back as her mom took control. She leaned over her daughter, lost in the moment as she kissed and began to ravish her daughter’s body, biting her neck and clawing at her slender frame like a hungry vampire. Becca’s legs began to give away and she soon found herself with her back against the carpeted floor with her mom on top of her.

“Tell me that you’re my whore,” Becca’s mom moaned into her ear.

Becca’s legs turned to jelly as the words tricked into her ear like poison. “I’m Mommy’s little whore,” she breathed back as her mom groaned in pleasure at the confession.

“Good girl…,” her mom moaned back, her face an inch away from Becca’s. “Now, let’s go fuck your sister!”

Becca felt herself being dragged to her feet by her mom who led her back into the master bedroom.

Vicky was wriggling hopelessly on the bed. Her legs were pulled up and her ankles were tied to her wrists with her pussy on full display as requested. Becca had done a stellar job, but her mom knew she would because she had seen it all on their sex shows before. The way Vicky looked at her mom suggested a hint of shame and maybe regret, as if having the few minutes alone had given her time to think and for the situation to sink in.

“Becca, sit on your sister’s face!” their mother commanded. Becca asked no questions and did as she was told. Their mom climbed onto the bed and began to gently stroke the bottom of Vicky’s feet. It was as if she knew of every trick in the book. Vicky began to squirm and eventually opened her mouth to either protest or giggle at the tickling sensation. Upon doing so, she allowed her tongue to lash out and graze her sister’s pussy. It was like a cat to milk as the mere taste of it caused her to being lapping hungrily, much to Becca’s delight.

Their mom smiled and looked down at Vicky’s pussy which was shining in sticky juices. She traced a finger over her tight slit and effortlessly eased two fingers inside of her. Vicky’s body jolted as her mother began to expertly massage her from the inside. This then caused Becca to groan louder than ever as Vicky picked up the pace. Vicky’s toes began to curl and uncurl as her mom got into a steady rhythm, and all three of them could hear the wet squelching noise as their mom slipped back and forth against Vicky’s pussy.

Becca lunged forward and grabbed Vicky’s ankle before taking her sister’s toes in her mouth, sucking and lapping them hungrily. Her mom followed suite and took Vicky’s other foot in her mouth, kissing and caressing the heel and gently dragging her teeth across the bottom and towards her toes. She watched as Becca’s tongue danced between Vicky’s toes which were now shining in saliva. Becca’s hands were pushing down and groping Vicky’s boobs for support. Their mom knew Vicky was close to an orgasm, she could feel her daughter’s pussy pulsing around her fingers. Her grool and juices seemed to be getting thicker and her toned belly was rising and falling rapidly.

Their mom suddenly picked up the pace which caused Vicky to spasm violently. She shuddered heavily as Becca began grinding her pussy all over her face as if trying to cover every inch. Their mom pulled her fingers out of Vicky who responded to this by firing a thick jet of cum against her mom’s boobs with such force she recoiled. Her squirt had splattered over her chest and had begun to trickle down towards her own pussy. It almost seemed to be gushing out of Vicky and soon the bed sheets were soaked in the sticky grool. Her mom looked at Vicky wide-eyed and in awe, but she didn’t have much time to reflect on this as a high pitched squeak forced her to look at Becca who had an orgasm of her own. Her squeaked turned into a loud moan as she swung her head back. Her nails dug into her sister’s boobs for support as their bodies rocked in unison. The sheer force caused Becca to roll off of Vicky whose face was coated in Becca’s juices. The two sister’s lay breathless on the bed, their bodies jerking and convulsing as they tried to regain their senses and recover from their orgasm.

“You…you always have to…have to try and outdo me…don’t you?” Vicky moaned breathlessly, a smile appearing on her cum soaked face.

“Fuck you,” Becca giggled as she shoved her sister playfully with her foot.

“Now now girls,” their mother cooed, standing up and leaning over Vicky who looked up at her.

“Mommy is very proud of both of you! This isn’t a contest, you know,” she smirked as she leant in and began kissing Vicky like she had done with Becca earlier.

Vicky returned the kiss but was unable to do much else due to the bondage. Her mom found herself tracing her tongue around Vicky’s lips as she lapped up Becca’s grool which clung to Vicky’s face like glue. Becca watched patiently as her twin and mother kissed each other passionately. Her mom finally looked up, still connected to Vicky’s face due to the threads of grool clinging to each of their lips.

“Come here,” their mom commanded with a lustful expression on her face as she guided Becca’s face down towards Vicky’s. She stepped back and watched her two daughter’s kissing each other like long-lost lover’s. She grinned, this evening couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.

***** 3 Hours Later *****

Kyle allowed the front door to slam shut behind him as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He flicked on the hallway light and made his way into the kitchen to make himself a drink. As he began to drink his glass of water, he couldn’t help but notice that the house was eerily quiet. It was only 7pm, after all.

He made his way upstairs and noticed a warm glow of light emanating from his mother’s bedroom. He instantly felt a flush of excitement and a tinge of awkwardness at the thought of his mother. He couldn’t believe he had fucked her. It just seemed unreal to him. He was finally no longer a virgin, but he had lost his virginity in the most bizarre fashion.

As he made his way to the top of the stairs he glanced in the direction of his mom’s room. His eyes bulged at what he saw and the glass of water slipped from his hand and clattered to the ground soaking the carpet around his feet. He stared, utterly speechless. The door was wide open and his mom was sat on the bed facing him with a sinister smirk on her face. His sisters were both kneeling at either side of her, each of them suckling one of their mother’s breasts. All three of them were naked and all three had locked eyes with him.

“Come to Mommy, Kyle,” his mother cooed as his sister’s grinned widely at him.

“Yes little brother,” Vicky moaned softly, “come to us, come and play with us.”

Kyle tried to form words but found it impossible. He saw his mom gesture to the two girls who grinned and began to crawl over to Kyle on their hands and knees. Kyle could feel his cock bulging in his pants as they crawled side by side towards him. Their boobs swayed rhythmically and Kyle could see that they had arched their backs in order to make their ass visible to him too.

“Come little brother,” Becca moaned this time. “Come with us.”

“I…I can’t!” Kyle finally blurted out as beads of sweat emitted from his forehead.

Kyle saw his sister’s lick their lips as they got within reaching distance. Kyle began to walk backwards but the twins kept up their slow pursuit until they had him backed into a wall.

“We know you want this,” Vicky purred as Kyle desperately tried to reach for his bedroom door handle which was just out of reach.

“Oh god, oh fuck!” Kyle moaned. He did want this, and he was powerless to resist.

Vicky began to unbuckle his jeans and Becca helped her to pull them down his legs. His cock protruded against his boxer shorts and a small dot of pre-cum soaked through where the tip of his penis was. His sister’s yanked his pants down which caused his erect cock to twang out and bounce up and down, much to Vicky and Becca’s delight.

Kyle looked towards his mom who was watching the scene from her bedroom with a vibrator held firmly against her pussy.

He could feel his sister’s hot breath against his cock which was pulsing in anticipation. Vicky looked up at him and gently licked a droplet of pre-cum off his cock which had threatened to drip down onto the floor. Kyle moaned at the slight touch and closed his eyes, but they soon snapped open again as Vicky wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to give him a very sensual blowjob.

Kyle gasped and shuddered as her tongue lashed around his shaft before she deep-throated him, her nose poking against his short pubic hair as she took all of him in her mouth. She withdrew, eyes watering as Becca then did the same to him, sliding her lips over his slobber coated cock without care as the tip of his cock pushed past her tonsils and poked the back of her throat. She held it there, her hands gripped around Kyle’s thighs as Vicky watched on. Drool began to run down Becca’s chin as Kyle’s cock began to twitch. A droplet of drool dripped onto Becca’s breasts and Vicky wasted no time in leaning down to lick it off. Becca held firm as if in a desperate attempt to prove herself as the deep throat goddess. Not wanting to be left out, Vicky leaned down and began to kiss her brother’s balls which were dangling down, but at her touch began to shrivel up.

Kyle gasped and began to slide down the wall he was leaning against. Vicky had now gathered his testicles in her mouth and Becca had begun to rock her head back and forth. Their mother watched on as her two daughter’s sucked and lapped at her son’s cock and balls. Kyle’s mouth was an “O”. He had completely submitted and wanted nothing more than to blast the contents of his balls down Becca’s throat. But he couldn’t. The adrenaline was still going strong and the urge to cum was not quite there yet. Not wanting to be the only one not naked, Kyle pulled his shirt up and over his head and kicked his jeans the rest of the way off.

Suddenly, their mother clapped her hands together sharply which caused all three of them to look over to her.

“Come to mommy now, on your hands and knees…all of you,” she commanded.

Becca withdrew her mouth from around Kyle’s cock as Vicky took her place next to her again on her hands and knees. Kyle’s mouth was dry, but he was nothing more than a plaything now. He too got down and began to crawl towards the master bedroom. He was behind Becca whose pussy and asshole were directly on show inches away from his face. A quick glance to his right showed the same sight but for Vicky instead. His erect cock bounced back and forth and the saliva seemed to attract a chill as his cock cut through the air with each shuffle he made.

Within seconds, all four were in the master bedroom. Their mother rounded them and closed the bedroom door.

“I’m going to lay down some ground rules for the next five days,” she said, sitting back down on the bed in front of them so that they had to look up at her. She had her legs parted as her pussy was glimmering in her juices.

“Number one; no more clothes. Not even a sock. We need to be comfortable around each other and what better way to do this than to be constantly naked, hm?” she went on as the three siblings nodded in agreement.

“Number two; an orgasm in every room in the house. That’s for all of us. I want us to be able to walk into any room and be able to reminisce on happy memories which happened in there. And what’s better than cumming? We’ve all had an orgasm in this room already, so that’s one down!” their mother continued.

“And number three; submission. As your mother, I am in charge. What I say goes, okay? I want the three of you to submit to me in private. If you’re wondering what I mean by this, don’t. It will come to you naturally; you’ll know what to do when the time comes. Oh, and one more thing; all four of us will be sleeping in my bed for the remainder of the time Kyle is here before he goes back to college. Girls, I may look to extend this with you once Kyle is gone.”

“Now Kyle,” their mother went on, “you’re going to fuck me and blow your load deep into my cervix. It’s only right that I should get the first load as it’s always the most potent. I want your sister’s to feel you bareback, so it’s only fair that I, as their mother, protect them as much as I can from the risk of pregnancy. I’ve undergone a procedure which means I can’t be impregnated, but you two girls are of course still extremely fertile.”

Kyle could feel his cock throbbing uncontrollably at his mother’s words. He didn’t know where to look. His mother glowed with dominance and experience, but his twin sister’s still had that fresh, young, playful and kinky appeal to them. Their slender, frim bodies and neat pussy’s could hypnotise any man, Kyle was sure of it. But his mother, with her huge breasts, whilst not nearly as perky as his sister’s, looked amazing when bouncing around in front of your face. Kyle, of course, knew this from experience.

“I-I think I’m going to cum!” Kyle suddenly moaned pathetically. He saw his mother’s eyes snap to him and his sister’s spin round to look at his cock which was visibly pulsing.

“Shit!” his mother hissed. “It’s okay baby, did Mommy get you all excited?” she cooed softly as she bent down and cradled Kyle’s head in her arms and flipped him onto his back. “Girls, get out of his view!” she whispered harshly.

“I’m sorry, Mommy!” Kyle moaned again as his mom stroked his hair.

“No no no don’t cum, please not yet!” his mother pleaded as she forced him to look at a corner of the room not inhabited by naked family members.

Kyle shut his eyes and tensed every muscle in his body to try and hold back the explosion. It had all been too much, how was he supposed to hold it in? But he did. After a minute or two he opened his eyes to see his mother smiling down at him.

“Good boy,” she smiled, “that load is for Mommy, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Kyle smiled back as he looked over to his sisters who were crouched beside the bed.

“I think it’s probably best not to waste any more time. Get on the bed, Kyle,” his mother instructed.

Kyle stood up and watched his mother climb onto the bed and crouch over in the doggy-style position. Vicky and Becca bit their lips in anticipation. The mere sight of them and the motion of his cock bouncing slightly as he walked over to the bed almost made him cum again.

As he knelt on the bed behind his mom he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to find the hole to penetrate her. But, much to his relief, he had found it instantly. He wasn’t sure if it was due to her being so wet that it had just slipped in or if he had picked up a thing or two from their previous sessions. Either way, he didn’t care. He felt that familiar warmth as he entered her and three quick thrusts later and he was at the point of no return. He felt the pressure building within him and he quickened the pace, sliding rapidly in and out of her like a man possessed as his stomach smacked against her ass. With an almighty groan, Kyle pushed forward as hard and as far as he could and shot the biggest load in his life deep into his mother.

“OOOOOHHH FUCK!” he moaned as his body shuddered and spasmed. He could feel the cum spurting out of him until it eventually became a dribble. His mom looked at him over her shoulder and smiled at him with a wink. Becca and Vicky were still on their knees beside the bed as they watched on. They had linked arms and were gently stroking one another perhaps without even realising it.

Kyle eventually pulled out of her and fell back onto the bed, his chest rising and falling heavily.

Within seconds, thick globs of cum began to emanate and bubble around his mother’s pussy as his seed began to leak out of her. She spun around and hung her ass off of the side of the bed and allowed his cum to drip down and into the gaping mouths of Vicky and Becca who were waiting patiently for it below.

Kyle watched as Becca’s throat bulged as she swallowed a big glob just as Vicky licked her lips clean. There was a small thread of cum dangling from her chin and Becca scooped it up effortlessly with her finger before sucking it off. Once their mouths were more or less full, the two twins began to passionately kiss one another and exchanged mouthfuls of cum between them both. It was a sloppy scene and soon the two girls were coated in the sticky substance. They had allowed it to dribble down their chins and splash down onto their boobs. Vicky began to literally lick Becca’s face and by doing so had spread Kyle’s cum over every inch of it. Becca then returned the favour by spitting out what she had left in her mouth over Vicky’s forehead. Vicky then spread this cum/grool/spit combination over her face as if she was applying a facial mask.

Kyle’s mouth was hanging open stupidly as he watched on. His cock was glimmering in his mother’s juices. It jerked slightly, still erect as it continued to dribble the last bit of cum from his orgasm which had begun to dampen the sheets.

He felt his mother’s hand on his chest as she pushed him back down onto the bed. He was now looking straight up at the ceiling, mouth dry and heart pounding as the cum stained faces of his two sister’s came into view as they climbed onto the bed.

“Which sister would you like to taste first?” his mother asked with a smile as she also came into view.

Kyle gulped. “Becca,” he said softly. Her pussy looked a lot more plump and inviting when he was crawling behind her. Vicky’s wasn’t as neat and looked more like his mother’s. Not that this was a bad thing, however. Just something different.

Becca swung her leg over Kyle’s face and lowered her bald pussy and ass down and over him in one fluid motion with zero hesitation. Kyle instantly began to lap like a hungry dog as her juices tricked down his tongue and towards the back of his throat. He forced a lungful of air up through his nose and got the full scent of his sister as she began to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy and ass over his face.

He then felt his cock being squeezed tight. Incredibly tight, in fact. He lowered his hands and felt the soft, smooth and toned legs of Vicky. She had climbed on top of him and had begun riding his cock.

Both girls were rocking in a similar rhythm back and forth over him. Their groans filled his ears as he pulled his arms back and gripped Becca’s ass. He gently lifted her ass cheeks up and allowed himself another gulp of air before resuming his oral training, tasting the familiar metallic taste as her clit grazed his tongue. He could feel her juices and grool becoming thicker as it coated his tongue and teeth. He focused primarily on this to try and last longer and hold back another orgasm, but Vicky was fucking him like a porn star would. She was tight, much tighter than their mom. For the past minute or so she had been raising herself up so that only the tip of his cock was inside of her. She then rocked her hips in a circular fashion as she crouched back down all of the way before quickly rising back up again and repeating the process. Kyle wasn’t sure what their mother was doing, but he imagined she was watching on with great interest.

Becca raised herself up and off of Kyle’s face as his eyes readjusted to the light. Long, sticky strands of grool kept the pair connected together for a moment before the webs broke as Becca crossed her legs. Kyle looked up and saw Vicky bouncing up and down on his cock energetically. Her head was tilted to the side and she had a huge grin on her face as her tongue poked out of her mouth stupidly. Her breasts bounced around in a circle as she picked up the pace. Kyle could hear a sharp squelching noise as his sister continued to fuck him. She was incredibly wet and her grool had soaked Kyle’s pubic hair.

Becca shuffled over to Vicky and went around the back of her next to their mother. Becca rested her chin on Vicky’s right shoulder whilst their mother rested hers on Vicky’s left. Vicky closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the duo behind her began to kiss her neck and fondle a breast each. Kyle could see that their mom’s other hand had travelled down Vicky’s stomach and had begun to toy with Vicky’s clit. Vicky moaned and gasped in pleasure, her eyes springing open as she locked them with Kyle’s.

“Oh fuck a baby into me, Kyle!” she gasped, digging her nails into his bare stomach which caused him to gasp in shock and pain. “Impregnate me, please!” she begged.

Kyle grabbed Vicky’s wrists and pulled her towards him and away from the duo so that they were face to face. The two locked lips as their tongues explored each other’s mouths, kissing like long lost lovers as opposed to brother and sister. Kyle gripped Vicky’s ass cheeks as he began to pound upwards and into her. He took control as he felt his orgasm approaching, his balls bouncing wildly as Vicky groaned in pleasure.

“Aw, look at the man of the house taking care of us girls!” Kyle’s mother cooed as his body seemed to stiffen before he groaned and shot long, thick, sticky ropes of cum deep into Vicky’s pussy.

She collapsed onto him as his cock throbbed and pulsed and squirted out the last few squirts of his orgasm. However, he soon began to groan again as his mother and sister bent down to lick up the cum which was dribbling out of Vicky’s pussy and down Kyle’s cock towards his balls. He was still inside of her and his cock refused to soften as the two tongues traced around his genitals.

Vicky also began to shudder and whimper as Becca grew more adventurous and licked her way up Vicky’s ass crack and lapped at her asshole which puckered and tensed around her sister’s tongue.

Vicky raised her head slightly so that her lips were an inch away from Kyle’s again. She looked him deep in the eye, her lips parted ever so slightly.

“And one more thing…” she whispered with a smile, “…stop using my fucking hairbrush!”, she hissed before pulling him into another deep embrace as Becca and their mom continued to mop up their mess from below.

*****2 Weeks Later*****

Vicky winced as the sun streamed in through a gap in the curtains. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up carefully to avoid waking her mom or sister who were still asleep at either side of her. She had a forlorn expression on her face as she had woken up momentarily forgetting that Kyle had gone back to college just over a week ago.

She sighed, bit her lip and climbed out of bed before tip-toeing down the hall and towards her bedroom. She and Becca were still sharing a bed with their mother and the naked at all times rule was still in effect. Obviously, when they had to leave the house they could wear clothes, but this was the only time until mother had said otherwise. As for the submission rule, Vicky had not done this yet. She didn’t feel like a right time had presented itself. Kyle had done it the same night as the rule had been put into place. Becca had done it the night Kyle left to go to college. But something had come up which had distracted Vicky from taking the plunge…

Vicky bent down and slipped her hand under the bed and pulled out a box which contained a set of three pregnancy tests. She gulped, mouth dry as sand as she pulled one out and strode over to the bathroom with it.

She sat down on the toilet and breathed deeply. Her heart was beating so loud it was a surprise that it didn’t wake her mom or Becca. She held the test under her stream of urine as it splashed down over it. She held it there for some time, knowing that when she brought it back up the result would be right in front of her eyes. And when she finally did so, she sighed a shaky sigh and washed her hands before sneaking back to her bedroom and placing the pregnancy test back with the other two positive ones.

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