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His First Cake Continues…

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As we lay there in bed, me in my required left side of the bed I’m spooned up against his still naked body. I quickly remember last nights events and thought I would be incredibly jealous and upset as I spy her cuddled up on his chest. But jealousy never forms, instead I felt a tingling down below. It was my idea that he played out for me. As I laid there awake I slowly started touching myself. I knew I could Cum quickly but I chose to slip under the sheet where I slip my mouth over his cock and gently lick and suck so as to not wake him immediately. After a minute he begins to swell. After 17 years I know every little detail that makes him happy. Eventually his eyes creep open and a smile forms across his lips. I quicken my pace and feel a bit greedy as I think no i feel I need all this cum. Two minutes later he groans as he swells at the back of my throat. I can’t take him all the way but it never stops me from trying. As he groans Sydnee opens her eyes and smiles as he starts shoot his cum into my wanting mouth.

I sit up and look at Sydnee before asking her if she would like some. I don’t need to ask she was insatiable last night. So I move up the bed and lean in before she attacks my mouth kissing me, inserting her tongue in my mouth. She moans as she finally tastes the cum.

After our steamy kiss which has me excited and no I’m not a lesbian but I’m a good queen which means I will be for my husband. I ask Sydnee to help me in the kitchen. We make a large breakfast to help us all recover. I heard Jay in the shower and a few minutes later he’s helping butter toast before we all sit down. He has his favorite heaping plate of French toast and 1/2 pound of bacon. Eggs bacon and toast for Sydnee and I.

As I finish eating Jay is loading the dish washer and scraping the plates. Sydnee whispers in my ear. I shake my head and Jay asks me what are we whispering about. I say. I thing and we disappear around the corner. Another couple minutes and jay receives a text. When he opens it he sees me on my knees eating Sydnee’s beautiful pussy. She has her hands wrapped around my hair and is close to cumming. “Hey Jay, your wife is just scratching my itch after watching that hot display before breakfast I couldn’t wait any longer”.

I responded to Sydnee and said I would do this for my husband every day if he wanted me too. Soon Sydnee floods my mouth and grips my hair tighter as she finally cums so incredibly hard. My husband quickly replies “that was so hot baby”! He kisses us both and tells us to get dressed.

Soon we’re sitting on the couch and Jay says “this has been an amazing 24 hours, but Amber we all need to find out just where this fantasy of ours is going and what’s next?”

I sat quietly for about a minute contemplating my response. “ if I’m being honest last night was amazing and some how felt very natural. I can’t promise this lasts forever but if Sydnee is up for it, I’m willing to play through the weekend.” I paused for a second thinking more mustering up the courage to speak freely. “Okay if we continue I would like to play a little DEEPER, I want to be used and fucked a little roughly maybe tied up and lightly tortured with ice and candles. This is just another fantasy I have always been to scared to tell you honey!! I don’t want you to judge me a think I’m a deviant.”

“Damn baby, I would have gladly done all those things Sydnee or not.” Those all sound hot to me. I’ll tell you what no matter what we’ll find away to incorporate some of those for you.” Sydnee do you have any ideas or plans for the rest of the weekend?”

Sydnee looks eyes wide open, “I’ve never been so open about sex in my life. Last might was the craziest thing I’ve ever done & I loved it. I’m a bit submissive and everything your wife said actually has me tingling again. As far as my plans I am wide open for the weekend, do you think we can possibly play for the weekend?”

Jay is clearly thinking and suddenly says “ladies it’s time to get ready Sexy but Casual, no panties allowed. We leave in an hour.”

Our hour is up and Jay pulls his truck around and honks. Sydnee and I walk out shaking our naked asses under our skirts. The air feels great against our freshly shaven vaginas. He has no idea that we did this just our little surprise for him. We jump in the truck and head out. Soon we’re pulling up to Condoms to Go where they sell sex toys and several other things. Sydnee and I both giggle as Jay leads us in. He tells us to go find two things we like and like best friends we head off together like it’s completely natural ( a wife and a woman who is being pampered for her husband to fuck).

As we search Jay is standing next to the Register and the cashier is openly flirting with him. We both find our two things. Mine are a pack of two rather large butt plugs to stretch me to Jay’s size and a set of nipple clamps to squeeze my large puffy nipples. Sydnee grabbed a remote control vibrator and a pack of scarfs. “What do you have planned with those”? I ask.
Sydnee giggles and says “the scarfs I’m hoping he’ll choke us with while he fucks us. And the vibrator is just something to torture us with until then. What about yours?”

“Mine of course are just in case he decides he wants to use our asses it won’t hurt near as much, so hopefully he makes us wear them all day. And Nipple clamps are just because I absolutely love to have my nipples pinched and yanked on.”

In an instant we’re at the register and Jay is reaching for his wallet as he eyeballs our items. He steps back and reaches down lifting our skirts and sees our bare asses. He grabs a small bottle of lube and adds it to our things. He’s already checked out and his stuff is bagged up. He quickly pays and we head to the truck. Once inside he asks us to tell him about our items.

I quickly reply you know how I love for you to pull on my nipples and I’ll wear the plug anytime you want. We both will.”

Sydnee chimes in “you can make us wear this vibrator throughout the day and torture us not allowing us to cum!” And I had a friend who told me she once dated a guy who would tie a scarf around her neck and just before she orgasms he would pull, she said it was by the greatest orgasm of her life!” I had my greatest orgasm last night, and never trusted a man enough to allow him to do this but with you two I think I’m ready!”

We drive off and soon we pull up to a golf course. As we sit in the truck Jay hands us the lube and tells us to bend over the seat. Soon he gently begins inserting our butt plugs, then asks “who gets the vibrator first?”

I quickly say “Sydnee as I don’t think I’m tight enough to keep it in unless I’m sitting down.” She giggles and says you’re very dramatic. Jay downloads the app for the vibrator as he tells me to put in her. It’s bent so it rubs her clit and she is very tight it won’t fall out. We open the door and he grabs his clubs. We head to the clubhouse and he pays and gets us a cart. We approach the first hole and he says there’s a guy waiting who will be playing with us. It’s our job to make it completely memorable.

Sydnee says we can “take turns putting the ball on the tee and bend over so our skirts rise up showing our naked asses and vaginas.” I was very uncomfortable and she seemed to loving the attention. But I’ve always been a voyeur not an exhibitionist. I decided then and there I will do a thing Sydnee is willing to do, nerves be damned.

We approached the first hole and Jay introduces Amber his wife and Sydnee his girlfriend to Jeff the golfer. Jay quickly then asked $5 per hole which Jeff quickly accepted. Jeff than said Jay can go first and Sydnee ran up grabbed the ball of my husbands hand and very sexily placed the ball on the tee showing all three of us her deathly shaven pussy lips still a little swollen from last night. Jay has a saying that he uses always which is “ Always be prepared and never have a bad performance due to effort”!!!

I watched Jeff’s reaction sorry the voyeur in me I couldn’t help it. Instantly i noticed a small bulge in his shorts as my husband knocked the shit out of the ball. I ran up channeling my 20 something self and flashed my goods to both Jay and Jeff as I picked up the tee. Jeff then hit his ball into the trees and cussed but Sydnee quick as can be said here let me and grabs his ball and repeats her flashing. He didn’t lose this ball but still hit poorly. He lost that hole badly as Jay got it in 4 shots.

The next hole Sydnee faces us and pulled her little titties out for all to see. Jeff tries not to look but his little bulge never goes away. I leave my Rita in as they don’t compare but as I squat facing my man I spread my legs flashing them all from the front. We repeated this for the entire front 9 and Jay won every hole. As we neared the clubhouse we would stroke Jay’s cock and even pulled it out when out of sight of Jeff and sucked on it.

We pull up to the clubhouse and Jeff says I’ll be right back wait for me. We grab a 6 pack of beers and sandwiches and wait in the cart when jay suddenly says damn!! Then pulls out his phone. Instantly Sydnee yelps and I see he has the app open and is dialing her pussy vibrator. Jay then said I bet he’s jerking off in there.

Hole 10 Sydnee is still itching from the vibrator and spreads her legs as she places the ball, she doesn’t stand right away and says “please let me cum Jay?” Then she looks at Jeff and says “yay your hard on is back, I was afraid you didn’t like looking at us!”

Jeff a little louder than intended said “I thought i had dealt with that”!

Towards the end of the match Jay had won every hole so I wanted to do something great for Jeff so I sat on the green spread my legs and said “human backstop!!” As he putted the ball it went to hard and hit my clit before I pushed in the hole. I then rubbed my Pussy before grabbing his ball and handing it to him. He put it in his pocket and grabbed a new ball for the last hole.

As we finished Jeff walked over to Jay handed him $100 and then turned to me and Sydnee handing us each $100 for as he said “the greatest round of golf in his 50 years on this planet, he’ll never forget and hands Jay a business card saying “call me if you ever want to take my money again!!”

Jay has Sydnee sit in the middle on the way back to the house. He turns the vibrator on high and has it pulsating but he orders her not to cum. She places her feet on the dashboard and is fighting to hold back her orgasm as we can both clearly see her pussy spasming wanting to cum so badly. We’re nearly home when she screams she can take no more. Jay turns off the vibrator and kisses her on the cheek and tells her she did a great job.

Hey Queenie, don’t you think are cake did a great job?. I quickly kissed open mouth and say “yes I do honey!”

We run in side and he disappears saying we eat at 7 be ready to go at 6:30 and wear a sexy dress. “Amber can you give me a ride to my apartment, I have the perfect dress there.”
We have about an hour and a half so we jump in my car and head straight there. We return 25 minutes later, we clean up a bit do our makeup and hair and somehow Sydnee looks even better than last night.

Jay calls us to the living room and sits us on the couch. We’re about to go to my favorite steak house but we have three minutes before we leave. That means I will pleasure you for 60 seconds if you can cum than that’s great if not you’ll wait until this evening when we return.

Jay takes his place between my legs and I KNOW that I’ll be cumming, he plays my clit like Charlie Daniels plays the fiddle. I was right and I explode on his face. Thankfully he had his shirt off as I’m sure he knew I would do just that. “Oh my Goodness Amber that was so fucking hot” says Sydnee then steals as Jay moves to her. She is so close and needs a little more so just as her time is up I lean over and kiss her ear before whispering “it’s okay you can come on my husbands face!” That was all she needed as she screams and thrashes about. We’re both flush and drained and relaxed.

Soon we’re on the road and Jay hands Sydnee the vibrator and says Amber’s turn. So she helps to insert it into me as e make our way. We arrive and have a great dinner the three of us. Most people probably assumed Sydnee was our daughter but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I seen her gently stroking Jay under the table every time he played with the app!

We payed our bill with the money we won at golf and headed home. As we pull in the driveway jay pulls out two blindfolds and says wear these. He leads us in to the basement where there’s music and warmth. We’re stripped down naked and laid on tables that felt like massage tables.

Instantly I was wet as I know this as a Yoni massage that my husband has done me before but nobody else ever tried. He lathers our naked bodies with Coconut oil. Then spends up to 45 minutes massaging our bodies but focusing on drawing out every pleasure from our pussy. He skillfully fingers our G Spots and strokes our clits over and over. He’s done this to me over and over, I’ve always felt amazingly and relaxed when we’re done. I couldn’t count the orgasms we had.

Soon i felt his hands guiding my hands over my head then a pair of cuffs on my wrist, straps on my ankles holding my legs spread eagle. Then I feel my nipples in pain as I realize my clamps have been placed on me. I feel him tugging on them and I know I’m dripping. I hear a slurping noise as I feel burning sensation as he is running ice over my skin. Then something I’ve never felt I can only assume as it was dripped on me, it’s candle wax. I still hear the slurping and then I hear Jay say damn Sydnee your mouth is fucking great!!! I came the moment I heard those words. She is on her knees pleasuring my husband and I love it. I can’t see it but I know that she’s trying to be better than me at pleasing him.

He soon kisses me and says it’s her turn and removes my blindfold. He places her back on the table and and proceeds his light BDSM of her not wanting to hurt her too bad. It’s really more of a light 50 shades of gray. She seemed to love as I watched from the table next to her. I wanted to reach down and run my well used clit but with the cuffs it didn’t happen. She was continuously telling me how my husband fucks her better than anyone ever before. I was jealous at her words but joyed that my husband was treating her so well. But most of all I was happy that Jay was being pleasures by a 10 who was so pretty and sexy.

Eventually we break Jay has drinks for us and unties us and leads to the bed. He tells us that we will be in a 69 until he cums taking his turn with both of our pussies. Since Sydnee is smaller and lighter she is ordered to stay on top of me. We start eating each other and jay takes his place behind Sydnee as he’s about to push into her, looks at me as says guide your cock into our cake!! Which I do in a heartbeat. He groans as he enters her and she attacks my Pussy in return. She is constantly talking to me. Fuck your husband is stretching me and he feels so good. On and on I hear her and I love it. After her orgasms he pulls out and asks me to clean him off by putting it on my face. He smears it around on my cheeks and forehead. It humiliating and exhilarating at the same time but it is exactly what I asked for.

Once he is clean he spanks my clit with his cock and it throbs. Sydnee is pulling on my nipple clamps as jay slides into me. I won’t last 5 minutes with the amount of excitement I am feeling. I came over and over again, just like I normally do with jay but Sydnee has me in over drive.

Jay quickly finishes with me and moves to the side of me. He ties my hands over my head and him and Sydnee spend the 39 minutes fucking and making love every way possible. It’s an awesome sight and finally he explodes deep inside her, she’s telling me “he’s pressing against my cervix. I said “no” but I’m secretly so happy. This is the part of my fantasy I never told him.

We finish with lots of kissing and drinks in bed before we cuddle up together. Just as Jay is about to close his eyes I say “honey, do you know that Sydnee’s apartment lease is up in three weeks?”

To be continued…..

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