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high school hotties over the hill!

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Well, here it is school’s not even out, but they’re getting their pool ready.
We just recently bought my parents home after my mom passed away. We live out in the country surrounded by just a couple of families. But below the hill there are a family two daughters mom and dad and little brother.
I was at my yard I heard commotion down over the hill and I glanced down that way and seen that they were uncovering their pool. Mom was out there and she’s just wearing shorts and a shirt and one of the daughters, was out there.. She was in a black not quite string bathing suit ,leaving little to the imagination.

I was out of my yard walking around looking see how the grass and the trees where everything were doing down that area at the yard. When the two sisters were out there now. They were trying to do something to get it up onto the deck by the pool. I heard them kind of bickering so I made my way over to their place to see if I could be any assistance.

When I showed up they weren’t embarrassed or anything like that, even though they didn’t know me that well. I went over and help them lift the big speaker onto the patio that overlooks the deck. I couldn’t help but look. My heart was beating so fast because My crazy head was filling with all these kind of fantasies.
After I loaded the speaker onto the deck and hooked up to the back of the stereo for them and got some sweet jams coming out ,They asked me if I would like a beer. I say oh man I don’t want to get in trouble for drinking with someone under 21. They said that’s okay, their parents let them have a couple of beers if they’re outside in the pool and stuff. I asked him if they need to message your parents and ask him if it was okay and they said no, they’re cool with what they do there They trust them. I said to him I said you guys don’t have cameras up around here do you and they said no. Too many people can patch into them and sometimes our pool parties get a little out of hand. When I inquired about the out of hand pool parties The youngest one proceed to tell me after drinking and maybe smoking a little bit, which surprised me. I asked if they smoke and they said yeah we got some do you want some? I said no I have my own do you want to try mine? They said sure so I walked up to the house and got mine that I had homegrown myself. Very special stuff. When I showed it back down there their little brother had went inside the house . I think they sent them into play video games or something. Which he’s only limited to whenever his parents are there. But being that there is going to be drinking and maybe some smoking they sent him inside to do what he likes to do. Video games. So when I get there I sit down and roll up a joint, one of the girls come back out of the changing room with a big pretty ice cold bong.. so we loaded that up and took some tokes of some fine grass. Didn’t take long until the girls were giggly and fun. All their nervousness kind of fell away. They both jumped in the water now I’m standing there and blue jeans and a t-shirt. They said are you coming in and I said no I don’t have a suit I’ll run home and get one. They said just come in in your underwear it’s no big deal We swim in our underwear all the time. The one sister said to the other his underwear probably covers more of his privates than mine does. That being said I stripped down to my whitey tighties. They giggled when they seen the whitey tighties. They said our family wears boxers how come you don’t. And I just told them that I don’t think they’re comfortable I like my boys snug against my body. And they started giggling. So I jump in we swim around a little bit and toss a volleyball back and forth in the water. One of the girls say hey can we take another toke off of your bong? I said sure so we proceeded to go over towards the edge of the pool where the tables at and I started to get out and the one girl grabs my legs and she says, not that bong, this one she reaches inside my pants pulls out my already hardening pecker and start sucking on it right in front of her sister. Her sister then proceeds to take off her top and play with her boobs right in front of me. These girls aren’t fat and they aren’t skinny. They’re perfect They have just the right amount of meat on their bones. The oldest one had the most beautiful boobs. Biggest nipples I ever seen on somebody so young. Keep in mind these girls are all legal and consensual, as a matter of fact they accosted me before I even had the chance. Her mouth was so hot and she played with my balls while she sucked on me The other girl would come up out of the pool and went around behind me and started rubbing her boobs all over my back. I reach back and start a massaging through her bathing suit bottoms and she’s leans over on me and just kind of holds on my grind my finger over her clit through her bathing suit. It’s not long and she’s humping my hand pretty hard. Her sister says I want that too, so she jumps out of the pool and the other one jumps in and sucks my dick even better than the first one. I slide my fingers in underneath her bathing suit bottoms and feel how smooth and soaking wet she is. Not pool water slick slick yummy stuff I pull my dick out of one girl’s mouth I turn around lay the other one back while pulling her bathing suit bottoms off. I open up her legs and most beautiful smooth gorgeous virgin pussy I’ve ever seen in my life. It was so clean so smooth and such perfect form. I bury my face in that and I licked and I sucked until I was in heaven and she visited heaven twice. Adri, the oldest one, said hey I want some of that tongue too. So we switch spots. She already pulled her bathing suit off and was playing with her clit when I began to kiss all around the inside of her thighs and stuff. When I made my way to her pussy, which I don’t believe was virgin, I slowly stuck my middle finger in down that g-spot while I sucked on her clit. She was all over the place bucking and humping. She said she never felt that feeling so deep inside of her before. It wasn’t long until she got her second orgasm. And then it was my turn. They have me laid back on a bathing chair and they pull off my jeans they pull off my shirt. They began to stroke me kiss on me and suck on me in every imaginal place. So, they really did take a toke of the bong this time. And our fun continued.. let me see the responses and I’ll continue on this. I know I’m not very good this is just speech to text. No written notes or anything like that sorry if it’s messed up.

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    Good story. Would love more and pics of them if you got them

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