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Hey Boyfriends Brother

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    “Joe!” Andrea shouted, looking for her boyfriend. He was supposed to meet her here at his home, but she had let herself in and so far had no luck finding him. She continued calling for him, and began to go room to room looking for him. He had told her to meet him here, but his car wasn’t in the drive. She looked through his room, the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and finally came to his younger brother, Carter’s room. 

She knocked.

No answer.

She knocked again, “Carter??” Are you here? Is Joe here?” she asked.

No answer.

She was about to leave but decided to look in, just to be sure. She opened the door, slowly at first but then quickly, eager to continue looking for Joe. She peered into the room, all the lights on and the faint sound of something through headphones and there, laying on his bed, naked and stroking his cock, was Carter. 

“OH MY GOD!” he shouted, scrambling up, ripping his headphones out of his computer, which caused the songs of moaning and fucking porn actors to blair. He grabbed his computer cord and ripped it out of the wall, trying to cover his 8’’ cock “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!”

“Looking for Joe” Andrea replied, unable to take her eyes away from Carters crotch


“Where is he?” She asked

“Dad had him go over last minute to help with something, I don’t know, can you please leave?”

“Well do you know when he will be back? She asked

“Not for a while, I don’t know what happened, is that it?”

“No.” She replied, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. Her heart was racing, she had been horny all day and couldn’t wait to fuck Joe, but now… 

“What are you doing!?” Carter asked, seemingly panicking

Andrea reached down and pulled off her shirt. 

“No Andrea, what the fuck?!” Carter continued “Joe will kill us, what are you even doing?”

She walked over to him and grabbed his hand, moving it away from his crotch

“Andr…” Carter began to protest but couldn’t finish, she had grabbed his cock and started stroking. He looked at her, recognizing that she needed what he could give her, and decided to risk his brother’s indignation to give it to her. He leaned in and kissed her, before moving to the bed. 

“I guess big cocks run in your family” Andrea smiled, as she moved down to put his cock in her mouth. She began to kiss her way up his thighs, driving him crazy with anticipation. His muscular young body tasted delicious, but she was excited for what was coming, or rather cumming, next. As her lips got closer to Carter’s hard member, all she could hear was her heartbeat echoing in her head. She was so wet, but didn’t want to rush things. She wanted to enjoy the taste of the forbidden, and savor every moment. She eventually made her way to his balls, and started to kiss and suck them, trying to be gentle and make sure he was experiencing nothing but pleasure. At this point Carter was muttering incoherently, overwhelmed by the sensations he was experiencing. She licked her way up his shaft as it twitched and pulsated in response to her tongue. Once she reached the top she used her finger to spread his precum around the head of his cock, causing it to shine with refectory light. 

Carter opened his eyes as he felt Andrea’s hot breath on the head of his cock.

“Oh my god… Andrea…” he gasped as he watched her open her mouth and descend on his cock. His body was shaking as he let out a massive moan and her mouth engulfed his head. 

Encouraged by Carter’s quick breathing and moans, Andrea worked her way further down his cock until her nose hit the base of his cock. At this point she began to bob up and down, applying suction and pressure on the head of his cock. Carter slowly began to move his hips up and down, and instinctively thrusted his member into her mouth. Andrea did her best not to cock, and took his cock as deep as she could into her mouth. Carter ran his hands through her hair as he continued to thrust his cock into her wet and hungry mouth.

“I-I can’t believe you’re doing this Andrea…” he gasped in between breaths

She continued to suck him off, free of guilt or shame. His cock began to leak more and more precum, which she happily swallowed and licked up.

“Hey Andr, I think I’m close to cumming” he tried to warn her, but all that did was make her go faster. 

Carter wrapped his arms around her head and began thrusting into her wet mouth as fast as he could. “Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!” he yelled as he arched his body back and writhed in pleasure. 

Andrea kept sucking, feeling his cock grow bigger in her mouth.

Carter’s body began to shake and spasm as his cries echoed through the empty house. Soon a spurt of warm cum hit the back of Andrea’s throat as she continued to suck, and more and more ropes of Carter’s hot milky cum filled her mouth, and she eagerly swallowed up. She wanted every bit of his juices. Even as his orgasm subsided she continued to suck and push every last drop of cum out of his tired cock. She slowly slid his cock out of her mouth.

He had tasted better than she had ever imagined, and her cum coated mouth tasted delicious. His bright red and throbbing cock flopped down on his body with a slap, and he laid back on the bed, breathing heavily in disbelief at what had just happened. 

Andrea leaned in and kissed his wet, tired cock one last time. 

“You tasted really good” she said

Carter smiled widely “That was amazing Andr, can I, um… make you feel as good as you made me?”

Andrea was a bit taken off guard, but smiled, biting her lip “Next time” she said, “I have to go find your brother.”

“Oh God” Carter smiled and covered his eyes with his hands “Tell him I said hi”, he laughed.

“Cya” She said, “thanks again”.

Andrea opened his door and walked out, closing it behind her. She left the house, and called Joe.

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