Erotic Stories


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Tawny and Bryce had been married a little over a year now. Both very much still in love with each other, and Tawny, still in the tender years of sexual exploration. She was four years younger than Bryce, who was twenty eight. They met at a mutual friends party about two years prior, and both became madly in love at their first meeting.

Tawny was considered by her girlfriends, to being a wallflower as far as dating and relationships were concerned. She was never the Bride, and always the Brides Maid. Her timid ness, as far as the opposite sex went, was always the discussion with her girlfriends. They would take turns in setting her up with different guys that they knew, and the majority of the time things went well. She wasn’t a raving beauty, but still very attractive. Her shoulder length brown hair accented her porcelain skin nicely. She had deep brown eyes, perfect teeth, and her shape was a tad on the plump side. She had two relationships that lasted six months and ten months, respectively.

She had some experience sexually from these two relationships, but nothing like she has with Bryce. He had, on a few occasions attempted to coax her into having anal sex. Each time that Bryce broached the subject, Tawny would feel her pulse quicken, mostly from the fear of the unknown of such an act, and partially from the disdain that she had heard from hearing other women talk about their experiences. So, she would use the terminology that she had seen used in various chat rooms, “that is for exit only” when Bryce mentioned it. And Bryce never pushed the issue any further. He knew that in time, he would convince her to at least trying it.

It happened to be a dreary night outside to most, hard rain, lightning and thunder. But to Bryce and Tawny, it was a setting that they couldn’t buy in a store or a bottle, or make happen on their own. It was one of many things that they had in common, the awe of the stunning beauty of a thunderstorm.

They had returned from a night of dancing and frivolity with friends and others. It was about two thirty in the morning, and both were still very much awake and feeling the relaxation from their libations and the fact that it was the weekend made it even better. Tawny was feeling very much alive and energized, both physically and mentally. She felt a bit randy as well. As soon as Bryce entered the bedroom to undress, she pushed him towards their bed. When he fell onto the bed, Tawny jumped onto him before the bed had stopped bouncing. She straddled him and smiled when she saw his startled look. Within seconds, Tawny lifted her top over her head and tossed the garment to the floor into the darkness.

Now she sat above Bryce’s motionless but tense form as he watched. Her breasts filled the cups of her bra fully. And as she leaned down to kiss him, he gazed down the deep crevasse of her cleavage. Now he too was beginning to feel very much alive again. He couldn’t help but notice that his cock was pushing against the tough denim and seam of his zipper as it began to fill with blood. He made a move to grab her arms and roll her over to switch their positions, but Tawny had anticipated his move, and quickly pulled free of his grasp. He attempted to voice his objection, when Tawny told him hush as she held an upright forefinger to his lips.

With a flick of the remote control on the night stand , a slow sultry tune began steaming from the speakers in the room. Tawny got up and stood beside the bed. As the tune continued with the slow beat and deep bass of the song, she began to sway her hips as she danced for him. She unhooked her bra, and let the straps fall until she held them in the bends of her arms, keeping the cups draped loosely over her breasts. She spun in beat with the tune and finally tossed the bra to the floor in the shadows. Her nipples were erect to their fullest, straining into the darkness. Only the dim closet light gave Bryce a glimpse of her soft ample flesh adorned with hardened nipples as crowns.

The tune began to increase tempo. Tawny spun again, turning her back to him. She performed a long and slow straight legged toe touch. Bryce watched with intense pleasure as the short skirt began to ride up the backs of her taut thighs. When she was completely bent over, he saw the thin white strip of her T-back panties reach from under the poutiness of her pussy lips and stretch upward, disappearing between her well rounded butt cheeks. Tawny peeked around her legs as she held this position, to see the lust filling his glazed eyes. She finished the song by removing her skirt, slowly stepping each leg from the fallen cloth circle as it lay on the floor.

Bryce was mesmerized and filled with desire. There was his beauty, standing in front of him only a foot or two away, wearing nothing but a vee cut, white sheer T-back. Tawny motioned for him with her forefinger to come to her. He was off the bed and walking toward her in a flash. He was removing his tee shirt as he stepped up to her. He pressed his bared chest into her breasts. Her flesh was hot against his. Bryce took the role of predator now. As he pressed his full lips to hers as he held her, he began walking , pushing her backwards until they were against the wall by the closet. He began kissing her long, and hard and deeply. His tongue danced over hers and hers over his. He withdrew his tongue after a moment only to stick it back out enough to trace the outline of her lips. He knew this drove her crazy! They kissed for a few more minutes, long and rougher than they had begun.

He unzipped his jeans and yanked his erect cock from the confines of his boxers briefs. His free hand grabbed the shaft and used the thick bulbous head to easily push aside her sheer panties. His cock head nuzzled between the soft folds of her wet lips and he guided the drooling tip to her opening. His hips pushed forward and his hot, hard cock invaded her softest flesh. Her heat engulfed his cock shaft as he inched into her slowly. She could feel his throbbing member as it slowly filled her void. He thrust into her several times with quick deep jabs before she whimpered and then moaned loudly as her climax released from deep within her loins. His cock was totally covered with her release after he held her, then withdrew. Bryce remarked at how quickly she had climaxed. She told him that she guessed it was all the dancing from earlier that evening. Bryce didn’t really care that she came so quickly, because he knew that she would cum again before he was satisfied anyway. He looked at it as a plus for the both of them.

He kissed he deeply again as he still pressed into her against the wall. He was inflamed with passion for her even more now, and she was just now beginning to come alive with her incessant, insatiable, churning need for more release. In fact the craving engulfed her mind as well as her body. So, as he kissed her, she returned the passion with her kissing him back, letting him know with an unspoken language, that she wanted, actually needed more!

Bryce pulled his tongue from her lips and began trailing kisses to her chin, then her neck and began down her chest. He paused long enough to quickly place his lips to her left ear, and in a husky whisper, told her that he wanted to take her completely tonight. With his hot breath grazing her ear and his words echoing in her mind, she felt a shiver run down her spine. He continued where he left off and proceeded to suckle her nipples. Tawny felt the heat in her tummy flare as each flicker of his tongue on her hard nipples shoot tracers of fire into her very being. He kissed and licked slowly downward until his lips were at the small tuft of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

He inhaled deeply as he nuzzled his nose into the fine pelt, breathing in her scent. He then drew his head down until his lips were poised at her juicy swollen lips. His tongue parted her folds as he went searching, and soon found her hardened clit. He wagged his tongue from side to side over the flesh trigger. Her hips bumped out to meet his probing tongue. As he licked and sucked her clit, one free hand extended up to her soft breast, kneading it. He slid his fore finger into her pussy with his other hand as he continued to lick and suck. When he retrieved his finger, it was saturated with the slick juices from her previous release. He took that finger and extended straight up and placed it between her firm ass cheeks until it was pressing lightly at her puckered asshole.

While he tongue swabbed her swollen clitoris and intermittently lapped at, and lightly nipped each puffy pussy lip, he kept his finger still, at her bung. Tawny sensed what he was going to do, so she began to tiptoe to raise herself away from his finger. She was hoping that that subtle move would remind him that she didn’t want to explore that area. It didn’t work. As her ass moved upward from his finger, so did his hand. She was now on her toes as high as she could go with his finger poised there in an unmoving position. His oral torment quickly gave way to her brief fear of an anal invasion. It wasn’t too much longer when her mind was over taken by her second wave of a climax, combined with her toes weakening from exhaustion, that she slowly slid back downward. Bryce’s finger, however did not. She slid down onto his pointing finger. It was done gradually enough to where his finger slipped into her ass easily. As soon as she had lowered herself onto his finger, she felt what seemed like a tidal wave rush through her abdomen and out of her womb. Her nectar seeped from her swollen lips and he lapped them away the very instant they became accessible to his hungry tongue. Bryce felt her asshole tighten quickly and firmly onto his finger, each time, as her pussy twitched with her orgasm. Tawny began to breath slower as her last release ebbed. Her lust was at an all time high now. That constant gnawing of more, more, more was more prevalent now than ever before.

He stood up and kissed her again, this time pointing to the bed and asked her to lay down, cross ways with her butt at the side. He began tugging at his jeans, flinging them aside, then practically tearing his briefs off. His cock was hard as steel. The thick vein along side the shaft was protruding from the side, completely filled with hormonal powered blood. Clear drool coated the tip of the purplish throbbing head. His balls were hanging low in the thin skinned sac. His eyes were dark and glazed. Tawny knew that she was in for the ride of her life now, and was anticipating every moment of it.

Bryce reached to the headboard and brought back a small bottle which he tossed to the floor, and Tawny’s next “best” buddy, her two speed vibrator. She grinned devilishly when she saw it, as he handed it to her. He lifted he legs up onto his shoulders and chest as he moved his cock towards her. She switched the vibrator wand to low speed. He pushed his aching cock into her sopping wet pussy easily, as he stood at the side of the bed. When she sat the vibrator onto her inflamed clit, it was as if someone had thrown jet fuel onto an already blazing fire. Her legs tingled,and her ears began to ring from the sensations wracking her body. When Bryce was in her twat fully, he began to saw in and out with long slow strokes. She bucked back at him urging him to go faster and harder.

Bryce was on a different page than Tawny right now. He withdrew from her and bent down and picked up the small bottle that he had stashed there, while she was positioning herself at the side of the bed as he had asked. He took the bottle of KY jelly and squirted a generous amount onto his red hot cock, covering it completely. He then squirted more of the slippery gel into his two fingers and spread it generously in between Tawny’s meaty ass cheeks. He basted her puckered, virginal asshole with the lube. When he looked at Tawny, her eyes were filled with excitement and a glimmer of fear. He smiled at her reassuringly and told her that he would be very gentle and patient. She had always be a very willing partner in almost everything, but this arena.

Her lust was at a level that she had never experienced before. Her mind was flashing between the previous two orgasms, and her impending one that filled her at this moment. The fear of the unknown, never having been fucked in her ass before seemed to be a waning concern. She was feeling very nasty right now and knew that so was Bryce. And she was loving the new feeling. It was very uninhibiting for her.

When Tawny flipped the wand vibrator to its highest speed, Bryce placed the tip of his fiery cock at her tight, pink asterisk. He applied a firm steady nudge against the tender soft flesh. Making sure to take his time, which really took a lot of his concentration due to his pent up passion for her, he pushed a little further in. He felt the muscled ring of her bung begin to give way to its new invader. The tip of his slippery cock was just about completely inside of her ass, when he felt the sphincter muscle give access with a small popping feeling as the glans of his cockhead was in her fully now.

He kept a watchful eye on Tawny’s face for any negative reaction. She was showing no visible signs of discomfort, so he continued. He slid his shaft deeper into her a half an inch at a time, then pause, then continue again until he was in her ass full tilt. The vibrator was humming a steady song on her clit while he began his slow thrusting in and out of her. Eventually, he was pumping in and out of her tight sweet ass like a man possessed. His hands were grabbing and firmly massaging each ass cheeks while he pummeled her. Tawny began tossing her head from side to side now as her climax was at its point of no return.

Bryce could hold back no longer and let out a deep, long primal groan. Hot sticky seed erupted from the tip of his cock, spurting into her depths. Stream after stream of hot cum spewed into Tawny’s tight ass. She felt the heat of the first jet of cum as it flowed into her once virgin butt. This only made her climax more intense. She cried out as her pussy twitched as well as her asshole did with each rapid contraction of her release. All of her passion and lust washed through her womb like a raging gush. She could feel the liquid flood from her pussy. She imagined the juices coating the cock that was still pumping in and out of her ass. This thought sent one last powerful wave of a climax shooting through her as Bryce began to slow his movement.

Afterward, They each cleaned up the sticky, slippery mess that they had made of each other, then coupled onto the bed, him spooning her. She laid there cooing her contentment, as he wondered if she had enjoyed or just tolerated their new found sex. About the time he was going to ask her, she rolled and kissed him very lovingly, and said, “That was wonderful!”. He didn’t push any further, hoping that they could try the anal scene in the future. Besides, he knew her reply to any request of trying this again would have been, “Purhaps”. They slept like the dead that night, both smiling.



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