Erotic Stories

He gave me a facial and I loved it. AMWF🥰

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I had some alone time so ran a hot bath in my big tub and brought my vibrator with me. I also bought this bath bomb that has coconut oil in it so it leaves you feeling a bit oiled up and silky, perfect for sexy times. I wasn’t expecting him to come over, so I had no makeup on or anything fancy going on. Just me with my hair up in bun and some music playing.

I started massaging the oil into my arms, belly, and thighs. Then my breasts, I was massaging them and playing with my nipples that were poking out of the water, I ran my vibrator over my nipples and down my stomach to my pussy and started rubbing up and down along my slit. Then I would slide it inside my pussy and pull it back out, rubbing it on my clit. I continued doing this and was about to cum when I heard my front door open. I turned off my vibe and sat up feeling startled, again no one was supposed to be around. I stood up and reached for my towel when he walked in and caught me all shimmery and naked. “Oh my God, you scared the hell out of me” I said to him as he walked up to me. “Look at you all vulnerable, I like this” he said as he came in for a kiss, then he moved to my neck and inhaled through his nose “mmm you smell amazing” and gave me a bite. I was already so horny so I took his hand and guided it to my boob and down to my pussy. He looks down and sees my vibrator on the edge of the tub, and looks at me with those eyebrows. He picks it up and turns it on, then places it on my clit. It felt so good that my knees were week. He held me tight to him and was using the vibe on me better than I could’ve done myself. He kissed my neck and said “cum” in my ear. I did, I had an amazing trembling orgasm, my knees gave out but he held me tight against him so it didn’t matter. After a few seconds of recovery I kneeled down in my bath and started to undo his jeans, he lifted his shirt off and helped me remove his pants the rest of the way. I grabbed his rock hard cock and massaged his head with my tongue for a few seconds, then I sucked him into my mouth, as I bobbed on and off his cock some drule ran down my chin on onto to my chest. Then I turned on the vibe and held it against my cheek as I continued to take him in and and out of my mouth while I worked my other hand on the base of his shaft. His jaw was clinched, I could see his body growing tense and his grip on my shoulder became almost unbearable. He pumped himself inside my throat twice and then pulled out and released his hot load all over my freckled face. We made eye contact and he rubbed his cock head over my gooey lips.

Afterwards he climbed in the bath as I rubbed most of it into my skin. Then he wiped my face off with a warm washcloth and we relaxed for about 20 mins before going out for some coffee. 🥰

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