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He Fingered Me In The Car [M40’sF30’s] [Public]

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We were on our way home from a really good night out. We went out to this amazing Italian restaurant, the food was perfect, the wine was even better. We were teasing each other the entire evening. At one point I kicked off my heel under the table and slid my foot between his legs. I could feel his half hard cock harden almost immediately when my toes made contact with that oversized head. I felt him pulse and thicken as I licked my lips and made long eye contact with him. Holding his gaze as my toes slid back and forth, up and down his length. He never wears underwear and I swear I felt precum leaking from his bulbous head.

With a sexy grin; I pulled my foot from between his legs. I whispered across the table to him “I can’t wait to get that monster inside me”. He looked like we was in a daze. Right before dessert I excused myself and went to the ladies room. My pussy had soaked my thong, I could feel my juices leaking out of me, my clit felt like it was on fire. Every time I moved, it would rub and give me a delicious tease. I needed more. I went into a stall, pushed the crotch of my thong into my pussy, allowing it to soak up more of my juices before I took them off. Hoping with less friction I’d be able to make it home. Plus, I wanted to tease him by giving them to him. He would for sure smell my arousal on them. I hoped it would drive him crazy. As I went back to the table, I stopped behind him and slid my panties into his hand as I kissed his neck. He knew from the show I gave him before we left the house which pair I had worn. He would know exactly what they were when the skin of his hand made contact.

He looked taken aback when I slid them into his palm. He was speechless. I swear I saw his cock flex as it registered what was in his hand. My pussy was flowing as I sat back in my chair. Dessert was rather uneventful, I enjoyed some amazing molten cake. Chocolate has always been such a turn on for me. We made our way to the car. Stopping to kiss as he opened the door for me. I turned to get in the car and felt his hands groping my ass as I rotated my body to get in.

He got in and started the car pulling out of the parking lot. I had planned to tease him before sucking his cock during the ride home. I kicked off my heals and put both feet shoulder width apart on the dash. I dipped my middle finger inside me, before pulling it out and circling my clit. Getting my clit nice and wet I stuck my finger in his mouth. He loves going down and can get me off in seconds with his tongue. He savors my taste as he slides his hand from the gear stick and between my legs. I feel his thick finger slide between my labia before curling and rubbing against my spot. This is when I lost control. It went from me teasing, to him being in control.

He pulled his finger out and circled up to my clit. I was on fire keeping my feet on the dash I spread my legs at my knees. I could feel my juices leaking out and down onto the leather seat. He began to finger fuck me in earnest. I was humping my hips up in time with his thrusts. I reached up with my right hand and began to pinch my nipple. This sent electric shivers back down to my pussy. I was on the verge of cumming and there was no stopping me. He kept his middle finger inside me and moved his thumb so that it was applying pressure to my clit. I could feel myself squeezing down on his finger as my muscles spasmed. Contracting hard and clenching as my orgasm took over.

I started to come down, my legs were limp, I felt like I’d just run a marathon. I reached over and ran my fingers over the length of his cock. We were pulling in the driveway. I couldn’t wait to get inside the house.

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