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(HATE FUCK) I (F20’s) am being initiated on sleep play by someone I hate – Part 2

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I need to take back control.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’d do well to read the beginning of my story here. If you’ve been there and done that, then just for you I’ll say it again: I need to take back control.
It was fine when we hated each other.
It was fine when we had a sex deal and nothing more.
But now he knows I was awake, he knows some of my kinks, he knows how to please me and he knows I would like repeats.
He knows too much and what do I know?
That he moans during sex. Excellent. Some Cold War spy grade investigation right there.
I now long for the days when we would sigh in frustration just for crossing each other down the hall. Cause today I crossed him down that same hall and he smirked.
A little fucking grin like he knows what my cum tastes like and how to have that on the menu whenever he likes.
I don’t mind that grin on a boyfriend or a friend with benefits.
But fucking imbecile Trevor went on for forty minutes just last week trying to piss me off over Roe v Wade and… no, ok? Just no. That kind of man (if I can even call that idiot fucker a “man”) does not get to taste my cum and walk away like he owns me.
So new plan!
Take back control.
No trouble. He is the horny moron, I can work with this.
I walk downstairs a new woman. I had a cold shower. I masturbated. I got dressed in a nice short skirt and a cute little blouse that makes me look like a porn director went wild and decided to combine school girl and teacher in the same outfit. Cause here’s my plan: he’ll look at me, he’ll want me, I’ll say no. Control. Back.
Or it would be.
If fucking Trevor wasn’t so gloriously hot.
If fucking Trevor wasn’t shirtless in the middle of the living room doing push ups.
If fucking Trevor didn’t have a six pack that would look so good on my tongue.
If fucking Trevor didn’t have these tattoos on his arms and chest that made my pussy go “oh good morning!”
Plan failed. I am not happy. I am horny, yes, but not happy.
“Morning, baby” he grins.
“Don’t call me baby” I am in a bad mood and it’s about to get worst, cause as soon as I walk into the kitchen, mom is there with a request.
“Baby, can you go to the store for me and Charlie today?”
WHY “baby”? Why does everyone have to call me baby?
“Can everyone please stop calling me baby”.
“I was just saying hello, Tess!” Mom takes a step back “What’s the matter with you this morning?”
“She probably needs a good night sleep” Trevor joins us in the kitchen, still shirtless “Something kept you up last night?”
“It would be so nice if you could… like… die”
“No fighting, children. I’ll need you two to go to the store today”
“Us two?” I blink. She said she needed ME. When did “me” become “us two”?
“Sure thing, Janet” he smiles, like a prince. Making an effort to be kind to everyone but me.
“I’m sorry, ‘us two’?” I’m still hang up on that part.
“I made a list, it shouldn’t take long”
“I’ll put a shirt on and get on it.”
“Why ‘us two’? Why is this a two person job?”
“So neither one of you has to be alone. Please don’t turn this into a thing, Tessie”
“Yeah, Tessie” he smirks again.
I really think if a jury of my peers would listen to this whole story I wouldn’t get too harsh of a sentence for commiting murder.
So off to the store we go.
“Did you have a good night?” He asks as soon as I close the door.
“Just drive”.
“It was an innocent question”
“No, it wasn’t”.
“Of course it wasn’t, I fucked your pussy hard and you were so wet I was afraid you’d ruin the hardwood floor. But I’m a gentleman”
“Is that what you are?”
“Among many other things”.
“Remember when we made this deal and you said we’d never have to talk about it?”
“Yeah, I lied. Can’t believe you fell for that.”
“You’re an asshole”
“And you’re a bitch, but you’re so hot I’m willing to let that go”
“Is there any chance we can drive in silence?”
“I’m serious, Tess. This whole sleep play thing was nasty good. I know you were awake, but we can keep trying until I get it right. What’s the ultimate fantasy for you here? Is it waking up filled with my cum and realizing I used you all night? Cause I can try to do that. Hell, I’m good to go right now if you wanna take a nap.”
Why does he have to be such an asshole about everything? I’m about to growl and yell, maybe bite. But the idea of waking up filled with his cum makes my mouth watery for whatever fucking reason. He was rude. Again. And I’m horny. Again.
Can you imagine, though?
Waking up after a delicious night of sleep and realizing your body is a little sore in all the right places. Reaching out between your thighs out of curiosity only to discover your pjs are gone and your pubes are soaking in cum.
This is the kind of thing that should make me disgusted, isn’t it? But the mere thought makes me wet.
I’m trying to pretend I’m not gasping for air, but he notices.
“Oh fuck my whole fucking life! THAT’S IT, isn’t it? You want me to use you nice and dirty, and you wanna wake up to my cum dripping out of your pussy”
“That’s not what I said!”
“FUCK, Tess! Do you have any idea how hot that is? Oh, baby, I can do you so good while you sleep”
I can’t breathe. What the hell is wrong with me?
“Trevor… just… ok? Can you… please?”
“Am I making you nervous?”
Yes, yes you are. But if I tell you that, I can kiss control goodbye and I better kiss it good cause I will never ever see it again.
“I gotta say there’s some other stuff I wanna do to you as well” he keeps going, when we park at the store.
“Excuse me?”
Other stuff? I told him he could use me while I slept, I low key offered my ass… what the fuck more does he want?
“But we can do your thing first. We gotta get you real tired today, so you sleep hard. And I’ll be slow, but fuck Tess, once I start slamming it in you’re bound to wake up. I don’t think you can sleep through that. Do you like that too? Waking up with a cock sliding in and out of your ass? Or does it have to be a next morning realization kinda thing?”
“What other stuff do you wanna do to me?” I cross my arms, offended. Why are men this greedy? What more could he want?
“You gonna get on your knees for me”
“On my…?”
“To suck my cock. I wanna fuck your throat. Actually… you’re gonna start talking about your feminist shit, then I’ll put you on your knees and fuck your throat. We can do your thing first though. Then we do my thing”
I am not entirely sure it is humanly possible for any woman to get more pissed off than I was at that second. “Rage” doesn’t seem like a strong enough word.
“We will do NO thing. Not my thing. Not your thing. No thing. We’re done and I CAN’T believe I let you fuck me!”
“But you did and it was really good and we both want more. So fuck off, Tess. We both know it’s happening. We had a deal because we both wanted it”
“And you lied on the deal”
“So make a new deal”
“Oh yeah, asshole? You want a new deal? You get on your knees for me and MAYBE I’ll let you touch me again”
“Fuck, baby, I love it when you go bratty like this. I’m gonna spank you tonight, ok?”
“Fuck you”
“Get a little blush on your ass while I fuck you on all fours like a little bitch? You’d like that?”
Yes, I would really like that.
I am so fucking wet.
I hate my body. It’s clearly not on my side.
“You get on your knees first and I’ll think about it”
“What you gonna do to put me on my knees?” He laughs, teasing me, fishing for a reaction “Cause I can grab your hair and put you in your place. What can you do? Pout really hard?”
“I’ll make you a deal” I say. Cause if he wants to play Satan, I can play that too.
“What deal?”
“If you can do all our shopping without going hard, I’ll get down on my knees for you tonight”
He laughs so hard he shakes the car.
“Alright, deal”
“You don’t wanna hear what I get?”
“I’m not a teenager, Tessie. I can go a couple of hours without a spontaneous erection, so I’m fine”
“If you lose, you get down on your knees for me. But not tonight. I say when”
“Ok, you want anything else?” His grin is still there.
“Yeah. No more talking about sex during the day. You leave me alone.”
“Sure thing, sweet pea. So all I have to do is shop without getting a hard on and you’ll suck me tonight?”
“I’ll swallow and everything”
His grin falters for a second and I realize I’m turning him on.
That makes me happy, but I didn’t even start yet.
“Ok. Here I go!”
“Don’t forget your mask” I say.
His mask is made out of fabric and is sitting in a small compartment on the dashboard. I take it and he goes “thank you, baby” but I don’t give it to him.
Instead, I wrap it around my fingers and take it between my thighs. I shove my panties to the side and tease my clit with my mask-covered-fingers . My body arches and I let out a little moan.
“What the fuck are you…?”
His words shake. Like they are frail little things being beaten to death with a stick.
I spread my legs, pressing me knees against the dashboard and sink a finger in, soaking his mask in my pussy juice.
Trevor is frozen and speechless, watching my hand disappear underneath my skirt and holding his breath.
I only take a couple of second cause this is far too easy.
“Here” I say, like a good helpful girl, placing the mask over his nose and mouth before making sure it’s tied by his ears. One ear at a time, cute and sweet, like I’m being a nice assistant instead of a horrible tease.
Trevor doesn’t even move. It’s like he forgot how.
There is a tremor on his chin. He takes a deep breath and his eyes close against his will.
“Fuck” he whispers, weakly.
“Yeah, I know” I fake a sad voice “I smell good, huh?”
“So fucking good” his eyes are still closed.
The mask moves as if he is licking the inside of the fabric.
“Is that good too?” I remove the mask from one of his ears and the tip of his tongue is still between his lips. I put my tongue in close to his and lick the inside of the fabric also. Trevor holds on to the steering wheel as if he is about to have a seizure. I put his mask back on and moan “Hm, I taste good”.
I think this is when Trevor remembers the deal cause he holds the whole bottom half of my face under his huge hand, forcing me to shut up. Not a word, not a smirk. Just his hand on my mouth keeping me quiet.
And that’s when I unlock a new kink apparently cause he grabs me violently and I’m am immediately turned on. Fuck, I want the spankings and the ass fucking and the hand shutting me up. All at the same time, please and thank you.
But first I wanna destroy him.
I moan like a whore on a payroll under his hand and lick his fingers.
I only licked him but by the way he takes his hand off me, you’d think I electrocuted him.
His dick is hard.
Very extremely hard.
As if, I could sit on it and ride it right now until we both came.
“I think you lost, baby” I smirk.
He gets out of the car in a hurry. Fucking pissed, he is. He has to stand outside in the cold for a few minutes, calming himself before he can make it to the store and I am smiling like I never had a bad day in my life.
And the rest of the day is just as glorious.
Now Trevor is the one in a horrible mood.
He’ll have to get on his knees and lick me. Whenever I say.
He can’t tease me anymore AND he has the bluest of balls right now.
This is the most wonderful thing that could have happened and I am truly a beacon of joy.
My happiness makes him even more bitter which makes me even more happy. What a marvellous day.
All that happiness runs into a sudden stop when I go to the bathroom to find his wet towel on the floor.
“Seriously?” My turn to go in his room without knocking “You have a closet filled with clean towels in this bedroom, and you can’t get a new one and leave this wet one in the…”
“Not now, Tess” he sounds serious. We had to put the office desk in the back of the room to make space for a bed. He is sitting in the small table, facing me, with his laptop open in front of him. He raises his eyes, still in a mood “I’m about to go on a meeting. Go fuck off”.
“Asshole” I say before leaving. I shower for the second time today cause I was… well, in need. All this teasing was great to kill his mood but I wasn’t immune to the whole thing, is all I’m saying.
But, as no joy in life lasts forever, as soon as I step out I discover that MY towel is also completely wet. He used BOTH towels when he showered and replaced none.
I wrap it around my body and go straight to mom’s office (where he now sleeps and works) which is where we keep the clean ones.
You know where this is going, right?
Remember yesterday when I said my life was about to turn into a cheap porn? Yeah, this is kind of what I was talking about.
I walk into his room and he is about to tell me to fuck off. But I am butt naked and wet under a towel and he is a straight man who was denied relief a couple hours ago, so he does a double take, mutes his microphone and goes “Are you insane?”
“I will be, if don’t start replacing the damn towels”
“Yeah, I’m here” he unmutes his mic and stares at me like he could fuck me in the ass with his keyboard “I saw the numbers and…” ok, I don’t remember exactly what he said next, it was some work crap. The important bit is that I dropped my wet towel to replace it with a clean one and Trevor choked.
I can hear the click of the mic being muted.
“Tess? Could you please leave? Right the fuck now?”
“Am I disturbing you? I’m sorry, baby, I promise it was innocent”.
He unmutes.
“Yeah, send it to me later with the full report” (this wasn’t exactly what he said, I don’t care what he said) The bit I care about came next.
He mutes.
“No, it wasn’t innocent”he said.
“No, of course it wasn’t” I smile “I shoved a mask covered in my pussy juice under your nose and you’ve been hard, thinking about me on my knees, taking you in my throat and swallowing. Two things I can do very well, by the way. Unfortunately, you won’t find out. Cause you got hard like an inexperienced teenager and lost the bet”.
He unmutes.
“Do that” he says to his colleagues before staring me dead in the eye “I’m gonna fuck your pussy so deep tonight you’re gonna taste my cum in your tongue”. I would smile if his eyes didn’t widen in panic “NO! It was a… I was talking to…”
Oh dear heaven, he was unmuted.
I cover my mouth in panic as he gestures me to get the fuck out.
I obey and run back to my room.
I’d feel bad, but I really don’t.
It was his mistake and he has always been an idiot, he deserves to be embarrassed for a second. I’m sure it will be…
My door slams open and Trevor looks livid.
Enraged, furious, shaking with anger.
I’m still getting dressed, which means I have nothing on besides panties and bra.
“Get out” I say.
“Get out?” He asks, like a psycho “Oh, am I inconveniencing you?”
He slams my door shut and it is the middle of the day. Our parents are up. I was stupid with my little power play before but now we are really tempting luck.
“Trevor, my mom and your dad are…”
He doesn’t listen. I was trying to put pants on but he marches toward me like a carnivore who has skipped a couple of meals and smacks it out of my hand. He then grabs me by the hips and throws me on my bed.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
“Teaching you a lesson about what you find out when you fuck around”
He unzips his pants. I try to move but he grabs me again and this time I know he means it.
His hands on my hips are heavy and unrelenting.
“If you’re gonna say ‘red’ you better say it right now”
I’m not.
“Get out” I repeat.
“Yeah, fucking cunt. You get your pussy juice on my face and leave me hard. Then you parade naked around my room. What the fuck do you want? My sanity? My job?” He forces me to stay on all fours and rips out my panties “No, what you want is this” he fucks me dry and raw. Shoves his whole cock in, in one go.
It burns cause I’m not fully wet, but I’ll be damned if that burn doesn’t feel good as fuck.
“Fuck” I try to scratch him but he grabs my hands.
“You wanna get dicked, is what you want. You wanna get dicked like a cheap whore. And that’s fine by me”
He has one hand around my throat and the other on my wrist. I have only one arm to support myself but he humps me so hard I half fall off the bed. I’m having a horrible time trying to maintain any kind of balance: one of my knees is on the mattress, the other is on the floor; one of my hands is trapped by his firm grip, the other is desperately trying to get a hold of anything; my back is arched because of his hand on my throat and there is a very large raging man in my back, stomping my pussy so hard that every time I think I found a position, he destroys it.
So I give up.
I drop my head against the edge of the bed or the hardwood floor and I take it.
And he gives it to me so very good.
Fucking me like it’s a punishment. Moaning and gasping behind me like he is desperate to cum before I do, just so he can leave me wanting. I’m not sure that’s feasible though… I am so on edge, I could cum any second now.
Remember when I said I was dry? That’s a distant past now. I am wet, my pussy drooling its sweet honey all over his cock and the floor.
“I’m gonna teach you some respect” he growls “What the fuck did you say about me being an inexperienced teenager? You wanna said that again?”
“Yeah, cause that’s what you are” he is fucking me so hard the words come out covered in saliva and I am drooling on the floor.
“Oh?” He sounds furious when he smacks my ass. Spanks it hard enough to make me jump in surprise. And it hurts. It hurts so fucking deliciously good.
“You were hard in a second. I barely had to try”
“Fucking brat” he spanks me again, and again “You gonna eat that fucking grin, you hear me? You gonna eat that with my cock and you gonna swallow them both, or I’ll make you regret”
“How? You gonna pout really hard?”
Oh, that did it.
I thought he was spanking me hard before.
I was wrong. He hits my ass with such a heavy hand I’m sure to have his fingers printed on my ass cheek for the whole week.
“I dont’t even need your pussy anymore. You piss me off so much I could cum just by spanking you”
“Same. Specially cause you don’t fuck me hard enough”
Trevor shoves his cock in me with such power that I scream. It pleases him, but I couldn’t hide it. It goes in too hard, too deep, at this perfect spot that makes my brain shut down.
“What were you saying?” he laughs and this time he got me. I have no come back. I am so close. I feel my body starting to melt. “Nothing? No come back?” He moans, biting my ear, licking me neck and cums. He orgasms hot and violent inside of me and pulls out before I can follow.
I am about to scream in frustration but he shuts my mouth in that manly way that makes me squeeze my thighs. I’m gonna cum even without his cock, holy fucking shit, what is this?
“You want me to let you cum?” He has his arm around my waist, holding me in place “Say ‘please’”
Fuck it, I don’t even think. I am so close I can feel the orgasm in my lips.
“Please” I beg “Please, please”
“Look who changed her tune” he says, but doesn’t touch me.
“Please” I beg harder “Trevor, fuck, please! I said please. Please!”
“Yes, baby, I heard you” he rubs my clit with one hand, so good I throw my head back over his shoulder. I am shaking, trembling and moaning cause like an wild thing. “You close? You wanna cum for me? You fucking whore?” He slaps my pussy, and that’s it. I have a new favorite thing in the world. My eyes roll back and I stop breathing. He slaps my pussy again while rubbing my clit and I lose control of my body. All of me melts away. “My fucking whore” he whispers, licking the sweat of my neck while I climax grabbing on to his arms.
He keeps giving my pussy these tiny little slaps until I stop shaking.
Then it’s business as usual. He throws me on the bed and zips up his pants.
“I gotta get back to work. But don’t worry, I’ll make you kneel for me soon enough” he smirks.
“No, you won’t” I smile and it’s my turn to wink as he leaves “But it will be fun to watch you try”.


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