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Had really good sex with my husband tonight

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So me and my husband had sex tonight and i honestly think it was the best we’ve ever had. He was dirty talking while he was fingering me and i asked him to say the nastiest thing he could think of. (I have a fetish that is extremely gross to most people so I’m trying to slowly ease him into it) He said a couple things he’d do related to that and i swear i have never been so wet in my life. Even if he only said it as a heat of the moment thing i loved it. And then later i was riding him and something happened that i will never forget. I know him well enough to know when he’s about to cum, usually a few seconds after i notice. He usually screams when he cums he doesn’t say words, but this time his entire body was shaking and when he did he kept saying “son of a bitch” over and over again. I started laughing because i thought it was really funny. I told him what he did later and he says he doesn’t remember saying it but i do and i will never forget it. It’s such a big ego boost to me that i can affect a man that much.

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