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Groping my aunt just after her marriage

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Hi Redditers, I am Sam 27 yo I have been reading reddit stories from few days and got encouragement to share some of mine experiences….

So from many incidents of life I m choosing the very first to start ….it was 2015 my uncle (younger brother of my father) got married and my very young aunt came she must be around 20-22 had very tight body with around 32-28-32 figure , she was dusky yet sexy …I didn’t had any bad intentions till one evening when I accidentally slept very early that too in her room only, after few hours (don’t know the time) but it was very dark I woke up and I felt her sleeping near me , I was shocked but soon realised my mistake of sleeping there (later I got to know that my aunt any my mom tried to wake me up at night but I didn’t woke up so they let me sleep as my uncle was out of town for some work and I was also very young ) so after that I again closed my eyes to sleep but was unable to sleep , after few minutes I turned and went very close to her hugged her from behind but didn’t put much pressure, I held her boobs and it was very hot and tight …I tried to press it slowly so that she won’t woke up …till that time my dick got erect and pressed it against her ass …then I moved my hands on her pussy but not inside just on clothes rubbed bit there ….but while all this I was so scare so I didn’t do much I just held her boobs pressed my dick and slept in that position….. that’s all didn’t do anything after that I’ll try to narrate different incidents which happend with her

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