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Great Thai Massage by Wizone

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Mid afternoon and I was walking the streets of a popular Thailand tourist city, checking out the massage girls grouped out the front of the parlours. As an older man I was looking for the pleasure of a ‘special’ massage from an attractive younger girl. Most however, were oldish ie 30 plus or more, on the plumpish side with biggish fake boobs and not very appealing.

However, not for the first time in this story, persistence pays. Eventually, after walking past about 15 massage shops I finally found a girl that took my fancy. Quite tall, cute and slim with small tits, probably about 21 years old. She was forthright and as I walked past she stepped towards me and asked me if I wanted a massage. How much I asked trying to disguise my interest. 400 baht for an oil massage she said. Sounds good so down the arcade I followed her in anticipation and pausing outside the shop she said to take my shoes and socks off here. Footwear gone and followed her in.

Through the shop, past a dozen empty massage chairs, up the stairs and into a big room with rows of mattresses partitioned with open curtain rails. Looks like I was the only customer. She took me to the end mattress and drew the curtains, saying ‘take everything off’ and left me. Obediently, I did as she asked, lay on my stomach, pulled the sheet over my back side and waited. Soon she came in and started expertly massaging my legs. It was very nice and relaxing. ‘How does that feel’ she said. Great! I replied. She got quite high on my legs a few times and I felt her fingers subtly run across my balls which felt really nice! I was pretty confident an offer of a special massage would be coming soon. She then did my back, massaging my shoulders, arms, hands and neck and then asked me to roll over.

I could hear noises coming from near by and I was sure I heard groans but was enjoying the massage too much to be sure or take too much notice

Over I rolled and she adjusted the towel to cover my crotch area. Started on my legs, she soon got to the upper sections, where she brushed on my penis in her follow through and said ‘opps, sorry’. I just relaxed and said nothing, but really enjoyed the touch and the expectation of the pleasure to come. Again she brushed my penis, more blatently this time and then asked in a quiet sexy voice if I wanted a special massage. Playing hard to get I said ‘no, just a normal massage today, thanks. Luckily, she was very persistent with lots of ‘accidental’ penis contact and I eventually yielded and said ‘How Much?’. She whispered she would take all here clothes off, do a full body to body massage and suck me for 2000 baht extra. Knowing you always barter in Thialand and, even though I would have paid what she asked as she was so hot, I said how about 1500 baht. She replied ‘great’, but that I had to pay first. I found the money and she slowly took her clothes off standing in front of me. Soon she was standing there fully naked. She let me admire her body for a few moments. She was obviously very proud of it! It was amazing, slim, tall and shapely. Her tits were just how I like them, natural, small with great nipples.

She then came down and lay on top of me and started rubbing her body up and down. It felt so good. After a bit she started kissing me passionately as she rubbed her pussy all over my penis. I reached down and caressed her tiny tits, one at a time. I was in heaven. After a few minutes of this she started sucking my cock and boy, she knew how to suck. Both hands on and rubbing while her mouth did the rest. Another minute or so and she sat up and pulled me up to her, kissed me again and while caressing my now hard cock whispered in my ear in the most amazing sexy Thailand accent ‘do you want to fuck me?. I wasn’t ready for this, it was such a turn on! After a moment of thought it would have been impossible to say no, so all I could ask was ‘how much?’. Another 1000 baht she again whispered sexily in my ear. ‘What about 500?’, I said. ‘Ok’ she whispered back, ‘you won’t regret it!’.

I paid the extra and she got a condom from her bag, put it on and laid back on the mattress with her legs invitingly apart, smiling sexily up at me. I lay on top of her and kissed her on the mouth and slowly eased my finger inside her. She was kissing me back with so much passion. She was wet and it didn’t surprise as she seemed like she was really enjoying the session.

I couldn’t wait any longer and guided my cock slowly inside her. She was so tight and so sexy as we continued to kiss each other. I rammed in and out for probably only a couple of minutes before I had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I lay there for a few moments, got my breath back and rolled off her. She kissed me and took the condom off and said to wait while she went to get a towel. She come back dressed and wiped me down. I dressed and she was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. The other customer was already gone so I think I got pretty good value for my time!

I followed her to the bottom of the stairs. ‘Thanks’ I said ‘that was amazing’. ‘That’s OK’ she replied ‘Come back again tomorrow and we can do it all again!’. She saw me to the door and I put my shoes and socks back on. As I headed off I could see her at the mirror inside the shop preparing for her next customer. I’m sure he’ll have as amazing a time as I had. But maybe not, just maybe, she took a liking to me and gave me some special treatment!

Unfortunately I was heading home the next day so I couldn’t take up her offer and come back again. But I am already thinking my next trip to Thailand can’t come soon enough.

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