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Great Fuck 37F

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This sexcapade was with my first-ever Tinder hookup (29 M). The guy is extremely hot – tall, dark-skinned, fit, and handsome with tattoos and a gorgeous jawline. This was our second time hanging out/fucking; this time it was at his place, a few minutes away from mine. He showed me some photos he had taken and was editing. It was getting late and I knew when he lazily pushed play on the first thing that came up on TV what time it was. He reached down my shorts and confidently palmed then grabbed my soft ass a few times. I was laying on his chest so I moved my lips to the sliver of skin that was exposed where his shirt lifted up by his waistline. He freed his dick from his boxers so I could see how hard he was. He has the biggest dick I’ve ever experienced; I love the challenge of taking it. I knew he wanted me to suck on it but I moved up to his neck, which I kissed all the way to his chin. We kissed each other’s lips but didn’t make out like we did right away the first time we did it. Then I found myself with a mouthful of dick and gave him some enthusiastic head, taking in as much as I could and using lots of spit, suction, and tongue. He rubbed my back and grabbed my hair, massaging my scalp while he grew even bigger and harder in my mouth. I moaned with pleasure, his body stiffened and I tasted pre-cum so I stopped. He rubbed my pussy over my panties and felt how wet I was, then expertly guided me by the arm so I was facing away from him while he sat on his couch. He pushed my panties and shorts down above my knees and probed my wet pussy with his dick until I guided it in. It took a few slow strokes with me sitting all the way up to fit that thing inside of me and get it all well lubricated. Once I was comfortable I leaned forward, grabbed his feet and channeled my inner porn star, bouncing and grinding on him every which way. It felt so good (this is a great position for sex with a well-endowed partner) and I gripped his feet while those nice feelings just flowed through my whole body. He grabbed my hips and guided me and rubbed my ass while I fucked him. I know he enjoyed the show because he told me so. After a good while he gently wrapped his arms around me, pulled me back so I was leaning against him and pounded me from underneath. Then he stood up and I sucked on him again until we decided to take it to the bedroom. He fucked me from behind (for some reason this was way more tolerable than the first time we linked) and when I finally/involuntarily tried to crawl forward he snatched me back and administered some solid back shots before he mercifully laid me down on my back. I really enjoy this position with him, I like gripping his strong arms and feeling his back and ass muscles while he pumps into me. I switch between wrapping my legs around him to spreading them wide so he can take the pussy however he wants to. I can’t help but fuck him back and I’m panting and moaning like hell. He asks me if I love the dick (I say nothing). After a few more strokes he pushes alllll the way in and just stops while my legs and pussy quake. He asks me if it feels good, I murmur what he already knows. I grab his neck and run my fingers through his hair while we both enjoy each other’s bodies to the fullest. We finally kiss for real and by now we’re both sweating through the sheets mixed with all my wetness. I take him back in my mouth, we fuck some more, and I can tell he’s getting ready to cum so I offer up my mouth one last time (he really likes it and for some reason with this man I really like it too). When he busts he grabs my head and gives a little involuntary thrust and I almost choke on his nut but I recover and continue to gently suck on him while I swallow and his dick relaxes and melts. We both crash back on the bed and laugh lightly. I stayed in bed while he got some water and a towel. He also brought some chocolate-covered almonds which we shared in silence while we caught our breath. We laid together and he rubbed my hair and we chatted until I had to go. Gathered my stuff, we hugged, and I drove home feeling so satisfied.

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