Erotic Stories

Grad Student with Roommate 2

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“Oh fuck… Okay, get in bed with me.” I didn’t want to waste a second, in case he might change his mind. He got in with me but looked uncertain, like he wanted to do something but didn’t know how to make the first move. I put my hand on his shoulder. “Just do what you would do with Gina.” That’s his girlfriend.

He scooted in close so his boner was rubbing up against my side and started rubbing my chest through my tee shirt. Then he put his mouth to my nipples, kissing them through the fabric. He started grinding his hips rubbing his hard dick up and down my side.

He lifted my tee shirt off over my head and tossed it aside. He ran his hand over my chest massaging my pectoral muscles and running his hand down my tight abdomen. He began placing delicate kisses on my nipples then down on my belly, sticking his tongue into my belly button, an innie. I ran my hand across his shoulder and back, and up and down his arm.

Both of his arms are covered in full sleeves of colored tattoos with faces and vignettes from Greek and Roman mythology. (He’s in the classics department.)

I rolled slightly and pulled him in close to me so that our hard dicks were rubbing close together through our underwear. He in Calvin Klein tighty whities and I in light blue Hanes boxer briefs. I breathed out a long exhale. It felt good to be touched by another human being after so long, to feel his hard dick pulsating next to mine. I felt alive, the blood coursing through my body. I felt electrified.

We rubbed ourselves together through our underpants both dicks completely erect, throbbing, radiating heat. He rolled over on top of me, straddling me, pinned me down, his hands on both of my shoulders. He is bigger than me, four inches taller, at six feet, and he probably has about 25 pounds on me. I didn’t fight.

I ran my hands on both sides of his body, from his armpits down his ribs, hips, down to his legs, back up again. My finger tips gliding over his toned, athletic physique. I’m fit, in decent shape. He’s on a level up, well-defined chest, the outline of a full six pack, tight meaty buttocks.

It’s funny, I never really thought of myself as a bottom but it felt right to be beneath him, comfortable, natural. He straddled me and pumped his hips rubbing our dicks together through the soft cotton fabric.

He lowered himself on to me so our bellies and chests were together, brought his face and lips in close to mine. Began placing soft kisses on my lips. When I fantasized about what I would do, the thought of kissing a dude kinda repulsed me. But now I was turned on, wanted to do anything he wanted to do. Now my lips burned. I drew him in closer. His face was smooth, clean shaven. His lips soft, moist. We held our mouths together longer now, opening our lips tentatively, curiously. Our tongues beginning to tickle, explore.

He shifted his legs so he was in the missionary position above me, in a simulation of intercourse. I spread my legs wide open for him, signaling my acceptance, my submission. In that moment I felt and understood something I had never known or expected about myself. How gratifying it felt to let go, to surrender myself. Our bodies fit together so snugly, so naturally. I rubbed my thighs against his hips, brought my ankles up to his butt.

I breathed in his body odor, so familiar, so comfortable as he began to sweat. I ran my hands down his side again, this time squeezing his butt cheeks, urging him closer, tighter.

His pace quickened. He kissed me again. I felt a flood of hot spooge on my belly. Still he continued pumping though, seemingly never losing his erection. Soon my own jizz mixed with his.

“Oh wow bro. I’m still hard. Wanna go again?”

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  1. Been waiting for part two all day. Part 3? What happened after ??

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