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Girlfriend and her Friend

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So after my girlfriends( Nicole) birthday, which we spent the night out we went back to our place and one of her good friends(Amy) came back with us.
We were in our own place where there was no one else and when we got home we kept drinking turned on some music and kept dancing. My girlfriend and her friend were dancing together and of course started making out again, i saw this and came up behind my girlfriend and was dancing behind her, grinding my dick on her ass. They very both wearing very tight skirts and low cut tops so when I was grinding on her she could feel my hard cock on her ass and she moved her hand behind her and grabbed my dick, moving her hand up and down as the two girls swallowed each other’s tongues.

Then after playing with my dick for abit Nicole moved her hand from my dick to up Amy’s skirt, and Amy letting a little moan as she was playing her her pussy. She all of sudden dropped down lifted her skirt up, pulled her red thong down and teasing Amy’s pussy with the tip of her tongue.
While Nicole was down on Amy myself and Amy started hooking up and Amy unzipped my pants and started giving me a handjob while her tongue was down my throat, I moved my hand up her body and grabbed her double D boobs, massaging them as my girlfriend was still eating her out.

I suggested we move this to the bedroom, which we do, both the girls got on the bed stripping each off whatever clothes were left. I was in the middle while both girls were making out in front of me, then both of them getting my clothes off and kissing down my body, Nicole took the shaft and Amy on the balls, Nicole put lips over the tip of my 7 inch and moved them down my shaft and then using her hand following her mouth as her head bobbed up and down. Amy’s tongue on my balls felt amazing before I felt her go down and lick my ass, i thrusted my hips upwards almost cumming. Amy got up and sat on my face while Nicole slipped her wet shaved pussy onto my throbbing cock and rocking back and forth while I had my tongue deep in Amy’s shaved pussy, both girl moaning as they were hooking up, I felt my pelvic area and lower abs got quite wet and realised Nicole had squirted all over me, Amy then got off my face put Nicole on her back and licked up all her juices starting on her thighs then licking up to her pussy. I got up and slipped my cock into Amy’s pussy while her tongue was swirling around Nicole’s pussy and her fingers were deep inside her making her cum a second time. Amy was moaning louder and louder as fucked her from behind feeling her whole body quiver as she had an intense orgasm.

Just from watching Amy eat out Nicole, I was getting close to cumming, I pulled my cock out of Amy and moved around to Nicole, and put my cock in mouth, sucking me till I came, She took my whole cock and took my whole load in her mouth, Amy then came up and kissed her with them swapping my cum between as they were playing with each other.

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