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Getting off on you..

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Horny again. It’s getting late and there’s no Dom to call. I’m getting hungry for cock. Laying on my bed naked, butt plug and ky close to hand. So I get on the page I’ve haunted for the past 4 or 5 days, start scrolling through a few dozen new stories. None marked BDSM, so I pick the next Anal I find. It’s set on a beach. A naked man is sunbathing on a towel when a hot chick approaches and asks for help applying sunscreen to her back. They’re the only ones on the beach. She lays her towel next to his, lays on her stomach on it and unties her bikini top. He starts rubbing lotion into her shoulders, working his way down her back, digging his thumbs in, kneading her muscles. She’s sighing in contentment. He gets to the small of her back, then the dimples above her ass, really digging his fingers in. I wet my finger in my pussy and start playing with my clit. She tells him her name. Asks his. “Daddy,” he says, and unties the sides of her bikini bottoms. I gasp and my cunt clenches down. Score. She lifts her hips, rolling her ass at him and he rips her bikini bottoms away. He grabs her hips roughly with his hands and fully makes out with her asshole. She moans like a whore. I open the lube, put a small amount on my finger and start firmly stroking my asshole. I have a few sizes of butt plugs but stick to the smallest to still be tight for cock. On the beach, Daddy smacks her ass and asks if her asshole is ready for his cock. “Yes, please Daddy,” she says breathlessly. I fucking LOVE how hot this is. I start to push the point of the plug into my asshole, which makes me writhe and gasp. Daddy goes slow for her because his cock is massive and saliva is thin lube. She’s writhing and gasping too. And then the damn thing says check for part two! I go to the writer’s profile page and scan quickly. There are gifs of thick cock being buried in a juicy ass. I watch as I push my plug in slowly, then pull it back out, over and over. I watch as I fuck my asshole. When I come, I’m desperately gasping “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

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