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getting anally dominated by a large black man (f/m, true)

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(skip to the 3rd paragraph for the goods)

I am a 32y/o trans woman. I am in my first ever actual relationship, it’s really wonderful and the bf amazing and kind.. except that his sex drive is non-existent, most likely due to antidepressants. He’s got a nice dick, and when we do have sex it’s great, albeit a little short lived. He chokes me, pulls my hair, forces my head down on his thick cock, and fills me with his cum every time.

My lack of sex has gotten me fantasizing about my old fuck buddy, who has reached out to me once or twice since my new relationship, but I haven’t done anything because it would ruin things if my current relationship ever gets more serious. I want to tell everyone about my experiences with the fuck buddy 🙂

I met this man at least a decade ago on Craigslist (before hookup apps were popular). He’s black, heavyset and has the thickest uncut cock I’ve touched, probably 8-8.5″ long. It’s glorious, just thinking about it makes me shiver. We fucked for years off and on, never knowing anything personal about each other, but building a lot of trust over time. He’d show me his STD tests, and wear condoms with everyone else.

After a while, I would text him the dirtiest things, telling him he could do anything to me, telling him to fuck me until I am crawling away and begging him to stop. Basically egging him on so that when I got there he would absolutely destroy me.. to the point where I’d be scared on my drive over.

I’d get there, nervously say hi, he’d greet me in a calm caring tone and ask me how I was doing etc.. then I would take off my clothes, he’d push me to my knees and shove his half hard dick in my mouth. The extra skin and the sweat and precum inside tasted amazing. Usually he’d immediately start fucking my face, dick slowly getting hard inside my mouth, prying it open. If I layed on my back on the bed with my head hanging off I could get the whole thing down my throat. He would grab me by the throat and force himself all the way in, balls covering my nose and slapping into my face as he moved.

When he was done with that his dick would be covered in slime from my throat. He’d flip me around and start slowly sliding into my little hole. He was forceful, but made sure he didn’t go to fast on the first stroke. Once he was balls deep he’d just stay there and wait for a little bit so I could adjust to the massive intrusion. I’d usually get a little impatient (I had started stretching myself out a lil bit before coming over to help) and start pushing back against him. Then he would slide almost all the way out and start slamming into me with all his weight. It was such a rush, he weight twice what I weighed and I would basically be a ragdoll for him. Because he was uncut there wasn’t too much friction happening so he could go fast as he could without doing much actual damage.

Once the spit started to dry up a bit I would beg him to let me suck his dick. He’d pull out of my now gaping asshole, spin me around and shove his thick sticky cock down my throat, usually calling me names. Something about sucking him after he’d been in my ass turned me into such a submissive little whore.. my throat would open up for him and he’d grab me by the hair and start fucking my face like it was a Fleshlight. Then he’d pull out, throw me on the bed face down and lay on top of me with all his weight and roughly push back into my ass. We go back and forth from my asshole to my throat.. sometimes for a while. He’d cum in my ass usually and I’d gladly suck his cock clean, sometimes lapping up cum that had fallen out of my bruised hole as he pulled out of me. I’d go to the bathroom, use some mouthwash, push all the cum out of my ass, thank him and leave. Afterwards I’d be kinda horse and my ass would ache for days.

One day I’d gotten excessively horny and submissive and told him I wanted him to piss in my mouth. I don’t know why, and to this day I am not even sure if I enjoyed it at all. The next time, after he was done abusing my two holes and had came in me, I put him in my mouth like usual and sucked all the cum and juices from my ass off of him, I kept him in my mouth and looked up at him and just waited.. he figured out what I was waiting for, and when his cock got a little softer, he grabbed the back of my head and started pissing. We were in his bedroom and I didn’t want to make a mess of his floor so I had to just kneel there swallowing mouthful after mouthful of his piss. It tasted horrible but the submissiveness and depravity of it was unparalleled. We both were a bit sheepish after that, and didn’t try it again.

We fucked about once a month for many years, basically turning each other into monsters.. he’d complain that all the girls and guys he fucked couldn’t take it like I did, and I’d tell him that no one could fuck me like he did. I have never let anyone do the things he did to me, and never done ATM with anyone, except for once with my current bf.

Just wanted to get all that out there 😅🤷‍♀️

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