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Georgia goes to University Part 006 by vanessa.evans

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Georgia goes to University

by Vanessa Evans

Part 06 – A couple of not so exciting days followed by a really exciting day.

I quickly checked my Wi-Fi camera’s recordings and was pleased that I’d masturbated twice during the night. I was still annoyed that I hadn’t reached Riley’s 3 but maybe that was a one-off or my 2 was because I was too tired. I decided to give her the camera and get her to repeat the exercise.

Most of Thursday was boring, two lessons at the university followed by some homework followed by a solo workout, swim and sauna. I must have flashed my pussy at some people but I didn’t really notice. Well, apart from the student that I waved to while I was riding my sybian before going for the workout.

The 4 heart rate monitors arrived when I picked them up from Charles I asked him to book Riley and me appointments for both body piercing and hair depilation for the following Tuesday morning, and an appointment for me at a good hairdressers for the Wednesday morning. Riley didn’t know it bit we were both going to get out nipples pierced. I had finally decided that I wanted my hair cut in a little girl’s style. I wanted to take advantage of my little girl’s body.

Okay I know what you are thinking, little girls don’t have their nipples pierced but I’d read that piercings can be removed for a short while once they are fully healed and I’ve always been a quick healer.

I also asked Charles to get me a couple of cases of champagne and a couple of dozen bottles of beer, telling him that I was having a party on the Saturday starting in my apartment then moving down to the shared lounge. He asked me if he should arrange for some food to be brought in but I told him not to bother, I thought, hoped, that we’d have other things on our minds.

When I got up to my apartment I wanted to check out the heart rate monitors so after stripping and installing the software on my laptop, I put 1 on each wrist then impaled myself on my sybian and let it make its magic whilst I looked for voyeurs and then waved to them.

My heart rate jumped to 132 on both monitors.

I’d half expected Riley to call me but she must have been busy too.

I was pleased to see that Mary had been and tidied up a bit, and puts some fresh food in the fridge whilst I was out.

I decided that a workout was how I was going to finish my day and I eased my remote vibrator up my vagina until it banged on my cervix then went down to the workout room only to find Ben and Harry in there.

“Hi guys, mind if I join you?”

“Sure, but I hope that you haven’t brought any clothes with you.” Harry said, “I’m starting to think that you only have 1 dress and that you don’t like wearing it.”

“I’ve got lots of clothes, it’s just that I prefer not to wear any.”

“Yes, I sort of gathered that Georgia,” Ben said, “and you do look better out of clothes than in them.”

I decided to do my workout in reverse so that the guys would get longer to look at my spread pussy, and I did ruin their workout as neither of them could concentrate on what they had originally intended to do as I thrust my pussy in their direction every chance that I got, and I made sure that the exercises that I did, did just that.

The guys watched my every move and my pussy got wetter and wetter. I just knew that if anything touched it an orgasm would explode out of me.

About half way through my floor routine Harry said,

“Do you deliberately do the exercises that keep your pussy spread open Georgia, or are you just doing those for our benefit?”

“A girl has to keep her legs supple, she never knows when she will have to wrap them round something or get them bent over her head.”

“You are good at that Georgia.” Ben said.

“Is that thing switched on Georgia, or do you just like the feeling of it being in your pussy?”

“It does feel nice but not as nice as the real thing, and yes, it is switched on, only on low so that it reminds me that it’s there. Do you want to feel what it’s doing to my insides?”

“Yes please.” They both said almost together.

I got up, went to my things, picked up my phone then went over to the nearest guy who happened to be Ben.

“Put your hand on my stomach.”

Ben did.

“Can you feel the vibrations?”


I went to the app on my phone and increased the vibrations slowly.

“Jeez Georgia, come and feel this Harry.”

Harry did and I now had 2 different men’s hands on my stomach as I kept increasing the vibrations.

“Bloody hell Georgia, I hope that that thing isn’t doing any damage in there. Is it turning you on?”

“No it’s not, and yes it is.”

I turned the vibrations up to the maximum and my left hand tried to crush my phone, my right hand tried to go to hold my pussy but couldn’t get there so it pressed on the 2 hands, and I kept lifting first 1 leg then the other and squeezing my thighs together.

“Fucking hell Georgia, how do you cope with that? Does it make you cum?”

I took my right hand from on top of the guys hands and turned the vibrations down.

“Yes it does make me cum if I leave it on for long enough.”

“Kinell Georgia,” Harry said, “and you walk around all day with that in and switched on, how do you get anything done?”

“By keeping the vibrations turned down low.”

“What happens if someone gets hold of your phone?”

“That depends on how mischievous they are.”

As I said that I released my grip on my phone leaving it just resting on my left palm. Ben saw that and grabbed for my phone and I just let him pick it up.

“So how does it work?”

“You just slide your finger up and down the screen.”

Ben slid his finger right up and I gasped, my right hand went and squeezed my left tit and my left hand moved down and grabbed my pussy.

“Bloody hell Georgia.” Harry said, “We’ve got to get Oliver to video us playing with that thing.”

I smiled as Ben moved his finger up and down the screen.

“Please don’t Ben, you’ll make me cum.”

As expected, Ben slid his finger up and down, more up than down, and the inevitable happened. I started to cum and as my body was shaking my knees gave way and down I went, ending up on my back with my legs wide open and my hands holding my pussy and 1 tit.

Ben slid his finger down the screen and asked me if I was okay.

I couldn’t answer him so I tried to nod my head and I think that he got the message because he handed my phone to Harry and Harry started sliding his finger up and down.

My orgasm hadn’t completely gone when Harry started taking me up there again and they both watched me as I writhed about on the floor cumming and jerking and trying hold my very wet pussy.

Finally, Harry slid his finger down to the bottom of the screen and left it there, and I started to recover. As my body started to stop shaking and jerking, Harry reached down, picked me up and sat me on one of the machines.

“Bloody hell Georgia,” Harry said, “I’ve never seen a girl have that reaction to an orgasm, are you okay?”

After a minute or so I managed to say that I was and pointed to my bottle of water. Ben got the message and got my water for me and I had a drink then said.

“Thanks Ben. That was awesome guys, thank you. Can we do that every day please?”

Both guys laughed and their faces told me that they didn’t know if I was serious or not.

I just sat there for another minute or so as the guys got on with their workout. Getting up I went over to the exercise bike and saw that someone had lowered the seat so I raised it again.

“You won’t reach the pedals with the seat up there.” Harry said.

I turned to look at him, smiled and climbed on, making sure that my purple antenna was bent forwards and resting between my clit and right labia majora.

Harry and Ben watched me, and I watched them through the big mirror on the wall as my butt slid from side to side on the seat as I pedalled myself to 2 more glorious orgasms, the guys just staring and smiling. I could see the bulges in their shorts telling me that they wanted to fuck me.

When I finally stopped pedalling and got off the bike I squat down, pulled the vibrator out of me, went over to the mats, got down on my hands and knees and said,

“Who wants which end first?”

Fifteen or twenty minutes later 3 bodies were sprawled on their backs looking up to the ceiling and feeling very happy.

I was the first to get to my feet. I was collecting my belongings as as I walked to the door I said,

“Let me know when you’re coming down here again guys.”

That was it for me for the Thursday, I had a shower and went to bed.

The Friday started out boring. I had to be at the university all day and I did manage to flash my butt and pussy to some of the students in my class and the tutor in one of the classes. As a result, 2 of my classmates tried to hit on me but I told them that I didn’t want to get into a relationship with classmates.

Riley came up to see me the evening and we opened a couple of bottles of beer as she thanked me for helping her with everything and telling me that she’s do absolutely anything to repay me for my kindness. She’d come up to my apartment naked so I couldn’t ask her to strip so I invited her to have a ride on my sybian.

“Is that what that machine by your window is?” she asked.

I had to explain what it was and how it worked, and tell her that we could not move it away from the window. As she started to ride it I kept telling her to look at different windows in the students block telling her that the people that we could see were all watching her. She looked cute as her first orgasm arrived and I told her to stay put until she’d had 2 more.

I also told her to come to the party the next day naked. At first she wasn’t too happy about that but when I reminded her what had happened at the last party, and that I wasn’t going to put any clothes on, she happily agreed saying that it would be good to let the guys have a good look at her body again.

I decided not to tell her about the spanking club or the orgasm club meetings, only telling her to keep those dates free and that it was a surprise.

I did however, tell her that she was going to get her nipples pierced and her now stubble all around her pussy removed the following Tuesday morning. She was happy about the hair but not so sure about the piercings.

“What will daddy say when he sees them?” She asked.

“Well, there’s a few possibilities, he could tell you to take them out, never put them back in, and spank you for getting them done, Or he could say that he likes them. Or he could fasten some chains to them and pull you around the house showing what you done to yourself to your brothers. Or he could tell you to take them out and then spank your tits. Or he could say “I like then, well done. Is their any of those options that you wouldn’t like Riley?”

“I’m not so sure about him spanking my tits, but the rest would be okay.”

“And if he did tell you to take them out then you just put them back in later and wait for it to happen all over again. Besides, you’re a grown woman now, you can make your own decisions.”

“I’ll always do what daddy says.”

“Even when you are not at home like you are now?”

“Good point Georgia, will it hurt?”

“I don’t know but millions of girls get it done so it can’t be that bad.”

“You’re so clever Georgia?”

Then I told her that we were going to have a bit of fun experimenting with the new toys that we’d bought. I got her to spank me with the leather strap first and had to tell her to stop being a pussy and to hit my butt hard. She still didn’t hit me that hard after being told to do so. But she did get my butt nice and red.

Then it was my turn to spank her. When I told her to get ready she went over to the table, spread her legs and bent over, pressing her tits on the table.

“Is this how your daddy spanks you Riley?”

“Sometimes, but sometimes it’s over his lap and I feel his boner pressing into my stomach.”

Then I had an idea. Leaving her bent over the table I went and unplugged the charger on my Wi-Fi camera and placed it where it would capture Riley’s butt getting red. I’d also picked up one of the heart rate monitors,

“What are you doing Georgia? I thought that you were going to spank me.”

“I am, just hang on a minute; are you getting all wet with the suspense?”


I strapped the heart rate monitor on Riley’s right wrist and again she asked what I was doing. I didn’t answer that, instead I said,

“Right, I’m ready, brace yourself girl.”

“Ouch, that hurt.” She said after the first swat landed.

“It was supposed to hurt, don’t your father’s swats hurt?”

“Yes they do.”

I gave her 10 swats in total, half way through changing the target zone a little because the first area of her butt was starting to go dark red. I heard her sob a little to start with, but not really cry, and by the time I landed the tenth she was taking it w quite well. I wondered if she had started to get aroused.

When I told her to stand up she saw the camera and asked me to play it back for her.

“Okay, but I’m going to get some moisturising cream for you butt first.”

When I got back I went and sat on the sofa and told her to come and lay across my legs and look at the big TV. She did and I rubbed the cream into her red bits.

She started moaning almost as soon as a squirt of the cream hit her butt and as I worked the cream in her legs spread and she kept moaning. She obviously wanted her pussy massaging so I did, and as my fingers rubbed along her slit and round and round her clit she started cumming again.

“Are we lesbians?” she asked me as I reached for my laptop.

“No Riley, just 2 girls making each other happy. Look at the TV.”

She turned her head and gasped.

“Is that me? How did you get me up on your TV?”

She was still laying over my legs and as the swats on the screen landed she pressed her pubes onto my legs and opened her legs even wider.

By the time the tenth swat landed my hand had brought her to another orgasm.

“That was so cool Georgia, can I have a copy of that video please?”

I told her that she could and also explained how to cast from her laptop to her TV.

Thinking ahead to the orgasm club, I decided to tell her about my hypnotism, but before doing so I got her to promise never to say the trigger word unless I told her to.

“I don’t understand, and what’s a trigger word?”

“It will all be clear in a minute Riley.”

To her total amazement I explained what I had got Chuck in Ibiza to hypnotise me to do.

“No, that cant be right, that’s not even possible.”

“Oh yes it is, but for it to work you have to practise it a lot and, of course, you really have to believe that it is possible for it to work.”

By that time Riley had got up and was sat beside me and she turned to face me.

“So if I said whatever the word is you’d instantly cum?”


“Surely that’s not physically possible.”

“I can prove it by telling you the word.”

“And I just say the word and you’ll cum”


“Go on then, tell me the word.”

“If I say it I’ll cum so I’ll give you a clue as to what it is and you have to guess it, but before I do I need that watch thing from your wrist.”

“What is that anyway?”

“This is a heart rate monitor. Because it’s strapped to your wrist it can detect your heartbeat and it sends the details to my laptop, look.”

I pulled up the graph that it was constantly updating and showed it to her, pointing out the times and the rate for when it was on her wrist.

“Look, how your heart started beating faster as you got aroused when I was spanking you. It dropped when I stopped then it started increasing when I was massaging that moisturiser into your butt and that peak is when you first had an orgasm.

Then when you watched yourself getting spanked it went up again and kept going up until it peaked when you orgasmed again, and of course that trough is when I started telling you about my hypnotism. Then you took the monitor off.

This new line is where I put it on my wrist and as you can see my heart rate is a steady line. When you say that word my heart rate should jump right up to around where yours went when you orgasmed.

I only got these heart rate monitors recently so I haven’t tested it but I can’t think of a reason why it won’t work. I could even load the app onto my phone and we could watch me getting aroused through my phone.

“That would be cool, so are you going to tell me the word?”

“Promise you won’t use it unless I ask you to.”

“I can’t promise you that if it’s a common, every day word.”

“It isn’t.” I replied thinking that she was clever to work that one out.

“When did you last think about Greek mythology and the Gods Riley?”

“Crikey, I was hoping that I’d never have to think about those again.”’

“What was the God of fertility called?”

“Oh I definitely remember that one, he’s the one with the humongous cock, Priapus was his name. Jeez Georgia, are you cumming?”

Of course it took me a minute or 2 to answer that question not that I needed to answer her, my condition was plain to see. I looked at my laptop then said,

“Look Riley, in a split second my heart rate just about doubled.”

“Wow, can you hypnotise me please?”

“I wish that I could Riley.” I replied then thought of the fun that I could have with her if I could. Then I continued,

“Now you’ve promised me that you won’t use that word or tell anyone what it is Riley, if you don’t keep that promise I will tie you to your bed, whip your butt until you can’t sit down for a month and make you cum so many times that you will wish that you were dead.”

“Wow, with a promise like that I might just shout that word over and over and over.”


“Okay, I promise.”

“Now, how does your butt feel?”

“Still a bit sore but it’s a lot better than it was before you put that moisturiser on it. I must remember that trick for when daddy spanks me.”


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