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Georgia goes to University Part 005 by vanessa.evans

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Georgia goes to University

by Vanessa Evans

Part 05 – We order Riley her new wardrobe.

Wednesday saw me wake up at about 9 a.m. and the first thing that I did was to open my laptop to see if there were any new files archived from my Wi-Fi camera. Imagine my surprise when I saw 5 new files. Okay, the first one was Riley setting up the camera between her knees, and the last one was her waking up but the other 3 were all about the same file size and when I viewed each of them the contents was just about the same.

Riley’s right hand moving to her pussy and her masturbating to an orgasm before her hand just rested on her pussy.

After watching all 3 I just sat there, not really believing that Riley masturbated the same number of times that I did. I thought that it couldn’t be right, I was the nymphomaniac who had a very large libido and had had the O-Shot. How could the girl who had been so innocent just a few days ago be so horny in her sleep as I was.

Then I wondered if it was something that all girls did 3 times every night and that I was no different, the O-Shot and my daytime horniness had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, I copied the 5 files to a memory stick and put it near my phone ready to take to her. Then I started my morning routine.

I was dressed and ready to leave just after 10. After looking outside I’d decided to wear a summer dress that day, wanting something that was easy to get out of for when the woman creating Riley’s new wardrobe, and a few more skirts for me, wanted to measure me. I was assuming that she would be a bit like Celeste and want to take about a hundred measurements and want me to be naked whilst she took them.

I imagined Riley on the pedestal in Celeste’s shop and people walking by and stopping to stare at her. I wasn’t expecting this woman to be the same and have a similar shop but it was nice to imagine it.

When I’d put the dress on I checked myself in the mirror and was happy that I couldn’t bend even the slightest without showing some of my butt and I was also happy that the colour of my areolas was visible through the thin cotton. I took a deep breath and held the material against my stomach and was happy that I could see my slit in the mirror.

I was ready for my day.

Riley was still naked when she opened her door.

“Hi, I can’t decide what to wear, everything is so short.”

“Your clothes are supposed to be short, remember, the new you, the real you.”

I went to her nearly empty wardrobe and pulled out a cut-off dress.

“Here, I like this one, put it on, then I’ve got a video for you to watch.”

Riley put the dress on and she was happy when I said that she looked amazing. Then she opened her laptop and I inserted the memory stick.

I skipped to the second video and Riley asked who the girl was.

“It’s you silly, from the camera that you put between your knees.”

“No, it can’t be, that girl was masturbating and I haven’t done that on that bed, it must be you.”

“No Riley, it IS you, look at the time stamp, you were asleep but you were masturbating as well. Look at yourself, that’s your little mole on your right thigh isn’t it?

“Oh my gawd I never knew that I did that in my sleep.

“You did it 3 times last night Riley.”


“Yes Riley you did, and each time was caught on video.”

“Oh my gawd, what will daddy say?”

“Nothing if you don’t tell him.”

“Can I have a copy of those videos, I want to see me in action over and over.”

“Of course you can, I’ll copy them to your laptop.”

“Thank you Georgia.”

“Right, it’s time to go and get you some new clothes.”

The taxi was waiting for us when we got downstairs and after saying hello to Charles we were soon getting lost, well I was, in the city.

The taxi stopped outside a little shopping centre. There must have been only about a dozen shops and they all looked a bit rundown. Having said that they appeared to be quite popular as there were quite a few people going in and out of them and walking around.

The taxi driver was looking over the back of his seat as I shuffled across to get out of Riley’s side and he must have been able to see my thigh right up to my waist, but not my butt or pussy.

“Should have been a gentleman and come round and opened the door for us.” I thought.

“Fourth on the left.” I said after checking the instructions that Charles had given me as we started walking with no one taking any notice of the 2 girls with skirts so short that they were very close to being illegal.

The shop we were looking for was very nonde***********, more like an old fashioned ladies outfitters but there was a couple of very expensive looking dresses on mannequins in the windows. Amusingly, alongside mannequins with very modern mini-dresses.

We went in and saw racks and racks of clothes round the sides of the room and a door at the back. Just as Riley started to say something the door at the back opened and a middle-aged woman walked in. For a split second I thought it was Celeste.

“Good morning ladies, I’m Serena,” and looking at Riley, she continued, “and you must be Riley and your friend Georgia.”

We both smiled as Serena continued,

“Charles tells me that you are looking for a new wardrobe Riley, time for a complete change now that you are free from your old life.”

“That’s right,” I said, “and all of them quite revealing. And I’m looking for half a dozen new skirts that are longer at the back than in the front and maybe with a split up to here.” I continued putting my right hand just above my pubic bone.

“Also, as you can see Riley has larger breasts than me and she wants to display those assets both at the front and the sides.”

“I know just what you 2 are looking for,” Serena replied, “by the way Georgia, I had a visit from my cousin Celeste a couple of weeks ago when she brought down the clothes that she had made for you. Celeste and I grew up and trained together in Italy and I’m sure that she will give me a good reference.”

“I see the similarities.” I said, “If you are Celeste’s cousin I’m sure that your work will be just as good as hers, and your imagination just as good as hers as well.”

“I’ve got daddy’s credit card with me.” Riley said.

“That’s okay Riley, I won’t be needing it, Charles has explained how I can charge you parents. Now, Georgia, I know that you understand what I need from you. Riley, I need you to take all your clothes off so that I can take lots of measurements. I’ll go and get a couple of boxes for you to stand on to make things a little easier for me. My knees aren’t what they used to be.”

Serena turned and disappeared and as I started unfastening my dress Riley said,

“She wants us to get naked here, in the middle of her shop?”

“Yes, what’s the problem, you were naked in that fashion shop yesterday.”

“That was different, it was bigger and we were hidden by lots of clothes racks.”

“And you want to let men see you naked.”

“Hmm, okay, where shall I put my dress?”

“On top of one of the racks will be okay.”

Within seconds both Riley and I were totally naked and waiting for Serena to return.

“Look at all those people walking passed.” Riley said.

“Jump up and down and see if you can attract their attention.” I replied but Serena walked back in carrying 2 wooden boxes, each about big enough to hold a dozen bottles of champagne.

Serena put them on the floor quite close to the front door saying,

“The light is better over here, don’t be nervous, hundreds of naked young girls have stood on those boxes right there.”

I smiled and looked at Riley and saw a nervous looking girl.

“Up you get ladies, I’ll just get my clipboard, tape and a pen.”

“This is more than just flashing or showing my body to men,” Riley whispered, “this is blatant exhibitionism.”

“Yes it is, it’s great isn’t it? Doesn’t the knowledge that any one of those people passing by could stop and stare at you make you horny Riley. I bet that you are all wet aren’t you Riley?”

“Yes.” Riley quietly replied.

Serena returned and went to stand in front of Riley.

“Nice body young lady, I’m not surprised that you want to show it to the world. I’m sure that I can run up some creations that help you do that, help you to display your assets which you clearly want to do.”

As she was saying that Serena ran her hand from Riley’s neck, down the front of her body, lingering on her left, very hard looking nipple, then down to her pussy where she held her hand and continued talking,

“Nice and wet, most girls standing on my boxes are dripping so don’t be embarrassed. I see that you haven’t had a shave today, I can recommend a place where you can that lot permanently removed.”

“Thank you Serena, we’ve asked Charles to find us a place to get it done, and some piercings,” I replied, “but I’m sure that your place would be better, you must have sent lots of girls there.”

“I have, and they have all come back and recommended the place, I’ve got some of their cards, I’ll let you have 1 before you leave.

Now Riley, I have lots of measurements to take and you will feel my fingers and this tape all over you, please try to relax, it’s not at all painful but you may find it arousing, don’t be embarrassed to orgasm if you wish. You would be about the hundredth girl to have an orgasm on that box.”

When Serena said that last bit I saw Riley’s jaw drop a little, probably not believing what she had just heard. Serena continued,

“There is 1 new measurement that I have added to my sheet, that is because a few girls have asked for bikini bottoms that have no means of fastening on their hips. The only solution is a ‘C’ string type device which holds the front and back of the bikini bottoms in place”

“What’s a ‘C’ string type device?” Riley asked.

“It’s like a dildo with a ball on one end and spring loaded wires on the other end that hold the material in place. To be able to make them as comfortable as possible to wear I need to measure the length of your vaginal passage and the strength of you vaginal muscles. Is that going to be a problem for you Riley?”

Before Riley could answer I cut in,

“Would it be possible for you to make those for us but without the material Serena?”

“Ah, maximum exposure, of course, good for you girls, men like to see girls exposed to the max. I’ve got a young lady coming to collect one such bikini bottoms in about half an hour. It will only take a couple of minutes and you will be able to see what you will look like when you get yours.”

Serena got on with taking the measurements for Riley whilst I just stood there, watching Serena, Riley, and the people walking passed the shop. I was quite disappointed that I didn’t see anyone look our way.

After a while Serena asked, no told, Riley to move her feet to the edges of the wooden box, then I watched as Serena’s hand held the end of the tape on Riley’s pussy and listened to Riley moan.

I watched as Serena measured Riley’s other leg, then from her belly button, under her pussy and up to the top of her butt crack. All the time Riley was obviously enjoying the attention and touching and I was sure that she was going to cum, but she didn’t.

As Serena moved away from Riley’s pussy I said,

“So how is Celeste Serena, it must be a good year since I saw her.”

“She’s good, she warned me that you might be paying me a visit and she asked me to give you her love.”

“I must phone her, it’s been too long since we spoke.”

“Celeste also told me about your visit to the Female Body Appreciation Society in that pub.”

“Yes, that was fun.”

“We do have societies and clubs around here that appreciate nice young bodies like you 2 have got. If you like I could put you in touch with some of them. I can already tell that Riley will enjoy herself at those meetings.”

“That would be great Serena, student life is interesting but they don’t exactly work you hard so we have lots of free time and there’s no point in wasting that time.”

“What about spanking? I got the impression from Celeste that you enjoy getting a red butt, but what about Riley?”

“My daddy spanks me.” Riley added.

“And do you enjoy it Riley?”

“Not at first but it sort of gets nice.”

“And do you cum?”


“Well there is a branch of the Spanking Society in Bristol, I could get you a contact name and number if you like?”

“Yes please Serena.” I replied.

“So will you be wanting me to run up a couple of naughty schoolgirl uniforms for you”

“Two each please, we can wear them when we go out on the town with our apartment mates.”

“I hear that some of them are guys, are they hot?”

“Yes they are,” Riley said, “and they like seeing us naked.”

“I bet that they do. What about orgasms?”

“They give us those as well.” Riley said.

“Lucky you, but that wasn’t quite what I was asking, we have an orgasm club in Bristol where girls compete to see how many they can have in a specific time, would you 2 be interested I that?”

My brain immediately went back to Ibiza, Chuck and no, I’m not even going to think of that Greek god’s name.

“Now that does sound like fun, I’m assuming that there are men there?”

“It’s run by men.”

“What do you think Riley?” I’m sure that your daddy would be proud of you.”

“Yes, that could be fun.”

“No Riley, it WOULD be fun, lots of it.”

“Okay, count me in.”

“So Serena, how do we join the club?”

“I’ll get you the details. There are other places where naked girls are wanted and those places usually get the girls from the university. This part of England is a lot more laid-back than the rest of the UK you know, so a lot more goes on down here.”

“I’m starting to realise that.”

“I’ll send you a list of the places that I know about and if, no when, you contact them mention my name and Charles’ name and there’s a reasonable chance that your names will go to the top of the list.”

“List of what?” Riley asked.

“Girls who want to take part in these events and clubs.”

“Girls are queueing up to get naked for men are they?” Riley asked.

“Definitely, lots of girls want to use their bodies to get on in life and have lots of fun on their journey.”

“So I’m learning.” Riley said. “And it is a lot of fun.”

Serena finished the external measurements of Riley, then went and got what looked like a long, spring loaded speculum. I could see marks and numbers what looked like every centimetre along it.

“This might hurt a little Riley, but it will only be a little and not for very long. I left the lubricant in my workshop because from what I’ve seen and felt, you won’t be needing it, but if it does get painful let me know and I’ll go and get it. Can you bend and push your knees out sideways please?”

Riley did and I smiled at the wonderful sight that she was presenting to anyone who would walk into the shop right then, but there was no one, not even anyone looking in through the windows.

“Oh,” Riley said as the speculum thing slowly entered her vagina. “Oh, ooooh, I’m, going to cum.”

“No Riley, hold it.” Serena said. “Hold it, hold it.”

I watched as the speculum thing went further and further into Riley’s vagina.

“Hold it Riley.”

“I don’t think that I can.”

“Yes you can Riley,” I said, “think of something boring.”

“Is that thing pushing up alongside her cervix?” I asked.

“Yes.” Serena replied, then she spread her vagina as much as the speculum would let her (which was quite wide and I thought that I could easily get my fist inside her), then Serena let go and flicked Riley’s clit.

The inevitable happened and Riley’s orgasm exploded out of her. I had to look out onto the street to see if anyone had heard her but there was no indication that anyone had.

With Riley’s body trembling, her moaning and the odd twitch of an arm or leg, Serena released something on the speculum thing and it started to close quite quickly. Serena let Riley’s orgasm start to subside then she pulled the speculum thing out of Riley and looked at it.

“Good Riley,” Serena said, “your vaginal muscles strength is within the normal parameters for a girl your age, but I would recommend that you start doing regular Kegel exercises.”

“What are those?” Riley asked.

“I’ll explain later.” I replied.

I think that Serena was about to tell Riley that she had got all the measurements and that she could stand up straight when in walked a girl and a man who looked to be in his mid twenties. Serena looked up and said,

“Hello Izzy, it’s all ready, just hang on a sec, I’ll get another box. You can start taking your clothes off if you like.”

Serena turned and went towards her workshop. Riley was frozen and looked shocked, but didn’t stand up straight, her pussy still on full display, and I just smiled at the couple and said,


Izzy started taking her dress off revealing that she wore no underwear and the man just stood there staring at the 2 existing naked girls and the third girl who was rapidly getting naked.

All near the front of a shop with 2 huge windows.

Izzy was naked by the time that Serena got back and put the box down even nearer to the door than Riley and I were.

“Up you get and spread your legs Izzy. Do I need any lubrication?”

It was the man that answered that question saying that he’d never needed her to use any.

“Oh yes,” Serena said, “Izzy is permanently lubricated, just like these 2.”

All 3 of them turned and looked at Riley and me. Riley still not having moved a muscle.

I couldn’t see what Serena was doing to Izzy but the moans allowed me to make a very good guess, and 20 seconds later Serena stood up and stepped back.

“Prefect, the 2 wires are pulling your outer labia into a wonderful camel toe with your clit poking out nicely.” Serena said, “What do you think Trevor?”

“It’s amazing, a work of art. Do you mind if I take a couple of photographs?”

“Carry on, but at some point can you turn around Izzy so that these 2 can get a look at what they will look like when they get theirs.”

I watched as Trevor got Izzy to pose in various positions, one of them bent at the waist so that he, and Riley and I, could see the whatever you call it, disappearing into her vagina.

Then he told Izzy to turn around and Riley and I saw exactly what Serena had described. If there had been any material between the wires Izzy’s slit and pubes would have been covered. Instead the flesh of the 2 halves of her vulva were squashed together giving what Serena had described as the perfect camel toe.

“Amazing,” I said, and trying bring Riley out of her trance I continued, “your father and brothers will like you wearing yours when you get it Riley.”

“What, err oh yes, daddy will like it.”

All the time Trevor was clicking away and I was sure that his phone wasn’t always pointing towards Izzy.

“A quick walk around to check that it’s comfortable if you would please Izzy” Serena said.

Izzy was a bit slow to respond and I wondered what the cause was, but she stepped down and did walk around, even waggling her butt at times.

“Yes, that’s fine thank you Serena. It does feel a little strange but it’s a sort of ‘nice’ strange, I think I’ll keep it in so that I can get used to it.”

“Can we go to the swimming pool now that you’ve got something to wear Izzy?” Trevor asked.

Izzy didn’t answer as she put her dress back on with us all watching, then they left.

“Right,” Serena said, “oh yes, I’ve got everything that I need from you Riley, it’s Georgia’s turn.”

“Can I get off this box and get dressed now please?” Riley asked.

“No Riley,” Serena replied, “Georgia had to stand there whilst I measured you so you can stay there while I measure her.”

I smiled to myself thinking that Serena certainly is Celeste’s cousin.

Then Serena got to work on me. It wasn’t long before she said,

“I can see what Celeste meant when she said that you have an under-developed girls body, was she right about it being caused by a traumatic shock?”

“Yes, my mother died and my body stopped growing.”

“Well I’m really sorry about your mother but it has left you with an enviable body, you are really cute. I can easily understand why you like showing it and why men like looking at it. With that body and your attitude towards it you are going to go far my girl.”

“Thank you Serena, yes I do like my body.”

Serena kept working and my arousal increased, and when the measuring tape touched my pussy I had an orgasm.

“Hmm, very sensitive as well, lucky girl.”

And when it came to the speculum thing I had another bone shaking orgasm that somehow, Serena managed to work through, extending my pleasure. When I returned to nearly normal, Serena squeezed the halves of my vulva together and said,

“You have very little flesh on your pubis and vulva Georgia, just like a young girl. Your camel toe will not be as fleshy as Riley’s or the one that you saw a few minutes ago, but it will still be every obvious and very nice.”

“I suspected as much, I’m not sure if I will like it or not, I guess that I’ll have to wait and see.”

“Oh I’m sure that you’ll like it, it will just be a little different to the others.”

Then she looked at the speculum thing and continued,

“You must do lots of Kegels Georgia, you’ll have to be careful that you don’t harm any penis that you get in there.”

“I haven’t had any complaints so far.”

“You liked being spread open like that didn’t you Georgia?”

“Yes I did.”

“When you arrived here did you see that shop next door but one?”

“The one with all the windows blacked out.” Riley suggested.

“That’s the one, well if you have the time you may just like to call in there when you leave here. I’m sure that you’ll find 1 or 2 things in there that you’ll like.”

“I think that we have the time, I don’t have to be at the university until 2.”

“Me too.” Riley added.

Serena put her equipment down and went and got a proper digital camera then said,

“Just a few photographs to help me visualise what my creations will look like on you, then we are done. Stand up straight please girls.”

Serena then took 8 photographs, 1 of each of our sides, then she told us that we could get down and dressed. I was a little disappointed that it was over, and by the looks of Riley she was too. She had definitely got over being naked almost in a shop window. I smiled to myself as I wondered if I could get her to be an undressed mannequin in a shop window.

We then spent about 10 minutes talking about the ideas that Serena had for Riley’s clothes and my skirts. Riley now fully accepts that she will be wearing skimpy and revealing clothes from now on, including when she goes home for the holidays, if her father lets her wear any clothes.

When we left Serena’s shop we did go looking for the shop that she’d recommended. From a distance it looked as though it could have been deserted but as we got close we saw that it was an adults sex toys shop.

“We can’t go in there, it will be full of dirty old men and girls don’t go into those places.” Riley said.

“Why not?”

“Because mummy says that they are disgusting places for deprived people.”

“Wow. Has she tried saying that to your father? Your mother would be horrified if she saw you right now yet here you are, and look at what you are hardly wearing. Besides, you’re 18 now and you can do what you want. Now get into the real world and follow me in.”

She did, and the 1 man in there stared at us as we stood just inside the door and looked around the room, me thinking that this place was much better than the one that I went to in Ibiza.

“Wow,” was all that Riley could say.

I saw a pile of wire shopping baskets, turned my back to the man and bent over to pick up a basket, taking my time knowing that he would be looking at my butt and framed pussy. Then I grabbed Riley’s hand and pulled her over to the nearest display of non-DVD items and again Riley said,


“So Riley, what shall we get?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Shall we get some more dildos or vibrators, or what about some spanking weapons?”

Riley’s eyes lit up on the last suggestion but she didn’t say anything so I grabbed her hand again and pulled her over to an impressive ***********ion of whips, paddles, canes and things that I hadn’t a clue what they were called.

“Pick 1 Riley, hell, make that 2 or 3, if we’re going to spank each other we may as well have a choice of weapons.”

“You want me to spank you Georgia?”

“Only if you will spank me and I can spank you.”

“Deal, so choose your weapons girl.”

Riley picked 2 weapons and so did I.

“Bend over and put them in the basket Riley, and turn your back to the man before you do it. Oh, it’s 2 men now.”

I watched the men as Riley showed her bare butt to the men, then I did the same.

“Right Riley, now we need something to stop you running away when I start turning your butt red.”

“I wouldn’t run away from you Georgia.”

“You haven’t felt my spanking.”

“Have you spanked anyone before?”

“No, have you?”


“Well just in case you try to run we’ll get some things to keep you in 1 place. Besides, you might like being tied down and feeling totally at my mercy.”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“Well just in case, come on.”

I picked up the basket, again bending over to let the men see my butt, and led Riley to an impressive display of cuffs, gags, ropes, blindfolds and more.

“Go and get another basket Riley, and make sure that those men get a good look at your butt.”

I started filling the first basket then stopped to watch Riley. Like a good girl she did as she was told and judging by the time that she was bent over she must have had to untangle the basket. When she got back I put more items in the second basket then told Riley to pick it up and follow me.

“It looks like you 2 are in for some good fun.” The man said as he started to scan each item.

“Yes, we’ve never done anything like this before but we’ve watched lots of videos and decided to do it ourselves and to video our attempts.”

“Well I’m sure that they will be great videos, I wouldn’t mind watching them myself.”

I said nothing and waited until he had finished scanning everything then handed over my plastic card.

“Can you put them in bags for me please?”

“You won’t get arrested for carrying them down the street,” he said as he started bagging everything.”

“But we might get arrested if I start using that leather strap on her bare butt whilst we are waiting for a taxi.”

The man smiled and handed us the bags. Outside Riley said,

“I can’t believe that we just did that.”

“Hey Riley, if we’re going to join that spanking society that Serena told us about we need to get some practice. Maybe we could ask the guys at the apartments to spank us.”

“You think that they’d do that?”

“Probably, you can ask them at the party on Saturday.”

“Oh yes, I’ve seen Daniella and Ben and they say that they will be at your apartment at 9 pm.”

“Good, and I’ve seen the others so we’re all set.”

“So what’s this video you’re going to show us?”

“That’s a surprise, you’ll have to wait but what we’re just bought will come in handy.”

“You’re going to ask them to spank you.”

“No, stop trying to get me to tell you because I won’t.”

Our taxi arrived and we got the man to drive us back to the apartments where I got out and rushed in with the bags.

“Charles, can you hang on to these for me, we’re nearly late for our lessons?”

“Certainly Georgia, they will be safe with me.”

“Thanks Charles.” I said as I quickly walked out.

It was only when I was back in the taxi that I thought about the show that I must have given the driver and Charles running in and out, but I didn’t really care.

Both Riley and I made it to our classes on time and I again let my tutor look up my legs to my pussy.

Back at my apartment I collected the bags from Charles and saw a smile on his face. I didn’t ask if he’d looked in the bags but I guessed that he had.

I got myself something to eat then scanned through the videos that that had been saved on my cloud drive. I was pleased to see Daniella walking around her apartment naked and masturbating by her window. I wondered if she too was flashing her body to the office workers and the students. I looked out of my window and couldn’t see anyone looking, but there again …. I impaled my wet pussy on my sybian and brought myself to a wonderful orgasm.

After that I went and emptied the bags of goodies that I’d bought and tried a bit of self spanking but I wasn’t that good at it. I’d have to get the guys to do it, or wait until we joined the spanking society. It wasn’t as if I had never had a really good spanking before and I had flash-backs of Kate and Zoe’s father spanking me really hard on his boat in Ibiza harbour.

In amongst the toys that came out of the bags was a piece of paper that I didn’t recognise. Picking it up I saw that it was a note from Serena.

“Wow, that was quick.” I thought.

In the note, apart from the thanks for choosing to giver her our business, was the list of clubs, and the likes, that she thought we might be interested in. Looking at it I saw the orgasm club first. I grabbed my phone, keyed the number and was pleased that it was answered quickly.


“Oh hi, I have been given your number by mutual friends, one of them tells me that you run a club called the ‘Orgasm Club’, is that right?”

“And the name of these mutual friends?”

“Serena and Charles.”

“And how do you know Serena?”

“She is making some clothes for my friend and I. I’m also a client of her cousin Celeste.”

“Who are you and how old are you?”

“Georgia, I’m 19 and just started at the university.”

“You mentioned a friend.”

“Yes, Riley, she’s 18 but I also have another friend who may also be interested in your club, I haven’t mentioned it to her yet.”

“Okay Georgia, I believe that your call is genuine. Sorry about the quiz but we have to be careful. So are you and your friend wanting to join our club?”

“Maybe, can you tell me a bit about it please?”

“Of course. Well for starters, about half of the girls attend on their own but the other half come with their male partners and all girls have to strip naked as soon as they arrive.”

“Even if they don’t wish to take part in the contests?”

“Yes Georgia, it’s to encourage the girls to take part, not to chicken-out and discourage them from leaking information about the club.”

“Okay, that’s not a problem for us.”

The male voice continued,

“Once everyone is there the competitors are split into groups of 4s and each group is given a number. Each group in turn is fitted with a wrist heart monitor that is linked to a laptop, then the girls from the first group get on tables in the middle of the room.

The girls are then given 15 minutes to bring themselves to as many orgasms as they can. Artificial objects of any sort are not allowed. As is physical help from members of the audience. The orgasms are counted by the laptop based upon the girls heart rate so faking is impossible.

The girl with the most orgasms goes through to the next round. If there is a tie the 15 minutes is extended until one of them cums again.

The cycle is repeated with the next group of 4 until there is a winner from all groups. We then have a 15 minute break followed by the winners of each group being re-grouped and the cycle starts again. Once we have an overall winner there is another 15 minute break then the winning girl has to perform again, on her own but with the help of members of the audience, for a minimum of another 15 minutes until she begs everyone to stop.

Winning is the only prize so if you were hoping to win some money to pay your tuition fees then you are out of luck.

“Wow, I’m going to have to make myself have lots of orgasms.”

“Do I take it that you are still interested Georgia?”

“Yes I am, where and when is the next meeting?”

“The Red Lion at 8 pm 2 weeks on Friday.”

“Thank you, I or we, will be there.”

“I look forward to seeing you. Oh, please ask for Mark when you get there, I’ll be in the upstairs function room.”

I terminated the call and lay back on the sofa thinking how lucky I was.

Then it was the turn of the Spanking Society and I called the number that Serena had given me. It was answered by a woman called Victoria. She quizzed me in a similar way to Mark from the Orgasm Club had and when she was happy that I was genuine she told me that they also met in a pub’s function room and that any girl who went with the intention of getting spanked and becoming a member had to strip naked as soon as they got there.

Obviously the next part was different in that the girls had to volunteer to be spanked when one was asked for, and she then had to *********** the person whom she wanted to spank them. The only proviso being that it couldn’t be anyone who the came with. She would then choose the implement and the spanking would commence.

There were no winners, the only reward being that the girl had been spanked by a stranger.

When I said that I was still interested I was given the name of the place, the date and time, and told to ask for Tommy.

As I sat there feeling happy with myself I remembered what Mark had said about the heart rate monitors. They could be very useful for the games that I hoped to get everyone to play on Saturday. I opened my laptop and searched for them. I found lots that I had to ignore, finally finding a few that linked by bluetooth to a PC. I ordered 4, express, next day delivery.

Then I looked at the piece of paper that Serena sent me again. My eyes were attracted to the Spanking Club so I phoned that number.

This time it was a woman, Madame Daphne, who answered and she too gave me a grilling to check that I was genuine and over 18. I guess that they didn’t any legal problems with minors.

I was again told that any girl that was there to be spanked had to strip naked as soon as they arrived so that the organisers could easily check the numbers. I was also told that if we decided to back out after seeing the first girl get spanked, all we had to do was put our clothes back on.

The bad news was that the next meeting wasn’t until the second Friday in November. She gave me the exact date, time and location then told me that she hoped to see me there.

I thought that I’d done enough organising for 1 day so I did a quick, video check on my new friends in their apartments. Oliver looked like he was asleep on his bed, Riley was also asleep on her bed, the difference being that she was naked, and had her legs spread wide. Daniella was on her bed as well but she was far from being asleep, she was bouncing up and down on a man. From the angle of the camera I couldn’t tell who the man was but it definitely wasn’t Oliver. I had to watch until Daniella orgasmed then collapsed off the guy and I was a little surprised to not recognise the guy. She’d brought someone in from outside our group, not that that was a problem, just that it happened so quickly. I mean, she was a virgin less than a week ago and now she was making up for it with a man from goodness knows where.

I was also a little surprised that all of them had left their lights on. There was no sign of the others in our group.

I took my Wi-Fi camera to my bedroom, did my bathroom routine, then lay spread eagle on my bed with the camera between my knees.


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