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Georgia goes to University Part 004 by vanessa.evans

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Georgia goes to University

by Vanessa Evans

Part 04 – Sleeping with a camera between my knees.

I woke up that Tuesday morning with my right hand on my wet pussy. I sat up, looked down and was happy to see that my legs were where they were when I went to sleep and that the camera was still where I had left it.

I jumped up and almost ran to my laptop. It took me seconds to find the files for the camera and the ones date-stamped during the night.

Happy that the camera was motion activated, I immediately saw my right hand slide down to my pussy, obscuring the view of my right nipple, the 2 of them sticking up like fence posts.

My fingers slowly rubbed all around my vulva then as they moved a little faster my left hand moved in and my left, middle finger went into my vagina whilst the fingers on my right hand started rubbing just my clit which was as big as I’ve ever seen it. Being asleep must have given my body plenty of blood to push to my clit to make it bigger.

Then it was 2 fingers going in and out of my vagina and my right fingers going faster and faster.

Back in the awake world, I realised that my hands were doing what I was watching me do on the big TV. It was like I was watching me masturbate live, but I wasn’t, all a bit strange, but nice.

Anyway, I orgasmed quite soon, twice, once on the big TV then again in the awake world.

In both worlds my hands moved away from my pussy and for a few seconds I saw my own juices start to leak out of my vagina. Then the big TV went blank.

I was just about to close my laptop when another image of my pussy appeared on the screen with my right hand sliding to my pussy. At first I thought that the video player was looping the playing of the file but I checked on the playing file name and it was date-stamped 90 minutes later.

“Fucking hell,” I thought, “not only do I masturbate in my sleep, but I do it twice.”

I closed the file then looked at the list of files and saw another 2 files time-stamped 2 and 3 hours after that. Clicking on the next one I again saw my right hand slide to my pussy. Closing that file I clicked on the last, and last file and saw my right hand moving to my pussy then me sitting up on my bed.

“Jeez,” I thought, “Three times, 3 times I masturbated during the night, no wonder my pussy is dripping when I wake up. I’ve got to remember to setup the camera tonight, got to check if that was a one-off or a regular thing. No wonder I’m horny all day. Could this be related to me having those O-Shot injections? Why didn’t I notice this when I was in Ibiza? Oh yes, it was a lot warmer there and my pussy juices dried a lot quicker.”

I closed the laptop lid and just sat there for a few seconds wondering if I was some sort of freak and if all women do what I had done in my sleep, then I got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for my day.

I put the coffee on then went to decide what to wear. It didn’t look windy outside but that didn’t stop me ***********ing a silky, skater skirt that I could hardly feel below my waist. To go with it I chose a cami top, nice and loose fitting and feeling very soft and smooth as it rubbed my nipples as I moved about.

It was a classroom day at the university and a wondered if the tutor would wander around the classroom like the teachers in school used to do. If he did he’d be able to see down my top to my cute little titties.

I finished getting ready then headed to the lift. In reception I saw Riley talking to Charles who turned and said good morning to me. I was pleased to see Riley was wearing just one of her longer tops, long enough to cover her butt. Of course she wore it without a bra or knickers and I could see the bulges that her nipples were making.

That top is sleeveless and has low cut arm holes and I wondered if Riley realised that she was showing quite a lot of side boob. I decided to save that revelation for later.

We stepped outside and my skirt immediately inverted for a couple of seconds and I wondered if Charles had been watching us. I know that the 2 men in suits walking passed had been watching us because they both smiled when my skirt went up and I made no attempt to pull it back down.

“There’s a fresh breeze ticking my pussy.” Riley said as we started walking.

“Nice isn’t it?” I replied.

“Yes. So what time do you finish Riley?” I asked.

“Twelve, and you?”

“Twelve as well but we’ll be in different buildings. Shall we meet in a coffee house that I’ve discovered? It’s easy to find, we’ll be walking passed it in a couple of minutes.”

“Sounds good to me.” Riley replied.

By the time we’d got off the street Riley had pulled her ‘dress’ down about half a dozen times and my skirt had flown up about a half dozen times.

“That was err interesting,” Riley said, “look at my nipples, they’re rock hard, like yours, and I feel so horny, I don’t know how I’m going to make it to lunchtime.”

“Find a toilet on your way to your lesson and bring yourself off, I know that that’s what I’m going to do.”

“That sounds like a good idea Georgia.”

“But don’t let that stop you flashing your teacher, what do men like to see?”

“Naked girls, but I can’t get naked in the classroom.”

“No, but you can have lots of accidental wardrobe malfunctions.”

“What! Oh, you mean accidentally letting my knees drift apart when there’s a man in front of me.”

“You’re learning fast girl.”

“I hope so, I want to be just like you Georgia.”

That sort of surprised me a little and my mouth opened wide for a second as Riley said that she’d see me just after 12, and walked away.

I watched her ‘dress’ giving me hints of the bottom of her butt cheeks until she turned a corner, then thought,

“Wow, I’m going to have to watch this girl.”

My lesson went well, the teacher outlined what he would be teaching us during our first semester and told us when we’d have an examination on it. As he was talking I flicked through the text book that he said it was all in, and from what I saw it looked to be all basic stuff. I relaxed and lay back in my chair thinking that my first semester was going to be easy.

I didn’t even think about my short skirt and knees being apart until I realised that the teacher was staring at my legs. Unlike the desks at school there were no modesty boards on the front of these desks. Well they weren’t really desks, more like tables.

I pretended not to noticed his stares but felt a little wet rush in my pussy.

The rest of the lesson went well and before I knew it we were all walking out of the room. As we did so, one of the boys came over to me, introduced himself and started to hit on me. I smiled, told him my name then told him that I had to rush away to meet someone. I didn’t say if it was a boy or a girl. I just left him wondering, and looking at my back as I swayed my butt from side to side as I walked, making my skirt dance about and maybe giving him a flash of my butt cheeks.

I got to the coffee house before Riley so I got a couple of cappuccinos and sat at the same table as before, again unladylike with my knees apart facing the street.

After a couple of minutes watching the people outside to see if they looked at me, a face appeared behind the glass in front of me. Riley was pointing to my pussy and laughing so I opened my knees as wide as I could for a couple of seconds and laughed back.

Riley laughed again then came inside and over to me. I’d already put a chair next to me so that she could sit like I had but she sat on it in a very prim and proper way.

“Did they teach you to sit like that at school?” I asked.

“Yes they did.”

“Well this isn’t school, sit like me Riley.”

“But ….. Oh I see, good thinking superwoman.”

“I’m not super .. oh forget it, I hope that you like cappuccino.”

“I do, shall we get something to eat here or shall we wait until we hit the shops, maybe find another McDonalds?”

“Are you telling me that you enjoyed your McDonalds flashing and want to do it again Riley?”

“I did, but I know that the next time it might not be as enjoyable, daddy taught me that.”

“Did he also tell you that it might be even better?”


“Well it may be, but it may be a lot worse. You just can’t tell, so if we do go to McDonalds don’t expect too much.”

“No ma’am.”

“Riley, I’m, not superwoman, nor ma’am or anything like that, I’m Georgia, slut or tart or whore or anything like that.”

“You’re not any of those things, you’re nice and considerate and your helping me.”

“Well you can thank me by doing what I tell you, when I tell you.”

“Yes sir!”

“My, my, you are a happy little bunny today Riley.”

“Yes I am aren’t I, I guess that it’s because you’ve taught me a valuable lesson.”

“And what would that be?”

“That a girl is supposed to let men see them naked, or as much as she can and that girls like being seen exposed. I let my teacher see my pussy this morning and he was very nice to me afterwards.”

“You didn’t let him fuck you did you?”

“No, he was just talking to me nicely.”

“Well don’t let him fuck you yet, tease him for a few weeks with flashes of you pussy and tits if you can.”


“Then can I let him fuck me?”

“Make it a Christmas present for him.”

“So I have to wait that long?”

“Yes Riley, men like to see the parts of girl’s body that they don’t usually see, you know that, but they also like to be teased by getting flashes of what they want to see but can’t at that moment. When men have been teased like that, by the same girl, for a while, that girl has a sort of power over him.”

“Like a super power?”

“I suppose that you could say that, when a girl has a man lusting after her body the girl can get the man to do all sorts of things for her that he normally wouldn’t do.”

“Like giving her better grades?”

“That’s certainly one thing, there’s always stories going around of university girls who have let their professor fuck them in the hope of getting a better grade.”

“Are you one of those Georgia?”

“Not yet, it depends on how I do but I might consider it nearer the end of year exams, but I will be flashing them just in case it gets to that point.”

“Should I do that, I mean let my tutors and professor fuck me?”

“That’s a decision for you to make Riley.”

“Okay. So where are we going this afternoon?”

“I thought that we’d go to the big shopping centre and look for some revealing clothes for you.”

“Like the ones that you’ve got and we’re going to see about getting tomorrow.”

“That’s right, let me book a taxi for us to get there.”

“Okay, there’s a young man outside looking at us, shall I wave to him?”

“No Riley, most men don’t like the girls to know that they are spying on them, it makes them feel guilty or scared then they run off.”

“Ben and Matt and Oliver and Harry didn’t run off when they saw us naked the other night.”

“No, that was because they know us and we know them.”

“Oh, all this is so confusing Georgia.”

“Don’t worry Riley, I’ll keep you straight.”

“Thank you Georgia. Shall I open my knees some more?”

“If you like, but remember to make it look accidental.”

She did, and I did too, all without us looking out of the window again.

Just as I was starting to think that the young man had a lot of balls, my phone rang and I was told that our taxi had arrived.

“Got to go Riley, get up and pull that skirt down to make you decent and let’s go.”

She did, and by the time we got outside the voyeur had gone and his role was taken over by the taxi driver who stared at our legs and I smiled at him thinking,

“Stupid man, you should have got out and opened the door for us.”

The journey didn’t take long and we were soon getting out of the taxi at the main entrance. Riley accidentally (I think) gave him a flash of her slit as she wasn’t too quick pulling her ‘skirt’ back down.

We walked around the place looking for shops that sold short skirts but didn’t have much luck but we did have some luck going up the escalators to the different floors. We always seemed to have some young men behind us and Riley kept asking me to look down to them and see if they were looking up at our butts. Even when I told her that they were she kept asking me.

We did try a few of skirts and dresses on in one fashion shop. The fitting rooms were at the back and were curtained cubicles. Probably because it was a Tuesday afternoon, there were very few shoppers and only a couple of staff and we really took our time trying on different clothes.

Of course both Riley and I were naked most of the time and one of the young women shop assistants kept coming to check on us. Each time we handed her a couple of garments and asked her to get us different sizes. After the fourth time I said,

“Wouldn’t it be easier if we went and swapped the items ourselves, that way you can get on with the other jobs that you must have.”

I wasn’t really expecting her to agree, company policy and all that, but she did. When she was gone Riley said,

“Are we really going out into the shop naked and swap some clothes? I don’t know that I could do that, and I haven’t seen any men in the shop so it would be a waste of us being naked.”

“Being naked anywhere is never a waste Riley. You just never know when a man is going to appear from nowhere and see you. Besides, the girls might like to see you as well. There are a lot of influential women out there and if they fancy you can manipulate them just as easily as men.”

“I guess so, I want to try this skirt in pink, see if I look better in pink.”

We did go out into the main store naked 3 times, each time longer than the previous time and we did get seen by both of the staff. Neither of them said a word and I wondered if other girls did the same thing.

The shop has a huge front window and lots of people were walking passed. Riley and I were often in a place where we could be seen from outside the shop but I didn’t look for long enough to see if anyone saw us. A couple of other customers, probably girls from the university, did see us. One was startled, then she smiled and said hello, whilst the other just acted like it was an everyday occurrence seeing naked girls in the main part of the shop.

I wondered if things had changed quite a bit in England while I was in Ibiza for a year.

Unsurprisingly, we didn’t buy anything, possibly for 2 reasons, firstly it was September and the shop wouldn’t have their summer stock on display, and secondly, I guess that there isn’t a huge market for skirts that are so short that the wearer’s slit is on display if the wearer isn’t stood perfectly still.

Riley was disappointed but I wasn’t, I never expected to find anything, I just wanted to get naked in a shop and to get Riley naked in a shop. She really is starting to think my way.

Just as I was thinking about heading back to the apartments Riley saw the McDonalds and asked if we could go there.

“It will be a different layout and there might not be any men to flash your pussy at.” I said.

“But there might be.”

“All that fatty junk food, you’ll have to spend a few hours in the workout room to make up for it.”

“You will as well Georgia.”

I wasn’t planning going down there that day but hell, the food did taste good.

We went in and ordered our food, getting the same as the previous time, and looked around for a table. We were spoilt for choice as the place wasn’t very busy and we settled for a table with out backs to the counter and facing the doors. I figured that as the people walked in, all they had to do was glance to their right and they’d be able to see 2 pussies, and if they looked higher they’d see 4 nipples trying to escape the confines of our tops.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out like that as just about everyone entering the place was more interested in looking at the counter and the menus displayed above it.

Both Riley and I were a little disappointed but hey, that’s life.

Riley did get one young man looking at her when she stood up to leave, she isn’t very quick at pulling her ‘skirt’ back down and the young man got a quick look at her slit, although the expression on his face made me think that he hadn’t realised what he’d seen.

I phoned for a taxi and by the time we’d walked to the pick-up point it was waiting for us. This time the driver didn’t even look at us.

When we got back to the apartments Charles saw the taxi arrive and opened the door for us. Then he gave Riley a package that had just arrived for her. We were giggling like 2 young schoolgirls as we went up the stairs to her apartment where she quickly ripped open the package.

For the next hour or so she tried out each of the toys that she’d bought but she asked me for some help setting up the same remote controlled vibrator that I’d bought. She asked me to setup the app on both her phone and mine. She wanted me to be able to control hers. I offered to have her to be able to control mine but she didn’t want that for some reason.

One of the non-invasive items things that she’d bought was a collar and leash like my pink ones. She put these on then used her phone to bring herself to an orgasm with the remote controlled vibe. Then she asked me to bring her to another using my phone.

I found it a bit strange being able to control her like that, but at the same time I felt a sense of control over her which she was obviously liking. I kept that orgasm going for quite a while before turning the vibrations down and all she said, when she could talk, was,

“Thank you for that Georgia, that was truly amazing.”

Then she asked if we could go down to the workout room saying that we should work off the 2 McDonalds meals that we’d had. I couldn’t argue with that so she grabbed her phone and a bottle of water and we went up to my room so that I could dump my things and grab some water.

Just as we were about to leave I saw the Wi-Fi camera and grabbed that as well.

“Are you going to video us exercising again Georgia?”

“Yes, but I want to ask you for a favour which I’ll explain later.”

“Have you given yesterday’s video to the guys yet?”

“No, not yet, I was thinking about having an informal party on Saturday night again and showing it and a few other videos to everyone then, maybe we could start the party in my apartment then move down to the pool.”

“Yes, that was fun.”

We were quickly down in the workout room, still with our collars and leashes on, and our remote controlled vibrators inside us.

“Shall we switch the vibrators on Georgia?”

“Err, no, let’s leave it until we get on the bike. The vibrations will make it even more interesting.

We’d both been on all the machines except the bike when Matt walked in wearing just a pair of boxers.

“Hi girls,” he said, “not interrupting anything am I?”

“No.” We both replied.

“It’s just that those collars and leases confused me a bit, and what are those purple things between you legs? Are they those remote controlled vibrator things?”

“Yes,” Riley replied, “I only got mine today. Do you want to see it working?”

“That will be difficult if it’s inside you Riley.”

“Hmm, true, but you can see what it does to me.”

“Do you mind if I have a bit of a workout first? Was one of you about to get on the bike?”

“Yes Matt, Riley was, you carry on and ignore us. You don’t mind us being naked in here do you Matt?” I asked.

“No, not at all, but you’re not naked, you’ve got those collars on, any significance in that?”

“Maybe we like being led around like little puppy dogs that curl up on your lap.”

“Later Georgia, workout first.”

“Yes Matt, sorry, Riley, up on the bike.”

“The seat’s too high.” No it’s not. Get on and start pedalling.”

She did, and she started to complain but that didn’t last long because she started moaning.

“That’s why that saddle is so high,” Matt said with a smile on his face as he sat on one of the machines.”

“A girl’s got to get her pleasures wherever she can Matt.”

Matt and I continued talking with me stood facing him and him watching both me and Riley.

I had my phone in my hand and I decided that it was time for Riley to get a double dose of pleasure and I started the app to control Riley’s vibrator. She squealed as it started up and within seconds she was moaning over and over.

“Is Riley okay?” Matt asked.

“Oh yes, she’s in heaven.” I replied holding up my phone.

Matt smiled and nodded his head.

As Riley was coming down from her orgasm I said,

“Matt, what do you think of the idea of having another party on Saturday?” I said.

“Sounds good to me, it was good fun last Saturday.”

“Yes it was,” I replied, “Not a formal party like last time, I was thinking that we could start in my apartment then move down to the pool later. I’ve got some short movies that I want to show you guys and then a proposal. I’ve also got some new games that I’m sure everyone will like.”

“That sounds intriguing.”

“You’ll enjoy it, and the proposal if all you guys agree to help me with it.”

“More intriguing. I’m definitely in. When I see the others I’ll ask them.”

“We will as well. Oh Riley, have you had enough?”

“Yes and no, I could never have enough of those feelings but I do need a rest, your turn Georgia, and give me your phone.”

We swapped places and I started pedalling while Riley sat on the floor mats, legs wide open, watching Matt and watching me and playing with the vibe app o my phone.

I pedalled until I’d cum twice then stopped and got my breath back. Having the remote controlled vibe in, the antenna rubbing against my clit, and the business end vibrating away inside me really does make me cum quicker.

“I can really see why you girls like that bike, it will never be the same again when I see a girl on a bike.”

“Do you like seeing us naked Matt?” Riley asked.

“What? Yes, of course I do, 2 gorgeous girls living in the same apartment block and both working out totally naked, of course I like looking at you, any, no every, sane man would.”

Riley was smiling when I said, winking my left eye as I said it,

“We usually do some stretching exercises next Matt, you won’t be offended if you see us with our legs spread wide apart will you?”

“I’m not sure Georgia, I mean I might just want to jump on you right on that mat and fuck your brains out.”

“It’s not long enough Matt,” Riley said, “oh, you mean our mouths, that would be nice, can you teach me how to do it without gagging please? The last time that I did it I thought that I was about to die of a lack of oxygen.”

“Yes Riley,” Matt replied, “we’ll teach you.”

Matt moved on to another machine and Riley and I started my floor routine. After a while Matt said,

“Wow, you 2 really do know how to stretch your legs wide apart.”

“You like watching us don’t you Matt?” Riley said. “I can tell, look at your shorts.”

“Riley,” I loudly said, “get your right leg up and over your head.”

She did giving Matt a great view of 2 spread pussies.

This went on until Riley and I had finished our stretching routine and poor Matt must have had a very frustrating workout.

Riley and I left the room telling Matt that we were off for a swim. He replied telling us to remember to take our collars off and adding that he might be able to get a proper workout now that we’d gone.

However, after we made use of the pool filler jet of water we went into the sauna only to find Matt there laying along the bench, with no tent in his shorts.

“Hi Matt,” Riley said, “Can I have my first lesson please?”


“She wants to give you a blowjob Matt, and for you to tell her how to do it without gagging.” I said.

“In that case, how can I refuse. Get it out and get started sucking Riley and I’ll coach you as you go. What are you going to do for me Georgia.”

“Anything that you like but I guess that some things are out of the question with your cock being in Riley’s mouth. Would you like me to put my pussy on your face?”

“Good idea but I’ll have to keep pushing you up so that I can tell Riley what to do.”

“Maybe I should just stand next to Riley and you can finger fuck me. You can fuck me properly when you’ve finished with Riley.”

“That’s probably the best idea.”

“Why is it called a blowjob when I have to suck?” Riley asked as she pulled Matt’s shorts down.

“I have no idea because I wouldn’t be too happy if you did blow down the end of it.”

“Would it hurt?”

“I’ve never had a girl do that to me but it’s certainly sounds painful.”

Matt was still laying on the bench with Riley knelt near his cock and me stood beside his head as Riley took his rapidly growing cock and hid it in her mouth. She mumbled something which I think was,

“Am I doing this right?”

Matt must have wanted to hear what she was saying so his hand went from my pussy to her hair and pulled her head up.

“Didn’t your parents tell you to never talk when your mouth is full Riley?”

“Yes sir, and daddy used to smack my bottom when I forgot.”

“Well I’ll smack your bottom if you do it again. Now just relax and take your time going further down on me each time you take me in. Remember, your lungs hold enough oxygen for at least 2 minutes so you don’t need to breath for quite a few seconds when your throat gets blocked.”

“Try taking me deeper and holding your breath.”

“That’s it, now relax and hold it. Start counting seconds if it helps.”

“Try to breath through your nose Riley.” I added.

Riley came up for air as Matt slid 2 fingers inside me.

“That was okay wasn’t it?” Riley asked.

“Yes Riley, it was, you’re starting to relax now, I think that those orgasms that you had are helping. Deep breath and go down on me again.” Matt said.

“Resist that urge to throw up Riley, you don’t need to.” I said.

Riley was still gagging a bit and looking like she was going to throw up so, reluctantly, I backed away from Matt’s hand and told Riley to climb up on top of Matt with her head over his cock and her pussy over his head.

She did, and without being told she tried again. This time it was a lot easier and maybe it helped that Matt was eating her pussy. I was actually surprised by how long she managed to keep his cock in her throat before coming up, gasping for air then going down on him again.

I started to see the tell-tale signs that Matt was about to cum but I didn’t say anything and the next time that Riley came up for air then went down on him again I saw Matt’s body twitch.

Riley groaned and tried to pull up but by then one of Matt’s hands was on the back of her head holding it down. When he finally let go Riley’s head shot up, she gasped for air, then said,

“You just shot your little tadpoles down my throat.”

“Yes I did, did they taste nice?”

“I only got a little taste when I was lifting my head but they tasted okay.”

“Next time when you do it Riley,” I said, “kneel down in front of the man and take him while on your knees. When you sense that he is about to cum pull up until the end of his cock is just inside your mouth or just outside your mouth. As he’s shooting his ‘tadpoles’ try to catch them all in your mouth and don’t swallow them. When he’s done back off him, look up to his eyes and hold your mouth open so that he can see his ‘tadpoles’ in your mouth. When you are sure that he has seen them, swallow them all then open your mouth to show him that you have swallowed them all.”

“Why should I do that, it will be easier to swallow them as they come out of his cock?”

“Yes but men like to see what they have given you and you need to show them that you are grateful by showing him them all before swallowing them in one go.”

“Okay, I think that I can do that. Can I do that now?”

“Riley, men aren’t like women, they need a bit of time to fill their balls again before their cocks get hard again.”

“Are you ready to go again Matt?” Riley asked.

Before Matt could say anything I said,

“I think that that’s enough for today Riley, you can practice with with your new dildos, and besides, I’m starting to over-heat in here.”

“Me too.” Matt said.

“Me too.” Riley added.

We left the sauna with Matt pulling his shorts up as he walked. Riley and I went to the shower whilst Matt sat on one of the loungers.

“Thank you for the lesson Matt.” Riley shouted from the shower.

“You’re welcome Riley.”

“Can you give me another lesson soon?”

“Sure, but not right now.”

When we got out of the shower and dried, I told Riley to go up to her apartment and practice with a dildo. That I’d come and see how she was getting on in about 30 minutes. She was happy with that and collected her things and left.

“Right Matt, we have something to finish, lay back on that lounger.”

Matt grinned and did so.

I mounted him cowgirl style, bottomed out and sat there looking down at him.

“I think that you are really going to like what I’m going to ask you and the other guys to do on Saturday. And the games that I’ve thought of will make all of us happy.”

“So what is this thing Georgia?”

“I’m not going to tell you until you’ve seen the video but by then I think that you will have guessed what it is.”

“And you’re not even going to give me a hint?”


I started lifting and lowering my butt and all thoughts of Saturday disappeared.

Five minutes later I bottomed out again, this time having had Matt shoot his load deep inside me.

Two minutes later I climbed off him and told him that I was going to my apartment.

“Don’t forget to go and see Riley.” Matt said, “if you don’t she’ll be stuffing a dildo down her throat all night.”

“Hey, she may be a little naive and a bit short of common sense, but she’s a nice girl, I like her and she did get 8 straight ‘A’s in her A levels. Oh, and she has a photographic memory, I bet that she can describe the shape of every vein on your cock.”

I didn’t really give Matt the chance to answer me, instead I went and got my things then went back to him. Handing him my collar, sat of the edge of the lounger next to him and asked him to fasten it around my neck.

“Like being treated like a puppy do you Georgia?”

“By some men, but I like wearing it so that most men thing about leading me around like a puppy.”

“All about your sexual gratification is it Georgia?”

“Of course, isn’t that what men do all the time?”

“I suppose so. Hey, I didn’t say that I didn’t like Riley, she’s cute.”

“Good for a good fuck every now and again is she?”

“Yes, nothing wrong with that, but yes, she is a nice girl.”

“Never said there was anything wrong with a good fuck. It’s good to have mates with benefits.”

“It certainly is.” Matt said cupping my little right tit before I got up and left.

Back in my apartment, I had a quick shower then grabbed my phone and the Wi-Fi camera and went to Riley’s apartment.

Matt was right, she was still naked and she had a dildo in her hand when she opened the door to me, and I could see saliva on her chin.

“You can stop doing that now Riley, if you do it too much you’ll get a locked jaw and try explaining how you got it in the emergency room. Right, do you wear anything in bed?”

“No, daddy says that I’m a big girl now and that I shouldn’t.”

“Do you sleep in the bed, or on the bed?”

“On it, daddy says that as I’m a big girl now I should sleep on it and with my door open so that him or my brothers can see me sleeping.”

“And do you leave the lights on?”

“Yes, daddy says that he can see me better when the lights are on.”

“And do you stay in the same position all night or do you keep turning onto one side or the other?”

“I don’t know, I can’t tell, I’m asleep.”

“Okay, I couldn’t answer that one either. Now here’s what I want you to do. When you go to bed tonight I want you to lay in your back with your legs wide apart and this camera between your knees pointing at your pussy. It’s motion activated so unless you move around while you are asleep it will never start recording.”

“What’s the point then?”

“Well if you do start moving around it will record what you do, and in the morning we can look at the recording and you’ll know what you did in your sleep.”

“That’s a good idea Georgia, I often wondered if I got up and went sleep walking. Mummy used to tell me that I’d get up in the middle of the night and go to her and daddy’s bed and I often wondered how I got there.”

“Well little kids do things like that, it’s all part of growing up, but you’re a grown woman now, wouldn’t you like to know if you still get up in the night, Maybe you do and get something to eat, who knows?”

“I guess that we will in the morning. I never would have thought of doing that with a camera.”

“If only she knew what Charles was doing with the 2 cameras in her apartment.” I thought.

“Okay Riley, just put the camera like this with this end facing your pussy. It’s battery powered and fully charged so you can forget about it running flat. Right, I’m off back to mine now, I’ve got a couple of things to get ready for my class tomorrow afternoon. I’ll come and collect the camera just before we go to get you your new wardrobe ordered.”

“Okay.” Riley said and leant over and kissed my cheek. “Good night good friend.”

I smiled then left her.

Back in my apartment I got busy doing what I had to do, all the time glancing over to the students block to see if I could spot anyone looking my way. At one point I thought that maybe I could so I went and stood in the window facing them for a while then impaled myself on my sybian and let it make me cum.

Finally, at around 11 p.m. I went to my laptop and started the voyeur app and went straight to my Wi-Fi camera. It wasn’t recording at that moment but there was one file archived. I clicked on it and watched Riley placing the camera between her knees then rubbing her pussy to an orgasm before things went all still then the camera shut down.

I opened the file again and fast forward to where she was playing with her pussy then zoomed in so that I could see every little detail, even the little bubbles of her juices escaping her vagina.

For some reason that turned me on and I masturbated to the rest of the video playing in slow motion on the big TV in front of me.

Then I went to bed and masturbated again.


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