Erotic Stories

Gas station girl

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The night starts out normal like any other you start doing all your normal work getting everything knocked out and you actually get a chance to get most of it done before get a little rush. Once the rush is over you get your mopping and vaccuming done early and are excited you get to relax. Than i show up around 1:30 and you tell me your excited that everything is done and you can hangout and relax. Than you realize you forgot to count cigarettes out in the drive thru so you head out to start. I wait a few minutes til you start than i come out.  I sneak out and find you standing on the crate and the yoga pants i bought for you. I stand there as your listening to your music singing and jamming out. You dont notice me standing there admiring how amazing your ass looks in those pants and how beautiful you look. I cant help myself anymore i walk in and rub my hand down the side of your leg as you jump and turn around and see its me. I grab you pick you up and set you on the counter and as your looking at me getting ready to tell me to behave i cant resist any longer and before you get the words out i grab you and start kissing you.  Once i do you try to fight and i keep pulling you in closer and closer so you cant fight and you finally give in as you wrap your legs around me. I start by kissing you on your neck biting you a little bit as you start to moan into my ear. I stop and look at you and pull your shirt off and undo your bra. I reach out and grab you by the throat and start kissing you again than move to you neck and start working my way down your body. I start kissing and biting around your collar bone before working my way down to your nipples. The cool air and my warm breathe make them hard as i start to run my tongue around each nipple before nibbling on them as you moan with each lick and each bite. Than i start kissing my way down your stomach and reach the top of your pants. I look up at you grin than lean you back before pulling them down to your ankles. I pull your legs apart and put them on my shoulders making sure your pants stay on so you cant pull away. I start kissing and biting on your hips before making my way to your pussy. I kiss around your pussy and the inside of your thighs building the anticipation. I lightly run my tongue across your pussy as you shiver and moan with excitement. I pull you closer and spread your legs open to see how excited you really are… your pussy glistening from the excitement makes me hard and excited. I cant wait any longer i shove my face between your legs and thrust my tongue deep inside you as you scream with excitement. I run my tongue in and out before sliding it up to your clit. I start running my tongue in circles around clit before taking it in my mouth and suck on it. I nibble on it as your moans get louder and louder. All of a sudden you grab me by my hair and pull my head up and look me in the eyes and say FUCK ME NOW.  I pick you up and set you on the floor and bend you over the counter. I undo my pants and drop them to the floor revealing my hard cock as i grab it and start running it up and down your pussy before slowly sliding it so you can feel every inch fill you up. I start slow making sure you take every inch to the base of my cock. I reach up and grab your throat and pull you back to me making sure i can hear all the whimpers and moans of how good it feels as i start thrusting faster and faster as we both start getting louder and louder. Than i bend you back over and grab you by you by your hips and start pounding into as hard as i can. With each thrust going harder and deeper than the last you start screaming IM CUMMING IM CUMMING as it makes me go as hard as i can before i scream IM CUMMING as i grab you by the throat again pulling you close so you can hear me as I cum deep inside you filling you up.  As I pull my cock out throbbing and still twitching from cumming i see my cum start leaking out of your pussy i bend down and lick your pussy scooping some of our cum out with my tongue as you stand up i push you against the counter and start kissing you again sharing our cum with you so you can taste us both. We both put our clothes back on go out front like nothing happened and enjoy some strawberries and whipped cream

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