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I met my wife through a mutual guy friend. They had known each other since they were kids. In fact when I started dating her my friend got kinda jealous because he always wanted to Bang her but never could pull it off.

Anyways years later my wife (who I haven’t even met yet at this time) had a friend who was a stripper and they had amateur night. So my wife with a group of friends that included the guy went there just for fun. After a few drink they convinced my wife to go on stage. As she started getting into it and having some fun they jokingly told her to come down and give that dude a lap dance. Keep in mind she was just in her underwear wasn’t completely naked yet. So as she’s giving him a lap dance she’s pretty drunk and she takes her bra off and just sticks her tits right in his face. Has him motorboat her. Just for contact my wife has amazing tiits. Place is going wild.

So anyways about halfway through the song the dude busts a nut in his pants. She jumped off laughing hysterical and everybody started laughing.

So a few years later I entered the picture and I started dating her and and he now teases me saying that that counts is having sex with my wife lol..

She got mad that he told her but I didn’t care I found the whole thing hysterical. She never touched his penis she never saw his penis and his penis never went anywhere close to being in her so I don’t care.

In a completely unrelated side note after we had dated for a few weeks and I knew we were gonna have sex I made sure that I masturbated vigorously before that happened so I wouldn’t bust a nut quickly and just be another funny story. I must have done something right because 20 years later were still happily married.

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