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Fun time with a French girl

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In Czechia we have this crazy carnival in February where you dress up and go house to house drinking. A few years ago I was a couch surfing host and a girl from France and her friend came to stay. I told them about the event and they thought, what the heck, might as well go too! So we all dressed up as witches and walked to the neighboring village.

At first they were kind of like… what the hell? But as the day went on we kept drinking and having SO much fun. The girl was super cute, even in a witch costume. She was short and curvy with long, dark brown hair. She had the cutest dimples.

At a certain point she was so drunk I ended up leading her home with her friend and they both crashed in a big king size bed. I went back to the party but as the night wore on I kept thinking about her. Finally I headed home as well. I crawled into bed between them and accidentally woke her up. The moonlight was hitting her face through the window and I could see her sleepy eyes squinting at me. I immediately knew I had a problem, I could feel my pussy start to throb.

I told her I was sorry I woke her up and she said it was fine. I realized I didn’t have a pillow… And asked her if I could share hers. She smiled and scooted over a little bit. I laid my face next to hers so our noses were almost touching. We looked at each other for a moment, and then very slowly moved our faces towards each other. We covered the short distance quickly and shared a long, slow kiss.

It was like an eruption. Suddenly her hands were in my hair, I was holding her around the waist pulling her towards me. Our kisses were drunk and sloppy and desperate for more. But her friend started to stir. We stopped and looked at each other. I asked her if she wanted to go to a bed in another room, and she said yes.

We got up like teenagers and quietly sneaked out of the room, giggling. We got to the next room and climbed into the tiny bed. She straddled me and stripped off my shirt, which had nothing underneath it except for my perky little tits. I reached up and pulled her shirt off too, then undid the clasp of her bra with one hand. (Yes, there’s some benefits to being a girl with a girl, I feel for all the guys trying to undo bras.) 😘

Her tits popped out and I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked. Bouncy, perky tits with little pink nipples. I pulled her down on top of me and licked both of them to get them wet. I took one in my mouth and flicked her nipple with my tongue while rubbing the other one. I heard her moan quietly. She reached her hand down between my legs and slid her hand under my underwear. I could feel her finger become sticky with my cum.

Now, when it comes to girls, I am a total top. So it was nice of her to start to go down on me but I wasn’t having it, it wouldn’t satisfy me. I knew what I really, really wanted. I grabbed her around the waist with one arm, and being bigger than her and pretty strong from the farm work I was doing at the time, I flipped her over so she was now underneath me. I leaned down to whisper in her ear first, to make sure she wanted it. She didn’t even reply, just started to push my head down between her legs.

I gently bit her earlobe, then kissed her neck down to her tits. I spent some time on each one again, then kissed my way down past her bellybutton. I spread her legs so her thighs were in my arms and I could hold and control them. And then I started my little torture routine. I kissed my way around one inner thigh, and just as it seemed like I was getting down to business I switched to the other thigh. I got close again and kissed and licked my way all around her pussy.

She was moaning and squirming and now she started to push my head towards her pussy. I used my tongue to slowly part her lips at the bottom of her pussy. I circled around her opening before slowly pushing my tongue inside. Just a little at first, then a little bit more, then all the way in. My tongue was swimming in wetness.

I scooped up the wetness with the tip of my tongue and continued my journey up towards her clit. She had her fingers woven through my hair and I was starting to have to really hold her thighs open as she was clenching them with anticipation. Finally I got to her clit, but my game wasn’t over yet. I circled it, making big circles at first. Slowly I was spiraling inwards. I could hear her saying something in French but the meaning was pretty universal.

*Finally* I flicked my tongue across her clit. Her whole body tightened. I ran my tongue downwards first, over he hood, to see if she preferred indirect pressure. She moaned and pushed my head farther in between her legs. So I flicked upwards, getting under the hood, and she let out a gasp. I had found the right movement.

So I did it again. I circled close, then flicked up, then circled again. Her thighs got tighter and tighter around my head. At last I knew I had to stop torturing her, and I was getting so excited for her to cum too. There is something so absolutely amazing about going down on a girl and making her cum right into your mouth. I closed my lips around her clit and pulled it into my mouth just a bit, then I started flicking my tongue over it. The more she grasped me with her thighs the faster and harder I went. She was smashing my face and nose into her pussy and finally I had no choice.

I took a giant gasp of air and then held my breath. I closed my eyes and let her crush me. I held her thighs tight as I flicked my tongue and sucked. My head felt like it was going to explode from the pressure, my jaw felt like it was going to fall off, my tongue felt like it was going to give up. Just *one. More. Flick…*

And finally it came. Her pussy gushed wetness, drenching my face. I stopped flicking and held my tongue against her clit, feeling it swell and throb. She let out a long, drawn out, high pitched moan. Her whole body was pulsing with her orgasm. I sneakily moved my head just a bit so I could finally get a breath.

After a while she loosened her grip on my hair and relaxed her thighs. She laid there panting. I wiped my mouth off in the covers and crawled up to see how she was doing, planting little kisses on her body as I did. I am proud to say I *think* it was one of the best orgasms she had had. 😅

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