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fucked big booty white girl from my high school M20

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So a few weeks back i was on tinder and came across this girl i went to school with and it looked like since high school she had gotten her self in shape and taken care of herself so i swiped on right on her and before i knew it she had swiped on me too and we were able to talk. She had given me her number and we started talking but it was very one sided from her i was always busy with work so i wouldn’t be on my phone much but last night i was off and decided to see if she wanted to hang out so i picked her up and we went to get food then she got very touchy and at that point i had suggested we go back to my apartment so we did and before we can even get take our shoes off she already started kissing me and i couldn’t help myself so i started grabbing and slapping her ass till we went to my room and she pushed me on the bed before arching her back beside me while sucking my dick i started slapping her ass while she shakes it till i got up and turned her around while fingering her i started eating her ass before i fucked her doggy slowly fucking get while slapping her ass asking if she loves this big dick till i grab her waist and started drilling her making her scream i’m gonna cum as i pushed her head into the bed and fucked her harder making her cum all over my dick she then got on top me riding me reverse cowgirl with an ass like hers i was in heaven watching it bounce on my hard cock till i told her i was gonna nut and she turns around and sucked the nut out

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