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Fucked a college girl in a sex shop

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Happened literally 20 minutes ago. Walked into my local sex shop. The employees know me for going in to pick up girls. I walk in and see a young girl with a good body wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. The employees saw me walk in and said what they always do “you’re here for the real thing” the girl smiled and said “what’s that mean?” They explained. She said she would love to volunteer. I payed for her dildo and we got in my car. I took her back to my place. On the ride back to my place I picked up the dildo she bought and said “you’re gonna get it much bigger” she asked “how much bigger” I said “you’ll find out soon” we got back to my place and we fucked on my couch. I asked if ahe was on birth control. She said “of course I am, I’m a college girl” she let me cum in her pussy.


  1. Finished the way it should…. With a deep creampie. I need the address of this sex shop so I can get girls like this easier 😫

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