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From Submissive To Dominant [FMF]

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I walked into the living room to find Anne, my girlfriend, eating pussy. Her friend, Kathy, was splayed out on the couch, writhing on Anne’s tongue. Kathy was naked, Anne wore only her favorite pair of green panties. It was clear they weren’t expecting me. When Kathy noticed me she jumped and scrambled to cover herself with a cushion. She pointed imperiously at door behind me.

“Get out.”

Anne and Kathy had been fucking for about a month now. The first time they’d had sex I’d been there watching. Kathy had dominated Anne and forced her out of her comfort zone. It had been beautiful to see.

They’d had sex twice since then, just the two of them. I was happy that Anne was getting the chance to thoroughly explore a facet of her sexuality and I very much enjoyed the detailed reports I got afterwards.

Kathy wasn’t sure what to make of my role in their relationship. She once tried to convince Anne to leave me and that first time they’d fucked it had been as much about Kathy trying to show her dominance over Anne as anything else. But Anne, although enjoying being submissive, had made it clear that her relationship with me took primacy.

At Kathy’s commanding tone, Anne looked over her shoulder at me then looked sternly at Kathy.

“Nope. It’s his house too. He doesn’t have to go anywhere. If he wants to stand there and watch you get fucked, that’s exactly what he is going to do.” Kathy was surprised by Anne’s sternness. She lowered her eyes and murmured,

“Yes. Mistress.” She was being sarcastic.

But it seemed to trigger something in Anne. Anne leaned forward and, gathering up a fistful of Kathy’s hair, forced the prone girl to look her in the eye.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes, mistress!”

“Louder. So he can hear you too!”

“YES, Mistress.”

Anne looked at me. Her smile was dazzling. She leaned over Kathy and kissed her softly, then whispered in her ear.

“Your safe word is Vanilla.”

Anne sat up and stripped the cushion from Kathy’s body. I’d never seen her naked. When she’d fucked Anne before she’d made a point of keeping her clothes on. She was short and curvy, but very fit. She had long black hair that cascaded across the couch. Her skin was almost shockingly pale. Her pubic hair was jet black and very neatly trimmed. Her pussy was wet from Anne’s mouth. Once exposed she somewhat defiantly spread her legs, as if to show me what Anne had been doing.

Anne licked two fingers and pushed them into Kathy. They slide in easily and Kathy moaned.

“You want to show off your beautiful pussy, don’t you?” Anne asked her. Kathy was silent. Anne fucked Kathy with her fingers, then pulled out. “Don’t you?”


Anne got off the couch and roughly pulled Kathy into a new position. Anne pulled Kathy around until her legs were off the couch, her ass almost falling off the couch. It was the same position Anne had been in when Kathy first gave her an orgasm.

“Show him then.” Kathy spread her legs wide. She was very wet.

“More” Anne insisted. She wrapped her hand back into Kathy’s tangled hair. Kathy moved her hands between her legs and pulled herself open. Her pussy was a very pale pink. My cock started to push urgently against my pants.

“More.” Anne’s grip on Kathy’s hair tightened. Kathy dug two fingers from each hand deep into her vagina and pulled herself obscenely wide. I could see into her depths. Kathy stayed that way for a minute, utterly exposed and gazing into my girlfriend’s eyes. Anne kissed her lips softly.

“Good girl. Fuck yourself now.” Kathy let go of her lips and plunged two fingers into herself, shuddering with release. Anne pushed two fingers into Kathy’s mouth, the two that had been in her pussy. Kathy licked at them frantically.

Anne started to fuck Kathy’s mouth with her fingers. Kathy pulled her own fingers out of her pussy and started to play with her clit. Anne went deeper and deeper into Kathy’s mouth until she was fucking Kathy’s throat. Kathy was making soft gurgling noises and thrusting her hips into her fingers.

Anne pulled her fingers from Kathy’s mouth and ran them down across her breasts, down her stomach, down to her pussy. Anne swatted Kathy’s hand away and plunged her own fingers into her pussy. Kathy moaned. Anne looked her deep in the eyes.

“It’s long past time that he fucks you, isn’t it?” Kathy looked at me, looked at Anne and shook her head no. I took off my clothes. I knelt on the floor in front of her and put my hands on her knees. Anne kissed me, then grabbed my cock and guided me into her girlfriend. I thrust forward. Anne licked her fingers and circled Kathy’s clit. Kathy thrust back.

“You like that, don’t you?” Anne asked.

“No mistress.” Kathy moaned. Anne paused then slowly, deliberately, painfully flicked Kathy’s clit. Kathy grunted in pain. Anne licked her fingers and went back to circling Kathy’s clit. I never stopped fucking. Kathy’s pussy felt amazing.

“What about now?” Anne asked. There was a tone of menace in her voice. “Do you like it now?”

“No mistress.” Kathy was smirking. On my next thrust in Anne slid her fingers in with me. It was tight. Very tight. Kathy gasped in pain. It hurt me a little as well. But the feeling of being inside of Kathy alongside Anne was overwhelming. I started thrusting harder. Kathy gasped in pain with every thrust but her hips rose to meet us. She didn’t say the safe word.

Anne stopped me. Pushed me back until I was out of Kathy. She twisted Kathy until the pale girls legs were on my shoulders. Anne grabbed my cock and lined it up against Kathy’s tight asshole.

“This is what you want then, right?”

“No mistress.” Kathy was defiant. Anne nudged me forward. Kathy’s asshole was dry. Kathy looked surprised. Anne licked her fingers and spread Kathy’s ass just a little. I started forward.

“Vanilla!” Kathy gasped. I backed away. Anne leaned over and kissed her.

“Sorry, too far?” Kathy nodded.

“I’m ok. Just no anal.”

“Do you want to keep going?”

“Yes.” I backed away and then slid my cock into Kathy. Bent the way she was I was going very deep. Kathy was gasping. Anne returned pressure to Kathy’s clit. I couldn’t last very long. I signaled to Anne that I was about to cum.

“Cum inside her.” Anne demanded. “She isn’t using birth control. Fuck her unprotected pussy and we will make her get the morning after pill tomorrow.” Kathy whimpered and Anne looked down at her.

“You like that, don’t you? Doing that walk of shame into the pharmacy? Telling the whole world how slutty you’ve been?”

“Yes mistress.” Kathy sighed. At that I exploded. It is a special kind of erotic feeling, fucking someone completely unprotected and it washed over me like a wave. I loved flooding into her, knowing how risky it could be. She was bent double and I wanted to push in to her as deep as I could go. I wanted to fill her. She gasped at how deep I went. I didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure. At that second, I didn’t care.

When I slumped back, Anne pushed me to the side and spread Kathy wide. Anne watched as my cum trickled out of Kathy. Anne softly touched Kathy’s pussy, pushing my cum back in to her girlfriend. Anne looked at me. Cum play was definitely my kink, not hers. This was for me.

“He is mine.” Anne said to Kathy. Each word was laden with meaning. “Every part of him belongs to me. And you do not get to keep his cum.”

She pressed her face into Kathy’s pussy, into my cum. Anne knew that watching her eat my cum from another woman’s pussy was one of my deepest fantasies. She licked at Kathy madly, lapping me up. Her tongue was enough to pushed Kathy over the edge. Kathy thrust upwards and came against Anne’s face. Anne did not relent. She licked hard. She pushed her fingers into Kathy and stretched open her vagina, plunging her tongue deep inside, tasting my sperm mixed with her girlfriend. Kathy came again. Anne pushed her fingers all the way into Kathy and stroked her deeply. Kathy came a third and final time. Anne looked at me and smiled. Her face was wet with cum, mine and Kathy’s. Anne pushed Kathy’s limp legs as far apart as they would go. In a deliberate echo of their first fuck Anne pulled off her green panties and roughly pushed them into Kathy’s pussy. Kathy moaned at the rough texture. Anne kept pushing. When her panties were about halfway in, Anne climbed Kathy’s body and kissed her upraised face. She kissed Kathy hard, forcing the exhausted girl to taste the mix of her own juices and my cum on Anne’s lips. The panties draped from Kathy’s ravaged pussy like a conquerors flag.

Anne climbed higher and sat on Kathy’s face. I could see Kathy’s tongue snake into my girlfriend. Anne fucked Kathy’s face, discovering her dominance. She pushed onto Kathy’s mouth hard. She gripped Kathy’s hair with an iron grip and pulled her tight. Anne’s thigh clenched. She threw back her head and with a great sigh, she released.

She slid to the couch and snuggled against Kathy. I cuddled up to Anne.

The dynamic of their relationship changed after that, for the better. Anne was no longer quite so submissive. Kathy was more compromising.

She never did have to get the morning after pill though. She had always been using contraception. That part had been playing to my fantasies. I was a little disappointed.

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