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First Boy At The Witches Academy [M20/F20/F65] [Sissy] [Chastity]

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*Something different than my usual writing, but why not. Maybe some of you like it. Enjoy your read.*

It was the best news that I ever got in my whole damn live. I was accepted to the witches academy. I was one of the few, if not the only male human being that was accepted in that prestigious university. I was nothing but exited when I packed my stuff, boarded the train and drove there, a few days after I turned twenty years old. Because being twenty years old was one of the requirements of the university. No one younger was allowed on campus.

We all got up by a bus after I arrived at the train station closest to the academy. The bus was full, I was the only guy in it. The girls talked with each other, the had some chit chat, they just got to know each other a little bit.

At the academy we were greeted by the head of the school. She was giving us a speech. She told us that she was looking forward to turn us into perfect witches. She told us that the next three years will be hard, demanding, but very rewarding in the end. Because witches are popular in our society. And they earn a lot.

Then we had to wait. Wait until our name was called to fill out some paperwork before we were sent into the clothing chamber. I talked with some of the other witches surrounding me. The were as about as nervous as I was. Because there is one rule in the witches academy: What happens at the academy, stays at the academy. It was one of the prime rules every witch followed.

After arriving in the clothing chamber I was appointed to a grey haired clerk in her early sixties. She looked at me from tip to toe. Then she told me to undress myself. In the middle of the room. Surrounded by nothing but woman, and a few naked students that just had received the same order. Needless to say, as soon as I dropped my underwear, a raging hard boner pointed towards the clerk. She stayed calm: “I think we have to do something about that.”

My fantasy went wild. Immediately. I hoped that she would suck my rock hard dick. That she’d jerk me off, that she maybe would let to fuck her. But nope. Nothing like that was happening. She had a different solution for the problem.

She took out a metal rod, probably already enchanted with some magic and then she put the metal on my rock hard dick. Then she took out her magic wand, spoke out a spell and the metal began to grow, began to change it’s shape. It grew around my dick. It caged my dick. Then it got smaller and smaller. And my boner went away.

Luckily it was a perfect fit. The cage formed itself after my dick, when he was shrinking the cage was shrinking. But not growing again. So getting hard again, was no option anymore. Doing something disgusting like jerking off, I was a thing of the past. At least doing it the traditional male way.

Once the procedure was finished, the grey haired witch had a huge smile on her face. And she told me the following: “Step one is done now. We will turn you into a perfect, good looking and cute witch. You’ll be surprised how much you will change.”

Then she called for her assistant. A curvy with in he thirties. She got the order to takes measures of me and my body. She took notes, then she disappeared again. She went to get me some fitting stuff. She let me standing in the middle of the room. With my penis locked up, while the other new witches were looking at me. The were smiling at me. The were whispering stuff to each other: “Look at her locked up cute little clitty.”

It felt like ages until the assistant which was back. She brought a lot of clothes with her. She ordered me to put them on. And yes, the were all female ones. I protested against it. I wanted some male clothes, but she dismissed my protests. She told me that it was a girls only school, so either fitting in and wearing female clothes, or leaving.

Leaving was no option for me, because I wanted to live my dream. So I gritted my teeth, and accepted the set of clothes she handed me over. I got all I needed: Two perfect fitting school uniforms. A lot of panties. No bras, because witches weren’t allowed to wear bras. More than just one pair of socks and stockings. New shoes. And they even gave me some sports clothing. I was packed like a mule when I left the clothing chamber.

And I was already wearing one set of my school uniform. It was fitting perfect, it was tight and the skirt was really short. When I wasn’t careful, you easily were able to see my panties. I had to get used to move in way that hid them. It took me some time to pull that stunt.

When I was leaving the clothing chamber, I landed in the next room. In there there was a shopping counter. There they handed us stuff like razors, makeup, some basic jewelry, perfume, soap and everything else you need to take care of yourself, to take care of your body.

The witch handing me over the stuff explained me some of the rules that I had to follow: You wear full makeup every day, unless you have finished the makeup magic class. You also have to shave your body every day, well unless the teach you the permanent hair removal spell. You have to do that, because witches have to look gorgeous, beautiful and female seven days a week, twenty for hours a day.

I nodded with my head. Then she sent me off towards the next door. There I had to wait until my name got called out. Then a witch, already in her last year of education, led me to my dorm room. I had to share the room with three other girls. No single dorm rooms for those in the first year. And no splitting up between boys and girls, because officially speaking there were only girls at the witches academy.

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